Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lost Pounds, Bawse!

Rapper Rick Ross slims down.

Rick Ross is the CEO of Maybach Music Group and the primary force that keeps that label Def Jam running. While Jeezy, Juelz Santana, Fabolous, Ludacris, and Nas are looking for the exit, Ross continues to stand firm with the label that made him a bawse.

Def Jam veteran acts are frustrated with the label delaying their albums. Jeezy is the most notable act to vent about the label's troubles.

William Roberts II (aka Rick Ross/Teflon Don/Rozay) was fearing more than the Gangster Disciples, he was fearing diabetes. The rapper weight nearly 360 lbs on a good day. Now pictures emerge of the rapper weigh down a little.

In May, Ross, appearing shirtless, talked about his weight loss in an on-camera interview with British DJ Tim Westwood.

"You know, I ain't really keeping up on, you know, the amount, you know, of weight," he said. "I just, I just wanted to, you know, get in some better shape, you know what I'm saying, put myself in a better position.

So I just, I still eat the way I want to eat...I just go to the gym. I do this s--t called, uh, CrossFit. I call it 'RossFit.' Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's called 'RossFit' now."

Ross said that via Reebok, he had obtained a trainer who introduced him to the method, which has been touted by the likes of auto racing star Danica Patrick and Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser.

"Let's say, for instance, if you got on a treadmill and you did that s--t for 30 minutes, yeah you're burning calories but you could be doing something that's burning calories and building muscle at the same time. So it's like, you're working out a shorter time. I could go out and do some s--t for 20 minutes and you could be looking like this, you heard me?" he said, looking at the camera and flexing his bicep and later, his pecs.

"You know, the most I used to do for exercise was stand up to count the money, you know what I'm saying?" he joked. "But now, they, they, you know, they give me fruit to eat. I forgot what fruit, you know, tasted like. I eat pears now and s--t like that."
Rick Ross appears after losing 100 lbs.
People wouldn't even recognize him without those tattoos and gold chains and the 5 inches long beard.

I guess Reebok decided to rehire him back as a pitchman after the U.O.E.N.O. scandal.

As a rapper, he is signed to Def Jam through a joint venture of Sean "Puffy" Combs' Ciroc Entertainment and Slip-N-Slide Records. He is the founder and CEO of Maybach Music Group.

The label is disturbed through Atlantic Records. Although Rozay, Gunplay appear on Def Jam, Wale, Meek Mill and Stalley appear on Atlantic. French Montana appears on the label with joint venture through Bad Boy Records and Interscope.

Well wishes to the rapper on his road to recovery.

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