Saturday, June 14, 2014

911 Operator Tells Ohio Rape Victim To Chill The F**k Out!

Dispatchers in Florida are dosing off. This is some of the most outrageous things our emergency dispatchers do whenever they're on the job.

I'm from Ohio and I didn't even hear about this situation that occurred over the past day. I mean how callous could a first respond officer be when dealing with an emergency.

In Columbus, OH, a 911 dispatcher got no punishment for disrespecting a woman who was pleading for assistance after she was sexually assaulted and robbed by a man near the Ohio State University.

Understand this: RAPE IS RAPE!

There's nothing funny about it.

Women and men are often raped by people they've known or an associated acquaintance.

Rape is a class 1 FELONY. It could carry 25 years to life in the iron college. Some states may even resort to the death penalty if the victim is younger than 13 years old.

This came off the Newser website.

“Ma’am, you’re going to have to quit crying so I can get the information from you." The victim was staying with a friend at a sorority house near Ohio State University last Sunday when she woke up with a gun to her head around 4am; the man holding it allegedly forced her to perform sex acts on him. After the alleged assault, he left with some stolen cash and an iPhone and the victim called 911, reports ABC News.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the address, and hoped the dispatcher could figure it out by locating her phone. “No. We can’t. That’s why I need to know where you are,” the dispatcher reportedly said. The victim also didn’t know what door the attacker came in. The dispatcher’s response? “Well, they’re not going to be able to find him with the information that you’ve given.” At this point, the victim lost it, telling the dispatcher, "The kind of sympathy you have is zero.” Since the suspect was arrested—30-year-old Michael Callaghan has been charged with rape and burglary—the dispatcher’s supervisor won’t reprimand the employee, but the call will be reviewed.

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