Sunday, May 04, 2014 Appears On GOP Sundays!

Mega producer makes a debut on Meet The Press.

What's more hipper than adding an entertainer who produced one of the most successful hip-hop/pop albums in history?

I must have missed this. The Black Eye Peas frontman managed to secure a spot on GOP Sundays.

I mean this is one for the record books. I mean never in my day has an entertainer who has ties to the hip-hop community be a feature on GOP Sundays. Something is going wrong over at NBC News. is an avid supporter of President Barack Obama. He was the co-writer and feature of the "Yes We Can" video that sponsored endorsement of Obama in 2008.

Obviously the racist right wasn't happy about an entertainer talking about politics. Especially an entertainer who helped Obama win twice.


The entertainer was there to talk about his charity, the White House Correspondence Dinner, the president job approval and the Republican obsession with Benghazi.

My question to the people on Twitter: If you're so upset over being on Meet The Press, how about you change the channel?

Isn't the entertainer an American too?

Do you believe just because he's a hip-hop producer, you believe he'll be on Meet The Press talking about being a "gangsta" and saying "NIGGA"?

For those who aren't familiar, does follow the news. Is it because he's an entertainer? Or he's Black?

I mean you gotta admit, its better than see Rev. Perm on. Or that douche bag George Will. Ma even chickenshit Bill Kristol

Wondering when the ax will fall on the embattled Sunday NBC news host. The controversial host have been long targeted as a the potential downfall of news programs. Every Sunday morning before I head to my two jobs, I often turn on the Sunday morning political news programs to find out the outlook of Washington.

Every Sunday either on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox is an old White person with an "R" next to his name.

David Gregory, the host of Meet The Press is facing a tough year. Bob Schieffer over at CBS is gaining on him. George Stephanopoulos and the smirking chimp Chris Wallace gotten better as well. NBC executives are warning Gregory that if he doesn't change the direction of the show, he's out!

One thing I would love to tell David Gregory is basically stop giving more airtime to Republicans who are perennial agitators. The fool allows Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, Darrell Issa, Michele Bachmann, Peter King, John McCain, Mike Rogers, Paul Ryan, and Lindsey Graham on to make complete assholes of themselves.

Pretty much politcos with limited accomplishments in office get more airtime than an accomplished politico.

There's not many of color on those programs. There's not many women on the programs.

Norah O'Donnell is looking to take Schieffer's spot when he eventually retires. CBS is gambling on her like ABC did when they've hired CNN anchor Christine Amanpour. appears on Interscope Records and Music Group.
Black Eyes Peas appears on Interscope.

Here's the video.

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