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Ohio Teen Getting Hit With Shovel Goes Viral! [NSFW]

Dayton, Ohio teens girls get into a fight. One young girl throws the shovel at the young girl. It goes viral.

Bethel Township, Ohio at the National Road trail park was the talk of the nation this week.

The young girls and the young guy who filmed the video have gotten their share of death threats and wow moments.

Miranda Fugate got into a fight with Emily Olinger-Powers. It all started with a war of words between Miranda and Emily over a guy they knew. Olinger (Powers) went ahead and toss the shovel at Fugate.

The young man, Josh Officer who uploaded the video was contacted by global junk food media outlets after the video went viral.

The Dayton Daily News reports nearly seven minutes into the video, Fugate is seen chasing after Olinger, who is headed for a door to a house. Fugate stops and turns back when she sees that Olinger has a shovel in her hand. Fugate runs and Olinger hurls the shovel, hitting Fugate in the back of the head. Fugate then falls to the ground.

“I told her to leave again, and she refused, so then the first thing I saw was my shovel. I picked it up and then she said, ‘OK, OK’ and by the time she said she was done, I already hit her with it,” Olinger said. “I’ve been bullied ever since I was in the fourth grade, and that’s why I hit her with the shovel because I’m tired of it.”

This event has led to the Montgomery and Miami County boys in blue to investigate who may catch a felony case.
miranda fugate

Fugate wasn't seriously injured after the shovel hit the head, but it did managed to get her in trouble for violating her probation. The young teen is currently in the juvenile lockup after violating her probation.

Fugute social networking page increased 340% this week. As of today, she has over 45,000 followers on Twitter.

Heavy, a viral website describes the 8-minute video of the fight. The battle seems to be pre-arranged. The two obviously don't like each other, but they fight surrounded by their friends and with a lot of set ground rules. They wait for each other to be ready to fight and even giggle before going at it. But the punching and face shots are rough.

The Miami County Sheriff’s Office is questioning the teens involved to determine if it was real or a hoax, according to Sheriff’s Major Steve Lord.

Fugate with ex-boyfriend Jaedin Dickerson. The ex didn't expect his former beau to become an instant celebrity.
Olinger who went to the junk food media to tell her side of the story said that she was bullied and this event was sparked by a spurned relationship with another guy. Olinger may face charges in Miami County and the Bethel school district may possibly expel her.

A truancy officer in Miami County saw the video on Youtube and reported what he saw to the authorities. This resulted in a Bethel High School administrator reporting the incident to the sheriff’s office on Monday.

After questioning the parties involved, the sheriff’s office will decide whether to pursue charges with the prosecutor’s office, according to Lord.
Sheriff’s office investigating “Shovel Girl” video
Emily Olinger who also goes by the social network name Emily Powers has gotten her share of fame and death threats after she pummeled Miranda Fugate with a shovel.
“Anytime you’re dealing with an assault that’s potentially deadly, you run a risk. In this case, what the law is going to look at in Ohio is whether that injury is substantial physical harm or less than serious physical harm. If it’s determined to be serious physical harm then that could be a felony,” Lord said. “Also, if you start hitting people in the head with a shovel, it can lead to death.”

When asked her reaction to the fact that her son shot the video, Officer’s mother Martha Allison said, “I felt like he was just a kid, doing what he does best. I don’t think he had any feeling over it. I really haven’t talked to him about it. We’re just more or less excited about the notoriety and how it’s gotten so big.”

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