Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ohio Criminal's Life Ends With Speed!

Knife-wielding man jailed on assault charge photo
Ohio criminal made a poor decision while on the road.

I used Google to find out the name of a victim of a roadway tragedy in Dayton, Ohio this week.

I kind of know this person. Back in the day, I worked at gas station on Harshman Road in Dayton. When I was a cashier, there was this little man who was heavily tattooed  who came into the gas station quite often.

He would usually be in the gas station with a young white woman and they would often act "suspiciously".

The city records often told a tale of a man who had a temper. A man who couldn't keep his foot off the pedal. A man who would drink more than his share of alcoholic beverages. A man who didn't believe a seat belt was necessary when he was driving.

Joshua Richmond, 31 was apparently speeding on Valley Street. He lost control and crashed into two vehicles. He was pronounced dead.

Although we here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Joshua Richmond, I am guessing his mistakes (i.e. county lockup) didn't change his behavior. This incident cost him his life.
Vehicle collision on local street kills man.
Nearly a year ago, Richmond was a knife welding man tried to carjack literally a man on bicycle.

WHIO-TV reports that Richmond, a 4-foot, 111-pound man tried to steal a bicycle Monday morning on the 1200 block of Keifer Street.

When another resident came out to the parking lot, the man approached the resident with a knife before tripping and dropping the weapon, according to the incident report.

The resident was then able to kick the knife away, police said.

When police arrived, they found an apparently intoxicated Richmond, stumbling around in the parking lot while cursing the man who pushed him down “for no reason,” according to the incident report.

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