Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Magic Johnson: Sterling Doesn't Have A Soul!

Magic Johnson reacts to NBA owner's attack upon him. The interview was done by Anderson Cooper.

The legendary NBA star and business mogul speaks to Anderson Cooper after his highly anticipated interview with Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Erwin "Magic" Johnson was diagnosed with HIV in 1992 and decided to retire from basketball.

Sterling not one to shut the fuck up takes a shot at the mogul for not doing enough for the Black community.

One thing was clear, Magic wasn't happy about the Sterling interview.

"It's sad. It really is. I'm going to pray for this ... man," Johnson told CNN's Anderson Cooper in an exclusive interview.

Sterling's explosive CNN interview that aired Monday night was the first time he had spoken publicly since audio recordings surfaced last month of him making racist remarks.

Johnson told Cooper he is still waiting for an apology from Sterling for getting roped into Sterling's fight with Stiviano, and Johnson called the Monday interview -- in which Sterling directed another tirade at the NBA legend -- "disturbing."

"What's really sad is, it's not about me," Johnson said. "This is about the woman you love outing you and taping you and putting your conversation out here for everybody to know. ... This is between you two, but then he wants to include me."

Johnson said he had only met with Sterling three or four times, and most of those discussions had focused on basketball. Johnson couldn't say if the Clippers owner has slipped mentally.

Johnson told CNN, Sterling called him recently and asked him to appear alongside him in an interview with ABC's Barbara Walters.

"I said the number one thing you need to do which you haven't done is apologize to everybody, and myself," Johnson said. "(Sterling replied) 'I'll get to that. I'll get to that.'"
NBA owner tells Cooper that Black folks don't look out for one another.
The former NBA star told Sterling that the billionaire businessman needed to consult with attorneys, stressing that the controversy was bigger than Sterling realized.

Johnson said Sterling was adamant about Johnson doing the interview, even reaching out a second time.

Johnson said his attorneys advised him not to have any further conversations with the embattled owner.

Sterling never did the interview with Walters.

"I'm really disturbed by the fact that when he called me he should have said, 'Magic, I'm sorry,'" Johnson said.

The rest of this story appears on CNN's official website from Anderson Cooper 360.

Take discretion in viewing these videos. Some of the comments from Sterling could be viewed as offensive.

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