Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Cold Heat Pt. 3: Accused Shooters Found Not Guilty!

Michael Hall and Korwyn Moore both dodged a lengthy iron college stay. Both men were found not guilty in the deaths of two men.

Dayton men were found not guilty in murder back in 2013. The Heat nightclub was closed late last year after the suburb of Huber Heights pulled the plug on the liquor license of the establishment.

The Heat was a spot for hip-hop entertainers and was known for its continuous calls for public disturbances.

Michael Hall and Korwyn Moore were found not guilty in the murders of Charles Bell III and Michael's brother Keenan.

According to witnesses, there was a fight at the club and it poured outside. All of sudden, gunfire. Two men were hit. One dead on the scene. Another died at the hospital. And one was injured but survived.
The nightclub owner gave up her fight to keep her establishment in Huber Heights. She vows to open up another location in the future.
Huber Heights police and Dayton police along with FBI were looking into how this occurred. The club had security, cameras and also a shoddy history.

The club owner Jessica Kennedy managed to fight off Huber Heights in the beginning. Her establishment lost their liquor license earlier that year. She turned her nightclub into a teen club in which alcohol wasn't a part of the club. For the time being, she would fight the suburb in the state court.

The state decided to allow her to continue to serve alcohol.

Only few weeks later this event would occur.

You know the knot heads of the community continue to push all "us Black folk" down. They just can't keep their egos outside. It's apparent even in a suburban nightclub where security was at its highest, guns are plentiful.

Of course this incident spooks the sleepy residents of Huber Heights. Many think that if they want this type of drama, they'll move to Dayton.

I hear this stuff especially from conservative minded individuals who believe the Black men are "natural born criminals". Despite all the changes to keep patrons safe, that shooting killed two men and leaving one injured.

It doomed the nightclub. After November, the Heat was officially closed.

Dayton Daily News reports that the jury of 10 women and two men deliberated for about an hour and a half late Tuesday afternoon and resumed at 8:30 this morning before reaching a verdict just after 1 p.m. There were 10 Montgomery County Sheriff's Deputies in the courtroom for security reasons.

Korwyn hasn't escaped the iron college yet. He's probably going to get five years in the iron college for having a weapon under disability.

Sad that Charles Bell III's family won't get justice. They watch as two men who have criminal history be free to continue their reign of hate and terror upon the Black community.

Yeah, I said Black community. These guys aren't WHITE EXTREMISTS!

These guys are Black and they're more of these individuals out there killing Blacks.

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