Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Brooklyn Man Cruelly Kicks A Cat 20 Feet! [NSFW]

With a cigarette in his hand, this stupid ass young man kicks this cat about 20 feet.

As you know the racist right loves these stories of Black ignorance. It's quite unique that I've ignored this until I watched Inside Edition. I heard about this on that conservative asshole's right wing carnival this afternoon.

I thought That Guy Who Helped Obama Win was going to do something about one his folks doing something cruel to animals. Of course after his nonstop bashing of President Barack Obama over Benghazi, and then of course his bashing of Hillary Clinton and ex-president Bill Clinton over Monica Lewinsky coming back into the spotlight, I didn't think he was doing one of his trademark "Black stories".

I thought this stuff was in the suburbs. I guess in the heart of Bed-Stuy (Bedford-Stuyvesant) some dumb ass would intentionally kick a feline about 20 feet. A friend would film this stuff.
Bragging rights for the cruel cat kicker.
Andrew Robinson is taken to the lockup after he lured a cat with portions of food. Next thing you know, his Nike's launched the cat into the bushes. After the cat landed the young man and his friends busted out laughing and even making this hit the social webs.

Robinson is expect to face charges for animal cruelty. He will get death threats from the mentally insane.

He will agitate the already dangerous racial extremists who believe he may eventually come after their White women.

I guess he didn't think that would make the viewers pissed off. An animal lover would watch this, find out the name of the filmmaker. The filmmaker got a visit from the cops and he pointed the finger at the 21 year old turd.

Now of course, if this stuff makes it to the racist right, expect them to claim this heartless asshole is one of "OBAMA'S SONS".

Be warned this is disturbing.

And for those who believe that this is funny, be lucky that cat didn't retaliate and attack him. Feral cats can be very dangerous when approached. They can carry rabies.

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