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B.I.B.: Is Disney promoting Dominate/Subservient relations...

B.I.B.: Is Disney promoting Dominate/Subservient relations...: ABC/Disney Does Not Promote Interracial Relationships, But Dominate/Subservient Relationships ed   June 29, 2013

For several decades, ABC/Disney has knowingly promoted a racist propaganda on their media channels and continue to do so with a sense of impunity. Over and over, ABC/Disney have been promoting the media image of a White male in a relationship with a woman of color and this is a racist media practice known as “grooming”. In this article we are going to explain the practice of grooming, how ABC/Disney practice it and our initiative to bring what ABC/Disney is doing to light and how to confront ABC/Disney on this racist media practice.
What Is Grooming?
The overall goal of grooming is to perform passive genocide through propaganda with the sinister goal of breeding out the minority race within a few generations. In fact, this was part of the Native American assimilation process by Americans during the early 1900s and late 1800s by Whites marrying Native American women and devalue the Native American male – this is real and documented. So we know and it is established that this grooming is a real practice rooted in genocide propaganda and is a racist act. In fact, we are seeing new strands of “assimilation” talk leveraged towards the growing Hispanic and Asian base and creating strategies to see how to apply White male dominance to Hispanic, Indian and Asian women in media programming.
I will be honest, I do not know what ABC/Disney agenda is and what the hell are they thinking because it stupid and ineffective. The best theory I heard is ABC/Disney want to show and reinforce a racist narrative of dominance by White men over women of color here in America. Noticed the goal is not to show Martin Luther King, Jr vision of Black boys and White girls holding hands saying free at last – the goal of ABC/Disney is to show a racist image of a White male having his way with a woman of color who is part of a minority race in his country.

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