Thursday, May 01, 2014

Bennie Thompson: Clarence Thomas And Mitch McConnell Ain't Friends To The Black Community!

Congressman Bennie Thompson believes that the constant obstruction by Republicans towards President Barack Obama has more to do with his race than his policies. The racist right pounces on it.

The racist right can't seem to get their "I Told Ya So" moment!

Remember last week the racist right was backing away from Cliven Bundy after it was revealed on tape he was ranting about the NEGRO. That was repudiated by most in the conservative agitating media. 

They were almost close to having t-shirts printed with Bundy in the Obama-style silhouette.

Now that Bundy is back in the cesspool, the racist right wanted to find something to blame the liberals on.

Enter Donald Sterling. The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was making a racist rant about his former girlfriend posing on the social networks with Black people. He warns her not to bring Blacks to the Clippers games and told that he didn't appreciate her posing with NBA legend Erwin "Magic" Johnson.
The main reason to obstruction of the raising of the minimum wage.
The junk food media went sensational on this. All of sudden, the racist right was trying to find out what political affiliation Sterling endorsed. They dig up a time capsule and found a couple of cheap donations to a bunch of failed Democratic candidates. Automatic Democrat says the racist right.

They ran with this Sterling was a Democrat for the last three days until..... Politifact, Mother Jones and Talking Points Memo burst their bubble.

It turns out that Donald Sterling was a Republican. Abetted that he rarely donated to political campaigns, his message resonated with the Republicans.

So another talking point down the drain. No new villain.

Enter Mississippi Democratic Congressman Bennie Thompson:

Yeah, I can agree that yesterday's vote on raising the federal minimum wage shows that Republicans have real issues with the middle class and people of color. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and his 43 members of the Senate blocked the wage.
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is frequently a target of attack by Black leaders because he opposes the needs of the Black community.
Yeah, McConnell devoted his time to making sure that President Barack Obama being a "one term" president.

Now facing a tougher opponent from the Tea Party and Democratic Party, McConnell will be dirtier than usual. According to the C.R.E.W., he's one of the most corrupt politicos in Washington.

He so far up the ass of the Koch brothers.

Okay, I guess it's wrong to call Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom". After all, he stood behind the Michigan ban on affirmative action.

One thing that the host of this show got wrong was who appointed him. It was George H.W. Bush who nominated Thomas to the Supreme Court after Thurgood Marshall retired from the court. Bush thought it would thought the notion of replacing a Black man to the court would help score some votes.

Thompson is catching flack.

Truth be told, Thompson is right.

Again, I've never in my life see such opposition towards a president.

One could wonder if this wasn't because of racism?

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