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We Remember The Boston Marathon Bombing!

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Dzhokhar (right) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev (left) carried out one of the most gruesome attacks in American history. The Boston Marathon Bombings killed three. The two men went onto an attack on a police officer before the federal authorities manage to take Tamerlan and Dzhokhar to justice. Tamerlan was killed in a shootout and Dzhokhar was badly injured.

One of the oldest marathons was rocked in 2013 by a set of explosions. Around 2:56 pm on a nice sunny day, Americans gather together to watch competitors across the world compete for the Boston Marathon.

Close to the finish line, an exploding device goes off. Then another exploding device goes off.

The explosion would prove to be one of the most harshest and deadliest attack in the nation. The suspects used domestic devices such as pressure cookers to carry out a violent attack.

Three lives were lost in the blast. Countless others injured. Those injured had their limps blown right off them.

A nation changed that day. We continue to send our condolences and prayers to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send condolences to Krystle Campbell (age 29), Lu Lingzi (age 23) and Martin Richard (age 8). Also we send condolences to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) police officer Sean Collier (age 27).

Courtesy of Wikipedia:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) took over the investigation, and on April 18, released photographs and surveillance video of two suspects.

The suspects were identified later that day as Chechen brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Shortly after the FBI released the images, the suspects allegedly killed an MIT police officer, carjacked an SUV, and initiated an exchange of gunfire with the police in Watertown, Massachusetts. During the firefight, an MBTA police officer was injured but survived with severe blood loss. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot several times in the firefight and subsequently run over by the car then driven by his brother. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
Dzhokhar was walking causally away while Americans scream in panic.
An unprecedented manhunt ensued on April 19, with thousands of law enforcement officers searching a 20-block area of Watertown.

During the manhunt, authorities asked residents of Watertown and surrounding areas, including Boston, to stay indoors. The public transportation system and most businesses and public institutions were shut down, creating a deserted urban environment of historic size and duration.

Around 7 pm, shortly after the "shelter-in-place" advisory was rescinded, a Watertown resident discovered Dzhokhar hiding in a boat in his back yard. Dzhokhar was arrested and taken to a hospital shortly thereafter.

During an initial interrogation in the hospital, Dzhokhar alleged that Tamerlan was the mastermind. He said they were motivated by extremist Islamist beliefs and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that they were self-radicalized and unconnected to any outside terrorist groups. According to him, they learned to build explosive devices from an online magazine of the al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen.

He said that he and his brother had decided after the Boston bombings to travel to New York City to bomb Times Square. Dzhokhar was charged on April 22, while still in the hospital, with use of a weapon of mass destruction and malicious destruction of property resulting in death.

He has pleaded not guilty to 30 charges.

If found guilty Dzhokhar will automatically get federal time out. But also he'll be facing the gas chamber.

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