Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Bible of St Louis (XIII th, París) - V. English -

The Bible of St Louis (1226-1234, Paris) 

Housed in the Toledo Cathedral, Spain, The Pierpont Morgan Library & Museum, New York, USA.
It belonged to St. Louis IX, King of France, who gave it to Alfonso X the Wise. It was copied and illustrated between 1226 and 1234 in Paris.
Life in the Middle Ages is revealed through the images presented in this codex. 
Biblical texts and glosses blend with the iconography to create an unalterable whole. 
Unique monument of book illumination that constitutes both unlimited information for historians and a boundless source of pleasure to the senses.
The Bible of St Louis of Toledo Cathedral is a truly outstanding item within the rich heritage of Toledo Cathedral. This Bible moralisée written in Latin is so extraordinarily beautiful that it is also known as the "Rich Bible of Toledo"... 

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