Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jon Stewart Strikes Hannity Hard!

Jon Stewart hits That Guy Who Helped Obama Win hard.

The Bundy Ranch standoff has caused a rift of conflict. That annoying conservative agitator defends the right wing rancher who refuses to pay federal fees for allowing his cattle on federal lands. He and his family along with a handful of armed supporters are being egged on by that agitator to strike.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart wanted to point out the ongoing hypocrisy of the conservative agitator.

He points to episodes of his Loserville program and radio program to acknowledge that the conservative agitator has a "selective outrage" towards government.

That conservative agitator went berserk on Stewart. He thinks that Stewart was "obsessed" with him.

It's also noted that Stewart was called a "hack" and an apologist for the Obama Administration.

Stewart responds back hard.

The feud continues on.

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