Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Racism and Bigotry of LA Clippers Donald Sterling- SMH!

I can't let this one pass!

My take:

This guy is absolutely racist and bigoted, yet he had a Black girlfriend.  Racist white men want to have their cake and eat it too.  They also insist Black women to assimilate to their white male supremacist culture. That won't work because some Black women aren't giving up Blackness and Black culture. At the same time, those men denigrate Black men and women, telling them that they're "inferior" and have no rights bound to respect.

I wish some of my Black sisters in the "BWE" movment talk about this one.  How can one be with a man that is a racist and have one's sanity intact?  

That's white male privilege at work.  Entitled to have women of all races and be racist and hateful at the same time.  That proves Kristen Maye's and many other Black womens' viewpoint about racism in interracial relationships.  That painful history of Whites and Blacks along with Whites not giving up their "White Privilege" status and contemporary racism.

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