Thursday, April 10, 2014

Honey Maid: Where's The Love?

A few wholesome commercials pissed off the racist right.

Me and S. Baldwin believe in diversity. We covered many issues facing those of color.

It's part of the reason to why I post on Journal de la Reyna. I'm here to be the voice of those who believe in diversity and equal treatment. I am here because I want to share with the readers a very honest opinion about my community, the government and the things going on in the junk food media.

We do not discriminate against race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, political and economic standings.

Again you may find my opinion to be pretty upfront and you may not like what I've posted. That's perfectly fine. I don't force anyone to read anything I post. We don't hold no gun to anyone's head telling you to read anything here on Journal de la Reyna.

We do not subject ourselves to reading the word vomit from a person who flexes their "internet gangsta".

I don't read comments anymore. I don't worry what they say about me nowadays. I rather see them lose it when we're declared the winner.
Wholesome families were featured in Honey Maid ad. Interracial, same sex, single parent and military families were featured in the ad to promote Wholesome.
The Nabisco Company faced some heavy heat from the racist right after they've aired some online ads featuring a diverse group of families.

This Is Wholesome is the new trademark for the graham cracker Honey Maid and its affiliate Teddy Grahams products.

The company is hoping to celebrate diversity and love among all Americans.

Some families included a single dad and his son, two interracial couples and a same sex couple. Some commercials were spoken in Spanish.

Those were totally awesome commercials.

The racist right was pissed that they seen a White man hold the hand of a Black woman. And yeah, they had an opportunity to see two men who love each other and their children in the ad.

Just last year, me and S. Baldwin were talking about the Cheerio's ad in which an interracial couple and their child made the racist right go bananas.

And of course, YouTube has now made it harder for people to post offensive comments on their pages.

Twitter and Facebook are looking at ways to predetermine who are the "troublemakers" online.

Of course the freedom of speech does come with a price. I mean they're entitled to be the condescending assholes the rest of rational points them out to be.

But since this is an election year, do you believe this could help motivate voters?

Because at every turn the Republicans are blocking equal pay for women, equal rights for the LGBT community and the poor.

There's a bonus: General Mills went ahead with the sequel to the Love commercial by featuring the interracial family and their soon to be new edition.

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