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Chris Hayes Takes On Bundy Supporter!

Right wing rancher threatens armed assault on the federal government. In his mind, he didn't violate the federal lands. So he kept on allowing his cattle graze on the land. When the government grabbed the cattle, the rancher and his supporters stood in the way with firearms in toll.

A Nevada legislator is a supporter of right wing activist Cliven Bundy. She goes to All In With Chris Hayes to spar with the liberal agitator over the controversy involving Bundy and the federal government's round up of his cattle.

Cliven Bundy is Nevada rancher who constantly kept violating the United States Bureau of Land Management's order to keep his cattle off the land. He refused to pay bills to the US government for his cattle grazing on federal lands near Bunkerville, Nevada. Bundy was eventually prohibited from grazing his cattle on the land by an order issued in 1998 by the United States District Court for the District of Nevada in United States v. Bundy.

After years of repeated violations of multiple court orders, in early April 2014 the BLM began rounding up Bundy's cattle that were trespassing on the land, confronted by protesters and armed supporters of Bundy.

Michele Fiore shows her pistol and beauty.
Media personalities have weighed in on the confrontations. During the stand-off Bundy was interviewed (via remote link) by television host That Guy Who Helped Obama Win.

That asshole stated that some fear events could wind up mirroring the Waco siege and Ruby Ridge and asked how far Bundy was willing to take his cause, he replied "my statement to the American people (is), I’ll do whatever it takes to gain our liberties and freedom back."

Talk radio show host, Tea Party activist, and former Illinois Representative Joe Walsh also supported the protesters.

Walsh, who traveled to the area and stood by Cliven Bundy as the BLM released the cattle, described the outcome as "talk radio, social media, grassroots activists, and boots-on-the-ground patriots joined together...[&] overcame the tyranny of big government."

Walsh added "we should be smart enough to know that this isn't the end. The BLM could easily show up again tomorrow, next week, or next month. ...We must be vigilant."

Assemblywoman Michele Fiore is a Republican legislator from the Las Vegas area.

A woman who's partly Italian and Latina, Fiore is an active member of the Tea Party movement. She likes to flaunt around her beauty and her many pistols.

She didn't follow the byline of what happened in reality. She would just open her damn mouth insert foot in.

Chris Hayes decides to call her on her bluff and sparks fly.

The Raw Story reports that Fiore was in Bunkerville showing her support for the rancher. She defends this standoff with the right wing rancher and the federal government.

“I’m not saying I agree with Cliven Bundy, I’m saying the way this was handled was really suspicious,” state Assembly member Michelle Fiore (R) told Hayes. “When in the heck do we send our federal government with arms to collect a bill? When do we do that? When have we ever done that? I mean, literally, if we sent our federal government to the borders to secure them against terrorist crossing, hey, I got that. But they want to come here with arms because cows are grazing?”

Fiore spoke with Hayes from outside Bunkerville, Nevada, where a crowd has formed in support of Bundy. The government holds that Bundy has refused to pay federal grazing fees for two decades, incurring a debt of more than $1 million after losing several court battles.
Right wing militia stands off with U.S. Federal Authorities.
After Bundy declared he he would give the government a “range war,” the dispute led to a stand-off between his supporters — many of whom arrived with firearms — and officials from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who later left the area.

But Fiore accused the bureau of “coming up” with the fees in 1993 over unspecified damages, and cut Hayes off when he was about to mention that Bundy’s supporters were armed. Hayes also showed footage of one of them openly discussing being willing to kill or be killed by BLM officials during the stand-off.

“Chris, do you want them coming to your house pointing guns at your wife and children? Is that okay with you?” Fiore asked. “Because it’s defnitely not okay with me, it’s not okay with Americans across the United States.”

“Is it okay with you if every rancher in the country stopped paying their grazing fees?” Hayes asked.

“No, it’s not okay,” Fiore responded.

“Well, that’s the issue, right?” Hayes said.

“Great,” Fiore replied. “Lien the cows. Lien the property. Don’t come here with guns and expect the American people not to fire back.”

Fiore did not mention that conservative media outlets have been keen to cheerlead for future conflicts between the Bundy ranch and federal officials.

But when Hayes asked Fiore if she would support any undocumented immigrants who felt it best to have their own armed supporters on hand to resist deportation efforts, Fiore did not answer.
Chris Hayes goes to battle with Nevada legislator.
“Are we talking about cows, or are we talking about illegal immigration?” she asked, instead. “I’m talking about cows.”

“I’m talking about human beings,” Hayes retorted. “Which seems to me even more important.”

“Human beings that, thank God, did not get slaughtered,” Fiore told Hayes. “Cows did get slaughtered out here.”

“What is gonna happen to those cows later on?” Hayes asked her.

“Are you saying it’s okay to cruelly slaughter them because they’re raised for beef?” Fiore shot back. “Is that what you’re saying? I would retract those statements, because it’s pretty sad, Chris.”

“Don’t put words in my mouth,” Hayes said.

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