Monday, April 07, 2014

Can't Help The Dumb...

"Never again," says the perennial loser Mitt Romney about his potential third run for president.

If that foolish perennial loser Mitt Romney runs again for president, then I can assure you that the Republican Party is doomed.

Although there's no way that loser will run again for the embarrassment, the possibility could occur given that the Republicans have an even weaker field of contenders.

Yes, they're even a worse crop of candidates running for the Republican nomination. There's nothing great or fantastic about the current speculators.

Then of course, you have their toy, Dr. Benjamin Carson. There's a radio ad telling you to runbenrun

You would think if the possibility of running the flipper back in a race would be a joke.

According to The Raw Story, our friends over at Loserville would consider him a potential candidate for president.

After a few set appearances post election, the people are assuming again that the former nominee would throw his hat in the ring again.


I am guessing the Democrats are trembling in their boots!

Only in America.

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