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Runaway Ohio Teen And Her Abductor Are Caught!

The law caught federal fugitive Mark Edwards after he was sought in the abduction of Michaela Bruce. The teen is also facing charges for deliberately trying to flee and elude law enforcement. Edwards and Bruce are in Clark County lock up respectively.

From Tuesday to early Saturday morning, Mark Edwards and Michaela Bruce were on the run.

The 44-year old man and his 14-year old lover were caught not far from where the initial search began.

The two were deliberately running from the law. According to Bruce's mom Tammy, the teen was in love with her abductor and the law enforcement feared the two could cause great harm to others if they were cornered.

The Clark County Sheriff, Springfield Police and U.S. Marshals were aiding with the FBI in their investigation of the fugitive. Edwards who was under indictment for unlawful contact with a minor was supposed to be in court that day.
Mark Edwards dressed up with his teenager lover in his arms. Michaela Bruce deliberately ran off with Edwards. She claims that the two are in love. They were caught on Friday.
So now I guess he got in touch with Bruce and told her to meet him somewhere and that's where the near long week adventure began.

While Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly said the continuing onslaught of tips to his office led deputies to a Clark gas station at Selma and Sunset in Springfield, where Edwards and Bruce had gone to find food and water. Deputies stopped the van not long after that.

Kelly said the girl told authorities she and Edwards had been sleeping under a stairwell and had been walking railroad tracks -- she's not sure where they were. She'll remain in county juvenile detention tonight, the sheriff said. She'll likely be charged with delinquency by reason of interference of custody and inducing panic.

According to the Clark County Prosecutor's Office, a bond for Edwards will be set this weekend on new charges that include felony fleeing and eluding. Other charges are likely to include interference of custody, a misdemeanor. Edwards, who said nothing to reporters as he was walked through the sheriff's office to the county jail late Friday, is likely to be arraigned Sunday morning, we're told.
Michaela Bruce will be punished for her role.
The $50,000 bond for Edwards, set in an earlier criminal case against him that involved him running off with Bruce, has been forfeited.

"My daughter's safe. That's what counts. God brought her back," said Tammy Bruce, who was called to the sheriff's office when she was notified about her daughter. "My prayers were answered. My whole family's prayers were answered. I thank the public... just thank everybody for your prayers."

Earlier, Edwards and Bruce were leaving CVS, their vehicle was spotted by a deputy, prompting a pursuit. Deputies cut off the pursuit in Springfield when Edwards, believed to be driving a car, ran a red light.

That car, with a blown tire, was found later. Also found in that car, which Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly said was rented by Edwards' wife on Tuesday, were cell phones belonging to Edwards and he girl. The box of hair color, which hadn't been used, was also located in the car.

Items believed to belong to Edwards and Bruce -- including identification belonging to Bruce, a machete, a book bag and eyeglasses possibly belonging to the girl -- were located in a room. Kelly said it's believed Bruce and Edwards were on their way back to the hotel room when the pursuit started. The state bureau of criminal investigation is analyzing those items for DNA.

"We're checking absolutely everything that is coming in," Young said. "Until we find the needle, we've got to find the haystack.... It's very possible someone has lent some assistance to them, which is even more frustrating when they're not coming forward."

The Springfield News-Sun, after obtaining records into the background of Edwards, is reporting that the self-described "Bigfoot hunter" camped in a tent near her house in German Twp. in order to meet the girl for sex. Edwards and Bruce are believed to have had a relationship since last August and their flight, which began a few hours after he refused a plea deal on charges of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and interference with custody, violates a restraining order filed by the girl's family.

The Springfield News-Sun, The Dayton Daily News and The Associated Press contributed to the story.

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