Saturday, March 08, 2014

Quvenzhané Wallis Plays Annie And The Racist Right Flips!

One of the youngest actresses nominate for an Oscar is of color. She gets mad hate over her role in a play.

10 year old actress Quvenzhané Wallis will play the role of Annie. She and Jamie Foxx will be in the play and here comes the word vomit from the racist right.

Here's an example of the hate that comes down the pipe.

This is the pathetic stuff you see from the Republican Party and its allies in the racist right.

Nothing but a grown ass loser who has nothing but contempt for the Black community. 

Is there anything I got to say to the Turd?

One thing: She's rich and famous. He's not! Therefore, he'll hate. After all, a NIGGER got a better role than what this burger flipper got! So he'll have a pissy fit over it. 

Call us NIGGERS all you want, chump.

But guess what, the USA is getting brown and your ass is going down!

Just like the Cheerios ad, this type of stuff exist.

The racist right and their friends head over to the Conservative Political Action Conference to promote this type of nonsense. Besides attacking a talented actress like Quvenzhané Wallis, the racist right would try to claim their down for the struggle.

Look how they try their best at reaching out to minorities.


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