Thursday, March 27, 2014

Man Got Locked Up While Girlfriend Went Into Labor!

Macea Saunders
Macea Saunders holding his newborn son. He was pretty upset that the law declined his offer to escort him and his laboring girlfriend to the hospital. 

Over in Pittsburgh, a bittersweet happy ending for a man and his girlfriend. As he was riding in the nearby suburb of Pleasant Hills, the man knew his girlfriend was going into labor. He tried to flag down an officer for an escort to the nearest hospital.

He didn't think that the officer would check his status as a wanted suspect. So he got the cuffs on him and his girlfriend got a ride by ambulance to the hospital. Although she gave birth to a healthy boy, the father who was released hours later wasn't there to see the miracle.

He and his girlfriend are pissed and they want to know why the Pleasant Hills police wanted to be such dicks.

WPXI reports that Shayla Crews, gave birth to a son Monday, but her boyfriend, and father of the baby, Macea Saunders, was not there.

“I just thought about him being there, and he wasn’t there. I could start crying now.  Just thinking about it makes me emotional,” said Crews.

The Pittsburgh-area couple said they flagged down a police officer to escort them to the hospital.

“My contractions were so close together that I didn’t think I was going to make it to the hospital, so we pulled over and flagged him down.  He came up behind us and turned his lights on,” said Crews.

Saunders said the officer then took the frantic father-to-be in custody.
Shayla Crews and Macea Saunders together with their child. They have a memorable experience to say at least.
“He pulled me out of the car. Before he asked me what my name was, he pulled me to the back of the trunk and started questioning me,” he said.

Pleasant Hills police said, “Saunders was wanted out of Washington County for aggravated assault.  He became agitated and used profane language.  That's why he was taken into custody."

Police said Saunders was also driving with a suspended license.

Saunders said he wasn’t notified about an outstanding warrant.

He was released from jail a day after the birth, he said.

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