Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Man Blames Mental Illness For His Racist Fatal Attack On A Chicago Father!

Joesph Firek is being charged with murder. He's also being charge by motivated felonious assault by hate.

A father died a hero trying to save his daughter from some crazed racist. This racist would beat down the father multiple times killing him. Now this man is blaming an "abusive" family as the reasons to why he's a cold blooded killer.

No amount of mental illness would merit for this jerk to kill an innocent human being.

The father is former boxer. He was trying his best to deescalate the problem as best as possible.

This attacker wanted nothing to do with it.

The New York Daily News and Chicago Tribune report that Michael Tingling, 59, had a pacemaker in his chest and died minutes after the vicious attack while his alleged attacker, Joseph Firek, 59, was charged with committing a hate crime and murder.
Michael Tingling was known to neighbors as the guy with a big heart. He would walk his only daughter to school almost everyday. The young girl would now be without a father. A man who punched her father is held in Cook County lockup.
"My dad was a very loving and devoted dad," Tingling’s only child, daughter Masharah, told the Chicago Tribune. "He was never the kind of person who bothered anyone. He loved giving."

The devout father had just picked up his daughter from school to take her to a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday when the duo decided to stop off and grab a doughnut, according to the Tribune.

That’s when they brushed past Firek, who leered at the teen and made inappropriate gestures.

Tingling ordered the man, who is white, to back down as he shielded Masharah from his stares. Firek began throwing punches and calling the black family “n-----s” and telling them to “go back to Africa,” DNAinfo reported.
Masharah was the rock to Michael Tingling's heart. She is totally devastated by the lost of her father. 
"My dad — being a boxer and having the temperament that he has — he wasn't going to just let that fly," Masharah told the news site of her father, a native of Belize. "He pushed the guy back, and [the guy] punched him directly in his chest. My dad has a pacemaker in his chest."

Tingling later collapsed and complained he wasn’t feeling well while Firek, who followed the duo after the fight, expressed some measure of remorse, saying “I hope he’s OK. I hope he didn’t kill him.”

The Rogers Park man died about 45 minutes of heart disease and from stress due to an altercation, according to the Cook County coroner.

Firek appeared to be drunk when arrested, police said, and was on parole after being released from prison in January. He had a string of arrests, many related to home break-ins, dating back to 1996.

Firek, who his attorney says has a psychiatric illness, is held in custody in lieu of $250,000 bail.

Meanwhile, friends, neighbors and family members remembered the big-hearted Tingling, whom they now need to bury.

The devoted, doting father would walk Masharah, described as his best friend, to school each day and pick her up. She’s scheduled to finish eighth grade this spring.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Michael Tingling.

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