Monday, March 10, 2014

Don't Underestimate The Racist Right!

The conclusion of the Conservative Political Action Conference netted a winner of the straw poll. The controversial Kentucky Republican Stallmigo Rand Paul won and its giving him some more bragging rights.

Literally a politico with no legislative accomplishments, Paul won the straw poll beating out his fellow Stallmigo Texas Republican Ted Cruz. These two Tea Party endorsed Stallmigos have been in the news more than I could imagine. I mean seriously, they've appeared over 100 times on either Loserville or the other junk food media markets.

They appear on the television to offer literally nothing but constant attacks upon President Barack Obama, people of color, women and those in the LGBT community.

Even three of the most divisive agitators in the media had the floor. A former House Speaker, a former Alaskan governor and a former Arkansas governor had the floor.

The former Alaskan governor would recite Dr. Seuss to attack the president.
A bag of Fritos, a soda and Green Eggs & Ham was the props used in the former governor of Alaska's controversial speech.
The Minority Leader of the Senate would bring a rifle to the event and hand it off to the retiring Oklahoma senator who was once Obama's friend.

The Republicans have turned into the literally "stupid" party.

However we must not underestimate the party. They are very likely to vote this U.S. Midterm. And if the Democrats don't get their grove back, the Republicans could win.

For you see, the Republicans have a majority in the House of Representatives and they hope to retake the Senate.

The CPAC Convention drives the narrative for Republicans. They come to Washington, DC to bring their best agitating speech.

With that being said, do you believe that CPAC is the gateway to Republican victory or just another cabal of extremists?

Here's the former Alaskan governor making her keynote speech.

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