Thursday, March 27, 2014


Carpetbagger Republican faces Senator Jeanne Shaheen. 

Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown is back. He's declared he's running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in neighboring New Hampshire. He hopes he could shake up the state and beat the incumbent Democrat in a potentially toss up state.

He will face his former colleague current Democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Maybe this is a test for a potential run for president?

After all, he's being floated around a serious contender for president.

Scott Brown is the Tea Party's first victory in 2010.

When Edward Kennedy died in 2009, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick ordered a special election.

That special election was underestimated by the Democrats. When the Democrats lined up Martha Coakley as their nominee, they saw that she didn't carry the fire in the belly as Kennedy.

Scott on the other hand was a political nobody  who managed to win over independents. He wasn't ashamed of his lifestyle. He drove around in a diesel powered Ford F-350 and wore Carrhart jackets. He was married to a local news reporter from Boston and one of his daughters is a songwriter and music producer.

Although a moderate by most Republican standards, his impact gave the Tea Party a motivation. His victory helped cause the wave of Republicans. The political party managed to win back the U.S. House of Representatives and many state governorships.

Democrats are fearing that they may lose their majority in the U.S. Senate. For you see, even though the Republicans are worthless in Congress, the voters seem to like them better than the Democrats.

The Democrats have tried and failed to capture the magic of 2008 and 2012. They couldn't muster the votes during a midterm. With an unpopular president, it makes it even harder for Democrats to obtain the magic.

Republicans lead this the growing campaign of opposition. And this opposition could gridlock the president's agenda for the remaining term.

Brown was the vote that destroyed the supermajority the Democrats had. Democrats had a supermajority of lawmakers and yet couldn't get nothing done with the opposition. For at least 133 days, Democrats couldn't muster enough courage to get the president's agenda done.

Now with the worst legislative body in 80 years running things, do you believe that Republicans actually have an agenda?

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