Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Black Women Acting Out In A Restaurant Goes Viral!

Some ignorant people act fight inside an Ohio restaurant.

Once that hit the social webs, here comes the racist right to make their case about "us Black folk" acting like animals in their establishments.

Forget that many Whites have acted out in restaurants and venues. For the racist right,  it's only Blacks that folks who are the criminals. Ask White extremists such as that asshat Colin Flaherty. He obsesses over social norms in Black America.

He wrote White Girl Bleeds Alot, a book worries the junk food media ignores criminal acts by "us Black folk".

A restaurant is cleaning up after four women fought inside. These women are probably banned for life after this incident.
Flaherty is a compulsive agitator. He is the rallying call for all White extremists. He plugs his facts and reports onto the conservative blog World Nut Daily. The website promotes controversial themes such as this "Black on everyone" violence.

Again, Flaherty really digs out of his ass to find those nuggets. Then he throws his poo at the masses saying that "ah ha, I got proof".

Any event regardless will be certified agitation.

According to him and many in the racist right, we're "natural born criminals" and the president is the "commander-and-chief of racism".

The Dayton Daily News couldn't help itself. They really want to lose the title of being called a "liberal" rag by its conservative readers. The newspaper reports four Black women acting out in a restaurant and that lovely camera is there to capture the whole thing.

Police arrested the four women and two juveniles Monday night after responding to complaints about a fight inside Elsa's on the Border restaurant in Dayton.

Erinn Smith, Airika Taylor, Shabree Andrews and Melissa Taylor got the bologna sandwiches at the Montgomery County lockup. These four women acted like animals in a Mexican restaurant. The pictures come courtesy of It will cost them $500 to have their images removed from this website.  
The adults taken into custody were Shabree Andrews, 24, Airika Taylor, 32, Erinn Smith, 31, and Melissa Taylor, 30. Andrews, Smith and Airika Taylor were arrested on assault, criminal damaging and disorderly conduct charges. Melissa Taylor was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge.

According to the police report, officers received a call around 10:20 p.m. that stated, "Two groups are fighting and throwing objects at each other" at Elsa's at 1227 Wilmington Ave. When police arrived at the restaurant, they saw a group of women leaving the building. Soon after, the women re-entered the restaurant and began yelling at another group that was inside. Police separated the two groups.

One of the women told police that she and her family had been eating dinner when an argument broke out with a table of women sitting nearby.
White extremist Colin Flaherty turd flips over Black crime.
According to witnesses, Andrews stood on the table yelling and, at one point, threw an unknown object at someone's head.

A fight broke out between both parties with plates, silverware, food and glassware being thrown. Police noted several tables were overturned and food and broken glass were all over the floor. They also said a chicken wing and multiple quesadillas were stuck to the wall.

The restaurant manager told police that many customers left the restaurant when the fight broke out, fearing for their safety.

While police were taking the women into custody, Melissa Taylor began yelling obscenities at officers about her sister going to jail, according to the report. She was also arrested.

All the women were taken to Montgomery County lockup.

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