Monday, March 31, 2014

ACA (aka Obamacare) Signup Deadline!

Affordable Care Act final signup. The president's job approval rises.

The Affordable Care Act's final signup is today. You have til midnight tonight to complete a full registration. By law, anyone who refuses to sign up for health insurance enrollment will face a tax penalty.

According to Gallup, politics affect the uninsured. Twice as many Democrats will sign up for insurance, while those stupid Republicans will risk paying a penalty on their taxes for refusing to sign up.

Of course the conservative agitators are continuing the fear mongering campaign once again at the last minute to make their final case to attack the healthcare law. Those hapless Americans who are fixated on solely hating President Barack Obama are going to make themselves have ulcers.

So many conservatives are trying to make the case to reject the law. Despite it passing Congress, being signed into law by the president, the ACA faced courtroom challenges. The conservatives took this all the way to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court recognized the ACA as the law.

One would think it end. Nope.

Republicans are still fixated on repealing the law. They've tried to repeal the law over 50 times.
Four years.
They've complained about the internet website. They harped on the internet website crashing. Still whining about the website giving out personal information. Of course these are Republicans who want to be on That Guy Who Helped Obama Win's program.

They've complained over and over about the White House cooking the books. Why?

Obviously people have gotten the word. The website is experience heavy internet traffic because thousands are officially signing up for the law.

Sign ups this month and according to the Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius there's been over 6 million Americans officially signed up. Also the bump by the president's appearance on Zach Galifianakis' Between The Two Ferns helped the young and uninsured sign up.

A long way to go but improvements are helping move the law into effect.

Did you know that conservative agitators and their staff members probably signup for healthcare coverage?

Do you know that Republican staffers are required to signup for healthcare coverage?

And do you actually believe the dozen or so White folks who appear on Loserville scaring you with tales of Obamacare mishaps?

Remember Americans, you are required to signup for health insurance.

People without insurance hurt us all. Because it affects our premiums and is probably one of the main reasons for most of our economic woes.

The Affordable Care Act benefits include: Non discrimination on pre-existing conditions. Anyone who is not working and is under 26 will remain on their parent's healthcare. Employers must require full-time workers to have an option to buy insurance. Businesses with over 50 employees must have insurance for their employees.

Disspell the myths!

Get the facts by visiting the White House website, the Healthcare Marketplace supporting websites such as Affordable Care Act Facts website.

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