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Birther Pastor Slams Obama For His Embracing The LGBT Community!

Pastor James David Manning stands in front of ATLAH World Missionary Church on W. 123rd St. and Lenox Ave. in Harlem. His latest sign reads ‘Obama Has Released The Homo Demons On The Black Man.’

The crazy ass ATLAH pastor James David Manning is add it again. He's a notorious Harlem pastor who embraces the birther conspiracy. This is the guy who called President Barack Obama a "long legged mack daddy".

He's and Orly Taitz are constantly pressing lawsuits against the president claiming that he's not a legit citizen.

They already have prosecuted the president for some perceived crimes against America.

 Now here's another stunning event. Manning claims that Obama released the "homo demons" on the Black man. He's telling Black women to "look out" for the White Homos taking the Black man away.

International Business Times reports the sign which is situated in a predominately black neighbourhood of New York reads: "Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man."

Manning, who has been openly critical of Obama in the past, blames the president for encouraging black men to be gay so white homosexuals can "scoop" them up, leaving black women without a husband.

In a video on his website explaining the sign, Manning says black American familes are suffering a "catastrophic crisis" due to the absence of males in homes.

He adds that black women are finding it difficult to marry because of the number of black men in prison, and the effects of a "homosexual demon" influencing men to become gay.

"Obama has released these [gay] demons particularly upon the black males, this homosexual demon, to enforce as many black males to subscribe to ideas of a homosexual, perverted, LGBT as possible.

"Of the few black men that are left, they are being scooped up by white homos, leaving the black women in more dire straits."

Manning cites the recent examples of basketball player Jason Collins and NFL player Michal Sam – two black athletes who recently announced their homosexuality – as proof

He said: "Two blacks that have come out of the closet and have received national acclaim from Obama, from Michelle 'the fistbumper' Obama, from Oprah Winfrey, from all black people encouraging more black men to come out of the closet."

He then says how "no white homosexuals have come out" in US sports, despite former Leeds United footballer Robbie Rogers revealing he was gay in 2013.

Carmen Neely, president of PRIDE, a Harlem-based LGBT group, described Manning's sign as "shameful."

She told the New York Daily News: "This demonisation is such a stark contrast from the positive progress that has been made between black churches and their same-gender loving congregants."

This Black On White Crime Meme!

The racist right and their ongoing obsession with crime statistics.

While the Feds and Dayton Police look for the three suspects who stabbed and shot a Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority dus driver, I once again give my honest opinion about the situation facing the Black community whenever the media portray negativity upon the whole.

When it come to the tales of Black on White crime, the racist right is carrying that on its sleeve.

I gotta admit that this stuff happens in America. I mean Black on other race crime does occur in America.

But however, the way the media covers this is assured that conservative agitators will make this a political issue in the U.S. Midterms. Count on many of those extremists Tea Party Republicans to make the case to say that it's our faults for the nation's woes.

The racist right is crowing about the bus driver surviving a shooting at point blank range. The Message, a moderate size pocket bible deflected the bullets. But somehow the story doesn't check out. I mean I am kind of sketchy on the story from the jump. However, I hope the Feds nab these assholes. If it turns out to be a racial hoax, then I'll have a commentary on that soon.

This story and the "willful" abduction of Michaela Bruce by Mark Edwards got the nation in talking.

These issues involve Blacks doing criminal acts makes the whole community as a whole look bad.

See That Guy Who Throws Shit To The Wall is a prime agitator of the race stories. He along with Asshat Colin Flaherty drive this narrative that the "liberal media" is shielding Black criminals who commit acts towards White America.

They're trying to prove to the world that "us Black folks" are criminals.

Yeah, we're criminals for banging our music at a gas station. Yeah, those White men and women in fear of loud "thug" should put a bullet in us. Jordan Davis did that. He died because Michael Dunn was in fear of a loud bunch of thugs. I guess he's gotten off a murder charge. But yet managed to take a trip to the iron college for missing the other three teens riding with Jordan.

Yeah, we're criminals because we go to the local store and grab a few snacks. We happen to head to a gated community where my family lives. And out of nowhere, a man approaches me. He tries to be a cop by demanding us to stop. We don't stop so he approaches us. We get into an altercation and he decides to use his own weapon to stop me, a gun. So he kills. And he actually gets to walk a free man. See Trayvon Martin didn't do anything but go to his home and George Zimmerman decided to be a "hero".

The racist right sees Black America as worthless.

They don't give a f--- about us.

They rather see us lock-up in the iron college. They don't want us to vote. They want us to be broke and dead by our own hands.

In the age of Barack Obama, Americans are on food stamps, poverty is on the rise, unemployment is high, the world is spiraling into chaos and the Constitution is being ripped up by the lawlessness of this man and his cronies. This is the word vomit according to the racist right and their supporters.

You got to understand that the economy, while not perfect is doing actually well.

Yeah, its not fair that me and millions of Americans worked two or three jobs to survive. But at least people are hiring and the opportunities are growing for the long term unemployed.

The Republican Party and its allies are devoted to tearing America apart. They have no care for President Barack Obama and those of color. The party must devoid itself of its extremist elements.

Jon Stewart gives commentary of the Michael Dunn verdict and how Black America is valued through the eyes of White America.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Obama Assassination In Racist Right Cartoon!

Americans Against The Tea Party, The Raw Story, Addicting Info, The Hinterland Post and Media Matters for America gets mad props for exposing these right wing bigots.

I for one don't endorse any threats upon President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker John Boehner and their families. It's purely stupid for anyone who allows their political hatred go to this point where they threaten a politico.

But here in the wack-a-doodle world of the Republican Party, it's nothing but good ol' humor for them.

Threatening the first Black president. Real laugh riot!

See there's nothing better than a barftoon character putting a slug in a world leader just for laughs.

I see the creator of this wacky barftoon has Crazy Jones (Alex Jones) and Ron Perot (Ron Paul) as featured players in this. Of course they are featured in Conrad the Constitution.

If you look at this barftoon and see the vulgarity and blatant threat towards President Barack Obama, I bet you that the Secret Service was tipped off by this.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Law Trying To End Ohio Teen And Abductor's Lovefest!

Michaela Bruce and Mark Edwards
Cops are searching for runaway and her abductor.  Teen and grown ass man are trying to have love fest despite they both knowing they could end up in the iron college for their actions.

Runaway teen and 44-year old man are missing and the FBI and Clark County Sheriff are looking for them.

Last year, Mark Edwards was busted outside of Springfield, Ohio after he took 14-year old Michaela Bruce on a ride to his place. They wanted to make music together despite the law saying that it's a felony. Clark County sheriff deputies had to put a stop to it. They got Edwards before he could do her. Bruce was trying her hardest to not be seen so she would hide under the blankets. We thought we've heard the last of this story in the local junk food media, but alas, the man is clearly obsessed. He wants her and he'll do anything to have her. So he'll abduct her and put the nation on alert. Now he knows he could be spending the rest of his life in the iron college for having unlawful sexual contact with Bruce. But it seems like he doesn't care because he's going to get him some. And the law enforcement got to stop it.

I am guessing Michaela is a troubled teen. Her family tried to convince Bruce that he's no good and she's too young! After all in the state of Ohio, the age of consent is 17 at best 18. Edwards knew he was risking his freedom. Bruce knew that he's a grown man and the family wasn't going to allow this relationship.

They were in love. A crazy kind of love.

A teen who is corrupted by a grown ass man.

The Dayton Daily News (Springfield News-Sun) and the Associated Press reports that the pair are considered armed and dangerous. Edwards being a known collector of firearms is risking his and that young girl's safety if he's trying his best to elude the law.

Sheriff Gene Kelly said the girl, Michaela Bruce, and the public could be at risk if the suspect, Mark Edwards, attempts to do something desperate to escape capture. He is possibly armed with guns and knives.

Wednesday evening, sheriff's Sgt. Mike Young said deputies have continued to receive hundreds of tips, the most credible of which is that Edwards and Bruce may have been near State Route 235 and Interstate 270 sometime late Wednesday morning. Deputies also have searched several vacant houses in the area where

Edwards and the girl abandoned a rental car he was driving before they eluded capture.

Young said deputies will continue to verify tips that come in to the sheriff's office and will continue the manhunt throughout the night.

Bruce's mother reported her missing at 9:02 p.m. Tuesday in German Twp., near Springfield. Acting on one of the early tips, deputies responded to a Knight's Inn on West Main Street in Springfield at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday to look for Bruce and Edwards. Items believed to belong to Edwards and Bruce were located in a room, but the two were not at the hotel.

The state bureau of criminal investigation is analyzing items found in that room for DNA, Sgt. Young said Wednesday night.

Deputies later spotted that rental car and pursued it. When the car ran a red light, deputies stopped their pursuit. The car was found abandoned at Rebert Pike and Cottage Drive in Springfield. A search of the area did not locate Edwards and the girl. Officials said Edwards' wife rented the vehicle Tuesday.

Officials believe Edwards and Bruce are on foot unless someone has offered them help. Deputies have no reason to believe the two have left the area. They said if he's going to try to leave the county, he will need help or will have to commit a crime -- such as rob or steal --  to do so.

Edwards was arrested in September 2013 after he was found with Bruce when she went missing from her school bus stop. At that time, Edwards and the teen were found in a green Ford Expedition in the 3300 block of Ohio 41. She was hiding in the rear of the vehicle under blankets. Deputies found a Taser, knives, condoms, a spear and more inside the SUV. Officials have said Edwards is known to be a survivalist.

Officials said because Edwards knows he is facing serious felony charges, he could put the girl at risk if he attempts to rob or steal to elude capture.

An Amber Alert was issued at the time of her disappearance in September, but one has not been issued in this latest incident. Deputies said they believe Bruce went willingly, so they can't issue an alert. Officials said the victim does have a restraining order against Edwards, but it's believed the two were in contact for her to meet him at a prearranged time and place.

Edwards is to go to trial March 4 on six counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and interference with custody involving Bruce previously. He posted bond in December.

Detectives are talking to anyone who may have had contact with either one of them. Bruce is white, 5-feet-2 inches tall, 110 pounds. She is blonde and has blue eyes. She was last seen walking in the area of The Hill Apartments in German Twp. Edwards is black, 5-feet-1 inch tall, 135 pounds. He has brown eyes and black hair.

The sheriff's office has issued a felony arrest warrant for Edwards.

FBI Investigate Dayton Bus Driver Shooting!

Dayton Police and the FBI are investigating an alleged attack on a bus driver. It may be a hate crime.

Okay, I am not going to rush to conclusions on this one. I want to say that crime occurs in Dayton, Ohio. But this one is kind of unusual. I mean the shooting that occurred on Monday is getting national coverage.

The bus driver doing his daily route was shot by three individuals. The Dayton Police, Montgomery County Sheriff and the FBI are looking into how this occur. Even some law enforcement members are saying this could be a motivated hate crime.

I am kind of hoping that those involved are brought to justice. However, I want to say I am kind of skeptical of this. It's kind of a sketchy story.

For one thing, I am not sure of what happened that night (or early morning) when a Greater Dayton RTA bus driver got shot. I do know that the racist right is stirred by the event.
Victim said attackers were Black males with blue bandannas.
It's "almost" a miracle that the man survived a stabbing and shooting. I mean he was on a Lakeview Avenue in Dayton, Ohio on Route 8 heading towards the Westown Transit Center. Something happened to his electric trolley. He would exit his bus and in less than a minute three Black men would confront him.

According to the victim, he heard the three men say that they're "polar bear" hunting. I guess this was suppose to be a "gang initiation".

So I guess the driver got into a confrontation with the individual holding a gun. I guess three shots were fired.

One shot managed to get the bus driver in the leg. Two other slugs were in his chest. Somehow, The Message, a moderate pocket Bible saved the driver from getting a chest wound. The victim, Rickey Wagoner said he wrestled the gun away from the shooter, but he was stabbed by another in the left arm.

He finished his route and contacted the RTA and Dayton Police.

The racist right is already homing on the story. Kookspiracy far right website Prison Planet (hosted by Crazy Jones) has already made the news buzz. World Nut Daily and its prime racial agitator Asshat Colin Flaherty are gleefully running with it.

Somehow its going to be talked about on the racial shit holes. It's going to be on Breitfart and Loserville in the coming days. I bet ya money, one agitator will talk about it.

Five reasons to why I think it's sketchy.

1) Did the driver call dispatch? 

I don't know if the bus driver failed to contact the RTA Dispatch about the trolleybus being disabled upon route. I don't want to say that its not usual that a trolleybus breaks down. The driver usually would exit the vehicle to straighten out the pulley to connect back to the wiring. But somehow I would have thought the driver would have called support and remain on the bus.

2) Lakeview Avenue at the 1900 block is pretty quiet. 

There's no houses on that stretch of road. Lakeview Avenue was shortened about 2000 feet because of a right of way for the James H. McGee Boulevard extension. Many homes and old businesses were demolished.

Lakview Avenue is a neighborhood watch area. There hasn't been a major crime on this road in almost 15 years. The speed limit on the street in a residential neighborhood is 35 mph.

“It’s isolated and nothing’s coming down here,” said Mary Brooks who tells the Dayton Daily News.

Brooks lives on the 1800 block of Lakeview and runs a hair business in the same structure. Brooks’ home is one of the closest residences to the scene.

Not much goes on on Lakeview these days, said 75-year-old Bob Park, who owns a warehouse located on the 1900 block of Lakeview Avenue, which is the only building in the immediate vicinity of the scene. Park visits the property every day, but said he was not present during the alleged attack.
Rickey Wagoner is the victim of the shooting.
Park, however, said he has had no problems in about 15 years, and the area is fairly safe. He said he has good relationships with the neighbors, and he was dismayed to hear about the violent encounter.

“It’s really shocking that he could have been shot right here,” he said. “I think there are a lot of worse places on the east side than right here.”

The DeSoto Bass Apartments are a government funded housing unit.  That is the closet area near Lakeview Avenue. That area carries a large amount of crime but usually it's Black on Black crime.

3) The victim declines to talk to the press about his survival. 

Some people wouldn't want to speak to the press after being a survivor of a shooting. I know me personally, I wouldn't want the press to interview me in case the individuals could look me up on the internet and find my residence.

And the reasons for the press asking for a statement is the fact the victim claimed the Bible saved him.

That sensational stuff that drives Last Place News (CNN), Obama News (MSNBC) and Loserville (Fox News) to the area. Local junk food media is already making it a national event because of the potential to drive ratings and division among residents.

Earlier this year RTA managed to bring the bus to Beavercreek's retail complex. With three measly stops on Pentagon Boulevard and a nearly 120 minute waiting time, RTA got a small victory. The residents of Beavercreek are ready to have their "I TOLD YOU SO" signs at the corner of Pentagon and North Fairfield Road. This event could rile the residents of the staunchly conservative suburb.

I remember Ashley Todd, Bethany Storro and Susan Smith. These three women who managed to rile up the racist right with events they've pulled out their asses. Todd, a John McCain campaign volunteer tried to ruin Barack Obama. While given an assignment in Pittsburgh, she would be doing field registration. She would stir the racist right with a story of a robber who created a backwards B in her face and claim the robber wanted to show her that BARACK was going to win.

Storro was a partially deaf woman from Washington claimed a woman threw acid in her face. She was getting sympathy from the nation. When the FBI decided that the story wasn't adding up, Storro confessed that she put drain cleaner on her face and scarred herself.

Susan Smith of South Carolina managed to build this story of a Black man kidnapping her two children. The woman was in a divorce with her husband and was dating another guy at the time. Smith wanted to start a new life with this guy and lied to him about being a mother. So in order to keep this lie going, she would take her vehicle and drive it to a lake near her home. She currently facing life in the iron college.
God's book stops slugs.
One too many times, a racial hoaxer would concoct a story about an alleged Black man committing a crime upon a White person. Usually these stories play upon the racist right. They already believe Black people are "natural born criminals".

Rickey Wagoner is a 10 year driver for Greater Dayton RTA. He's been a dedicated and dutiful employee, Greater Dayton Regional Transit Executive Director Mark Donaghy said.

Wagoner was released from Miami Valley Hospital Tuesday afternoon. He ducked the cameras after being let out of the backdoor.

4) Description of suspects. 

In the video being displayed by the Dayton Daily News and Dayton Police, it shows that Wagoner leaving his bus. In about 40 seconds you hear a popping sound and then two more. Then of course Wagoner coming back on the bus cussing up a storm. The bus is equipped with sound and you can hear mostly him.

Wagoner, who is white, described the attackers as young black males wearing dark blue bandannas that covered their faces. He said they were likely in their late teens and fled in a dark-colored 1990s model Ford. No arrests have been made.

Wagoner told investigators he believed the shooting might have been a gang initiation.

Did they follow the bus?

Or did this random event happen upon a five minute frame?

5) On the edge of town. 

Some of my White co-workers will not go over to West Dayton because of perceived fears of being attacked by an individual. They avoid the city all together because of what the media tells them.

This city is still suffering from White flight. Many conservatives are attacking the cities because they believe that Democratic leaders are causing economic turmoils because of "da gubmint" and  "da leeches" milking off it.

Often times you hear conservative agitators rail on about "da gubmint" being in the business of America. They hate that. So they want the Republicans to win back control so they can be in "your business". They would rather see economic poverty erased by cutting off the safety net.

The poor, the disabled, the mentally insane and children better get to work. Because Republicans believe that too many of "you people" are milking "da gubmint". So you better pick up an application and get ya ass back to work.

Dayton, Ohio along with Detroit, Cincinnati, Flint, Cleveland, St. Louis, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Birmingham, Atlanta, Greensboro, Jacksonville, and Stockton are often attacked for being Black majority cities with high crime rates. Mayors are trying to dismiss the negative perceptions of being dangerous cities.

They often would encourage community outreach and often encourage neighborhood watch zones.

Many in the area are hoping that this incident would net arrests. Although it was early in the morning not too many had an opportunity to see what went on, I can testify that someone out there knows what happen.

If you do have information about the crime contact the Dayton Police at 937-333-COPS

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Arizona Passed A Law That Openly Discriminates Against Minorities And LGBT!

Jan Brewer back in the news. Her state passed a right to discriminate law and if she signs it, she may face a boycott from civil rights groups.

Republicans are so fucking stupid. One breath they're saying they've freed the slaves, but in the next breathe they're enslaving the American people to their extremist agenda. You hear O'Loofus (Bill O'Reilly) and That Guy Who Helped Obama Win (Sean Hannity) rail against those "Leftists" trying to silence the freedom of speech.

But here in the state of Arizona, the freedom of expression and speech are being silenced by those backers of the "Racist Right".

The Republican governor Jan Brewer is back in the news.

She's at a crossroads with her Republicans and the constituents of her state.

A Republican endorsed bill was passed by the state house. It paved the way for legally discriminating those who go against traditionalist "Christian" values.

The law if signed by Brewer will allow businesses to discriminate on the grounds of religious beliefs.

This bill is so extreme, Arizona Republican U.S. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake are concerned that the impact could damage the brand. Matter of fact, if this passed, the Justice Department will file a lawsuit against the law in federal court.
LGBT groups are pissed at the governor and Republicans for trying to establish Jim Crow in their state.
On that some businesses are urging Republicans to kill the bill because it could damage revenue and tourism.

The NFL is considering moving the Superbowl if the law is signed. The Superbowl XLIX is coming to Arizona.

La Raza, the NAACP, the ACLU and Human Rights Campaign are against it and threaten a boycott of the state.
That infamous finger in the face of President Barack Obama.
A dreadnought of the conservative cause, Brewer rarely shies from controversy and, often in the face of staunch political and economic backlash, has boldly defended her stances on the economy, gun rights, regulation, taxation, immigration and even wagging her finger in the face of President Barack Obama.

"I don't rely a whole lot on my gut because I have to look at what (the bill) says and what the law says and take that information and do the right thing," she said from the National Governors Association's winter meeting in Washington. "I will do the right thing for the state of Arizona."

But since Thursday, when the state House of Representatives OK'd the bill by a 33-27 margin and sent it to Brewer's desk, what's right for Arizona has become somewhat amorphous.

Already, three GOP senators who voted in favor of SB1062, including a co-sponsor, Sen. Bob Worsley, have changed their minds. The bill passed the state Senate 17-13 with the "yea" votes of the three senators.

"While our sincere intent in voting for the bill was to create a shield for all citizens' religious liberties, the bill has instead been mischaracterized by its opponents as a sword for religious intolerance. These allegations are causing our state immeasurable harm," Worsley and Sens. Adam Driggs and Steve Pierce said in a letter sent to Brewer on Monday.
You're welcomed to the state of Arizona.
CNN reports that Arizona's SB1062 has pulled off a sort of political magic trick, in that warring sides can read the bill's text and have not only different reactions, but completely opposite ones.

While proponents of gay rights dub the bill oppressive, those in favor of the bill becoming law say it represents freedom.

Brewer has until Saturday to make her call, and her fellow Republicans in the state Legislature have suggested that a veto is likely.

In short, SB1062 would amend the existing Religious Freedom Restoration Act, allowing business owners to deny service to gay and lesbian customers so long as proprietors were acting solely on their religious beliefs.

The bill's advocates insist that those claiming SB1062 amounts to bigotry and discrimination have hijacked and misrepresented its aims.

Harold Ramis Passed Away!

Famed comic writer and actor Harold Ramis passed away.

If you're a fan of the iconic movies Animal House, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, and Groundhog Day, you can thank the Chicago actor and comedic writer Harold Ramis.

He passed away on Monday.

He and actor Dan Aykroyd were working on a revival of the movie franchise.

Ramis contracted an infection that resulted in complications from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis. He lost the ability to walk; after relearning to do so, he suffered a relapse of the disease in late 2011.

On February 24, 2014, Ramis died at his Chicago-area home from complications arising from vasculitis.

He played the role of Egon Spangler, the de facto leader of Ghostbusters.
Harold Ramis (as Spangler), Ernie Hudson (as Zeddmore), Bill Murray (as Veckman) and Dan Aykroyd (as Stantz) in the iconic movie Ghostbusters.
Ghostbusters was a critical success, receiving a positive response from critics and audiences, while grossing US$238 million in the United States and more than $291 million worldwide. The film was nominated for two Oscars at the 57th Academy Awards ceremony for Best Visual Effects and Best Original Song (for the eponymous theme song), but lost both to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and The Woman in Red respectively. The American Film Institute ranked Ghostbusters 28th in its AFI's 100 Years...100 Laughs list of film comedies. The film launched the Ghostbusters media franchise, which includes: a 1989 sequel, Ghostbusters II; two animated television series, The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters; and several video games.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Harold Ramis.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ohio Woman Kills Marine In Hit-Skip Accident!

Monica Plank and her husband were struck by a hit and run driver. The driver was caught. Plank was killed after the vehicle struck her while she was walking near the road.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Monica Plank.

A marine and her husband got into an argument near a restaurant. They walk down the road and all of a sudden a vehicle ends up hitting her and killing her. For nearly two weeks, there weren't answers until the break came Sunday.

A vehicle struck 34-four-year-old Monica Plank of Stafford, Va., on Sunday shortly after midnight as she walked from a restaurant in Bellefontaine.

The Bellefontaine Examiner  reports video shows two cars and a sport utility vehicle passing near where Plank was hit.

Police Chief Brandon Standley says investigators hope those drivers come forward because they may have seen something that could help resolve the case.

A funeral was scheduled on Saturday in West Liberty for Plank, who was married to a fellow Marine gunnery sergeant. They were in Bellefontaine to visit family.

The Dayton Daily News and the Associated Press report that Bellefontaine police arrested a woman Saturday night in relation to the Feb.16 hit-and-run fatal crash that killed Marine Gunnery Sergeant Monica Plank.

26-year-old Holly Fowler of Urbana is in the Logan County Jail and faces felony failure to stop after an accident and tampering with evidence charges
Bellefontaine Police were following leads at a local bowling alley, located four blocks from the crash scene, when they interviewed Fowler and examined her vehicle. The burgundy Chevy Malibu had evidence of damages consistent with the damages from the hit-skip scene, police said.
Holly Fowler is in Logan County lock up after evidence proved that she was the hit and run driver.
Fowler initially repeatedly denied any involvement in the fatal crash and denied knowing how the damages to her car occurred, but in a later interview at the Bellefontaine Police Department, she admitted responsibility for striking Plank on Feb. 16.

"We are relieved that we have been able to bring this case to some sort of closure for Mr. Plank and his family," said Bellefontaine Police Chief Brandon Standley.

"Our investigators have worked tirelessly to bring this case to a close, and we are confident we have built a solid case," he added.

Fowler is expected to appear in court Monday morning.

Robin Thicke & Paula Split....Hey Hey!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

CNN May Ax Piers Morgan!

CNN is planning on bumping Piers Morgan off the primetime slot.

The struggling cable news network is getting ready to put its hammer on British tabloid journalist Piers Morgan.

After three years on air, CNN is getting rid of Piers Morgan Tonight tells David Carr of the New York Times.

Morgan took over Larry King's 9PM timeslot in 2011. Morgan's ratings were consistently low.

CNN sources confirmed the news to Politico.

As Carr points out, Morgan's contract is up in September. There's no word on whether he'll get another show or not.

“It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings,” Morgan told Carr. "I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it."

The most memorable moments of Piers Morgan is the debate between extremist Alex Jones and him over the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy. Jones wanted Morgan deported for his stance on gun control.

Morgan also had Rachel Jeantel on his program before and after the verdict in the controversial George Zimmerman trial. The racist right was attacking Jeantel for being a big Black woman who had that "attitude".

Charlotte cook fired after comment to McCrory gets job offers | North Carolina News - WXII Home

Charlotte cook fired after comment to McCrory gets job offers | North Carolina News - WXII Home

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —The cook who was fired from his job at a Charlotte food store and restaurant after a confrontation with Gov. Pat McCrory this week says he's received several job offers.
The Charlotte Observer reported that Drew Swope said he's also gotten an offer of help from Mayor Patrick Cannon.
Swope was fired from Reid's Fine Foods on Sunday after he had a dispute with McCrory, who was in the store. Swope said he asked McCrory if he could help him and then said "thanks for nothing" when he realized he was speaking with the governor, with whom he disagrees politically.

Read more:

Charlotte Mayor Helps Fired Gay Grocery Clerk |

Charlotte Mayor Helps Fired Gay Grocery Clerk |

Drew Swope, the fired cook who confronted the reactionary bigot NC Governor McCrory 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Michele Bachmann: White Guilt Kept Me Outta Of The White House!

More stupid remarks from the controversial politico.

While she is under investigation by the feds for misuse of campaign funds during her ill fated presidential bid, the controversial Minnesota politico once again takes a direct and not so subtle jab at President Barack Obama.

The Congress wouldn't be the same without embattled Republican poltico Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. She is by far the most dumbest and most misinformed politico in Washington.

She's a birther, a deather, and a victim of the Benghazi flu. She is happy that John Wayne (Gacy) was a fellow Waterlooan, and she's got the cred of her fellow Tea Partiers for being one of the many wasted votes on repealing Obamacare.

Formerly a leading voice of the now defunct Tea Party Caucus, the controversial politico once again reflects on her defeat at the Iowa Caucus. She laid out her grievances about how White Americans had "guilt" about voting against the first Black president. She believes there's no way for a woman (let alone a Republican woman) to win the keys to the White House.

According to the controversial politico, the tide of white “guilt” that President Barack Obama rode into office will not be matched by a similar feelings for the former First Lady.

She believes that Benghazi flu is a better sword against a potential Hillary Clinton run. Why would the Republicans waste their time on Slick Willie?

“I think there was a cachet about having an African-American president because of guilt," says Bachmann.

She had put her heart and soul into a race that lead her and those seven other dopes to defeat. Her impact helped motivate Republicans to nominate the worst politico to ever run for office, perennial loser Mitt Romney.

As you know, Republicans were fearing that she could hurt their chances of holding on the House of Representatives. She was facing a tougher opponent from the Democratic Party.

In order to keep herself from an embarrassment, she decides to retire from Congress.

It gave Republicans a sigh of relief.

C.R.E.W. got her as one of the most corrupt lawmakers this year and last year.

If evidence proves that she's done wrong, get ready for her to be bitching about how "It's Obama's Fault" for her being tried for a federal crime. She could eventually get charged if the evidence is proven.

Only time can tell.

Here's her greatest hits!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Media mogul 50 Cent departs from Interscope.

50 Cent announced that he's departed from Interscope Records.

Meaning that he's no longer associated with Eminem and Dr. Dre. The rapper was mentored through the years and managed to bring in lots of money. But now it's time for Curtis Jackson to make moves in order to eat.

50 Cent released a statement about the departure where he showed gratitude to his former bosses Dr. Dre, Eminem and Interscope head Jimmy Iovine.

"I have had great success to date with Shady/Aftermath/Interscope and I'd like to thank Eminem and Dr. Dre for giving me an incredible opportunity," he said in the statement. "I've learned so much from them through the years. I am excited to enter this new era where I can carry out my creative vision."

Eminem also released a statement about 50's departure and mentioned that the friendship he has with the Queens rapper will continue.
Them days are over.
"Both myself and Shady Records are grateful to have had the chance to play a part in 50′s career. Shady simply would not be what it is without 50 Cent," Eminem said. "I've developed a great friendship with 50 over the years, and that's not going to change. We know 50 will have success in his new situation, and we remain supporters of both him and G-Unit."

50 Cent decided to tell his relationship with Eminem and Dr. Dre through FORBES Magazine.

"I'm a special case and situation," 50 Cent said.

"It’s also because of the leverage of having the strong relationships with Eminem and Dr. Dre. They don’t want to me to be uncomfortable. They value our friendship to the point that they would never want [to jeopardize] it over that little bit of money."

He's left the label after numerous delays to his album Street King Immortal which was to be released on the Shady/Aftermath Records. A major move that came on the Friday news dump.

I guess Fiddy couldn't take it no more. Been over six years since he's released an album. Been on the label for over a decade and helped push Aftermath and Shady into the mainstream.

That comes a big surprise but not so much as a big deal.

The G-Unit capo has to make money moves. After all, he lost his core members (Lloyd Banks, Game and Young Buck). There's no talk about a G-Unit Reunion or make up sessions.

He overcame the death of Chris Lighty and Mazaradi Fox.

He feuded with Ja Rule, Rick Ross (aka Rozay), Jadakiss, Oprah, Bill O'Reilly, Lil' Wayne, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Game, Young Buck, and his own son.

He's tried miserably to kiss peeping tom victim Erin Andrews, smacked up his girlfriend and had a child with a model, and still promoted his audio sound equipment.
Could 50 Cent survive the independent circuit? I mean he did survive nine slugs in him.
His movies weren't up to par. He's doing reality television. Which is pretty much at the bottom of the barrel of being a "washed up celebrity".

I mean his biggest rival, Rick Ross a "somewhat" phony gangsta managed to win the battle of who's got the biggest balls. I mean his sixth album Mastermind is coming out in March (if it's not delayed) on Def Jam through his Maybach Music Group.

There's no more G-G-G-UNIT shout outs. No more mentions of SHADY/AFTERMATH from Fiddy.

He decided to take the independent route by signing to Caroline Records which is an affiliate to Capitol EMI records.

Game also did a similar move after being dropped from Aftermath and G-Unit. He apparently signed on to the Cash Money/Young Money label.

Well are you still rocking your G-Unit spinning chain?

Are you still eating those G-Unit protein bars?

What's your take on the decision of 50 Cent leaving Interscope Records?

Toni Braxton And Babyface: Love Marriage & Divorce!

Toni Braxton and Babyface reunite for a duet album.

The veteran R & B producer and crooner reunites with the pop singer to record a duet album.

The Island Def Jam Music Group now has control over the Motown Records label.

Love, Marriage & Divorce includes eleven tracks including their Adult R&B #1 single, "Hurt You" as well as the second single "Where Did We Go Wrong". The album was originally due for release on November 25, 2013, although its release was delayed until the week before Valentine's Day.

The album is Babyface’s first new studio album in nearly seven years and Toni’s first new album since 2010’s Pulse.

Toni announced that she was returning to music with a Summer Tour and that she was in the studio working on her eighth studio album. She also stated that the album will not be a traditional album but rather a collaboration album featuring long-time collaborator Babyface. The album will entirely consist of duets between Braxton and Babyface.
Longtime collaborator Babyface worked with Toni Braxton on their duet album.
Babyface said that "The whole perspective is guy and girl, Mars vs. Venus. Even if you're in love, you're in love for different reasons", while Braxton added: “I think because Babyface and I have both gone through divorces, we can relate and we can collaborate together on this topic and make it so others who have gone through this situation can relate". The album Love, Marriage & Divorce will be released on February 4, 2014, under Motown Records.

The 2013 Summer Tour kicked off in Las Vegas on August 9, 2013 and ended in Atlanta on August 31, 2013. The lead single from Love, Marriage & Divorce "Hurt You" premiered on August 17, 2013.

The song attained success, claiming the No. 1 spot on two charts: the Billboard Adult R&B Songs chart for four weeks, and the Urban Adult Contemporary (Urban AC) for the week ending Dec. 14, 2013. This marked Braxton's first No. 1 hit on the Adult R&B Songs chart since her 2000 release "Just Be a Man About It."

The song also hit number 16 on Billboard Hot R&B/ Hip Hop Airplay chart.

The second single from the album, "Where Did We Go Wrong?" debuted at No. 20 on the Adult R&B Songs chart.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

If Fixing Stupid Was Possible! [NSFW]

An unwanted topping caused a West Virginia district manager to lose his job.

You've ever complained about the wrong toppings on a pizza?

I bet you have, cause I've done it before. I ordered a pizza with extra mushrooms and they've gave me olives. Not saying that black olives are bad and all, but man you've can't have a decent deluxe pizza without the mushrooms.

Anyway out of the Charleston, WV area comes another You Can't Fix Stupid story.

Besides the coal company destroying the water sources, many in the media haven't really focused on it. After all, the poorest state in the United States has often been ignored because of its social inept residents.

This You Can't Fix Stupid story is going to be a recurring theme here at Journal de la Reyna.

Whenever I devote my time to these stories, I often talk about the service industry and the negative publicity it gets from those who are employed doing extremely stupid things. Not only putting their safety at risk, but their jobs and the reputation of the company at risk. Not to mention the possibility of lawsuits and time in the iron college for these antics.

WOWK has reported that a Pizza Hut manager in Kermit, WV was watering the snake in a washing sink.
 Not the restroom.
The shocking surveillance video from inside a Mingo County, WV Pizza Hut. The video, recorded several weeks ago, shows a district manager caught urinating into the restaurant's kitchen sink.

Pizza Hut responded to the video with the following statement:

"First of all, we are embarrassed by the actions of this individual. Pizza Hut has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and the local owner of the restaurant took immediate action and terminated the employee involved. While the isolated incident occurred during non-business hours and did not involve any food tampering, we follow strict safety and handling procedures and the restaurant has since been closed. We apologize to our customers of Kermit, West Virginia and those in our system who have been let down by this situation."

Concerns over the video have continued to circulate around the community of Kermit, where the restaurant is located.
The state health board shut the place down temporarily. They have to sanitize and retrain workers and built back its reputation as a quality food service.
"I just don't trust anybody after it happened once, plain and simple," said Ricky Brewer who lives nearby the now temporarily closed restaurant.

"I would never go there and eat," said Blanche Ferris. "Even if I did, the thought would run through my mind."

Mingo County's Sanitarian Brett Vance closed the restaurant Tuesday morning after watching the video. He said it will be temporarily closed until further notice.

Pizza Hut Incorporated has confirmed the man in the video was the District Manager and has since been fired. In an email to 13 News, a representative from Pizza Hut Incorporated said the Kermit location "did not have previous problems reported. Meaning, it was a store in good standing."

A cleaning crew is flying in from Texas to clean and sanitize the Kermit location as well as the other restaurants the District Manger was in charge of, including Pizza Huts in Ceredo, Danville, Chapmanville and Logan.

All of those locations are franchised by Rage Inc. 13 News reached out to Rage Inc. for the second day in a row. On Tuesday they did not return our call. On Wednesday they referred us to Pizza Hut Corporate.

"If it was cleaned, washed, fixed up I wouldn't care a bit to eat there," said Charles Jude, who said he was a "regular" at the restaurant.
Muppets have no taste buds. I'm surprised Miss Piggy would be eating pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut. Does pepperoni come from a pig?
Officials with the Mingo County Health Department sat down with a representative from Pizza Hut Corporation Wednesday to discuss future plans of action.

Yum! Brands, Inc. or Yum! is a United States-based Fortune 500 corporation. Yum! operates or licenses Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet restaurants worldwide. Prior to 2011, Yum! also owned Long John Silver's and A&W Restaurants.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, it is the world's largest fast food restaurant company in terms of system units—more than 39,000 restaurants around the world in over 125 countries.

In 2011, Yum!'s global sales totaled more than US$14 billion.

WOWK 13 Charleston, Huntington WV News, Weather, Sports

Frank Taaffe: Oprah And Obama Are Two Stupid A** N****rs!

White extremist is a defender of George Zimmerman. He appeared on HLN multiple times saying some pretty racist and borderline ignorant things about the Black community.

Looks like George Zimmerman's best friends are making the news once again. For the umpteenth time, this right wing bigot named Frank Taaffe emerges again to make his case against the Black community.

The unofficial spokesperson of George Zimmerman has his own radio program on some White extremist network. I guess he's got an opinion about everything.

So I am guessing he'll have White nationalist radio host James Edwards, Asshat Colin Flaherty and Jesse Lee Peterson (The Other Jesse) on his program sooner or later.

The Raw Story reports that Political Research Associates, posted audio on Tuesday from an October 2013 segment of Taaffe’s show, “Standing Our Ground,” which aired on the White Voice Network. The network reportedly devotes itself to “media, news, and information for White people against White genocide.”

In the segment, Taaffe and co-host Joe Adams debate whether media mogul Oprah Winfrey can be considered a “n**ger.”

“To me she wouldn’t,” said Adams, who wrote a book called the “Save White People Handbook.”

“I think she is,” Taaffe responded, explaining that he thought the slur applied to Winfrey because “she keeps spewing out all that bullsh*t. She goes over to Switzerland and she says that the lady didn’t want to share a handbag because she thought that she couldn’t afford it, and she keeps just doing what she’s doing.”

Taaffe then criticized her for promoting “her boy,” President Barack Obama.

“You know, it’s birds of a feather, they flock together and stick together, and to me, she’s a n**ger,” Taaffe insisted. “Oprah Winfrey’s a n**ger. She’s a n**ger.”
One thing about Oprah and the Obamas, they're rich and famous. Frank Taaffe is not.
Adams then expressed slight disagreement, saying that while Winfrey “has worked hard, [and is] doing the right thing by her community,” society at large should still use the slur when referring to her. He also claimed that when white people raise issues related to race, “they get called racist, and that is the white equivalent of the n**ger word for me.”

Taaffe, who was Zimmerman’s neighbor around the time Zimmerman was accused of second-degree murder for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, became an outspoken defender of Zimmerman’s in appearances on CNN and other networks. He suggested Martin fit the “ID” of prior burglars in their neighborhood and dismissed Zimmerman’s penchant for collecting firearms by saying, “Boys will have their toys.”

Mother Jones reported that Taaffe also used his platform to defend Michael Dunn, the 47-year-old man who was found not guilty of murder charges for killing another Black teen, Jordan Davis. But following criticism directed toward CNN and sister network HLN, Taaffe announced future appearances on HLN had been canceled.

This is how George Zimmerman, Frank Taaffe, Michael Dunn thinks of Black people.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Viscera Passes Away!

File:Nelson Frazier, Jr. in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.jpg

Back in the days I was a huge wrestling fan.  There was a wrestler known as Viscera, a huge Black wrestler who came from the depths of Hell.

He was best known for his appearances with the World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment (WWF/WWE) in the 1990s and mid-2000s under the ring names Mabel, Viscera and Big Daddy V, where he held the WWF Hardcore Championship and WWF World Tag Team Championship, and was the 1995 King of the Ring.

Born as Nelson Frazier, Jr, Viscera would return to the WWF – by then renamed World Wrestling Entertainment – in September 2004, surprise attacking former Ministry of Darkness leader, The Undertaker, with fellow former Ministry member Gangrel, at the command of former Ministry Acolyte, John "Bradshaw" Layfield.

After two weeks on SmackDown!, he was moved to the Raw brand.

In his first three months on the Raw brand, Viscera mainly wrestled on Raw's sister show Heat, only making sporadic appearances on Raw.

His first major storyline there started in April 2005, when he aligned with Trish Stratus as part of her feud with Lita and her husband, Kane. While working together, Viscera and Stratus appeared in a segment in which he attempted to seduce her, only to be rebuffed. Stratus implied he would first need to "take care" of Kane.

That segment began a gimmick change for Viscera, who transformed into "The World's Largest Love Machine". After losing to Kane at Backlash 2005, he injured Stratus with his Big Splash finishing move, angry about her constant belittling of him, turning face in the process.

Viscera began wrestling in pajamas and making overtly sexual gestures in the ring. He became smitten with Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia and tried different tactics to seduce her every week. At Vengeance in June, Garcia finally reciprocated, proposing to him in the center of the ring, only to be turned down and left crying in the ring when The Godfather arrived with many of his prostitutes to show Viscera what he would be leaving behind if he got married.

Viscera then teamed with the like-minded "ladies man", Val Venis, to form V–Squared. They teamed together for nearly nine months, mainly on Heat. They challenged for the World Tag Team Championship on a few occasions, but never held the title.

When Venis was sidelined with a legitimate injury in April 2006, Viscera returned to singles wrestling. He attempted to reconcile with Garcia, but was interrupted and attacked by Umaga during his proposal.

Two weeks later, when Garcia was legitimately and accidentally knocked from the ring apron by Charlie Haas and sprained her wrist, the incident was worked into a storyline of Haas and Viscera fighting over Garcia.

After Lillian declared she wanted to be just friends, Haas seemingly raked Viscera in the eye, with Viscera feigning to accidentally Samoan slam Lillian. After, both men laughed about the incident, in the process of turning Viscera heel once again. The team split up when Haas reunited with Shelton Benjamin to reform The World's Greatest Tag Team.

On June 17, 2007, Viscera was sent from the Raw brand to ECW in the supplemental section of WWE's draft. Three weeks later, he debuted on ECW on SyFy, repackaged as Big Daddy V, a "hired muscle" character in the employ of Matt Striker, arriving just in time to help Striker in his rivalry with The Boogeyman.

After disposing of The Boogeyman, Big Daddy V defeated Tommy Dreamer in the ECW brand's Elimination Chase to become the number one contender for the ECW Championship at No Mercy.

There, he lost to CM Punk by disqualification, when Striker interfered in the match. He then feuded with SmackDown's Kane. He participated in the No Way Out Elimination Chamber match, but was eliminated early.

He wrestled his last WWE match on March 11, 2008, for an episode of ECW on SyFy, losing to CM Punk in a Money in the Bank qualifier. In the 2008 WWE Supplemental Draft, he was drafted to the SmackDown brand. Frazier was released from his WWE contract on August 8, 2008, before ever wrestling for SmackDown.

On February 18, 2014, it was reported that Frazier had died following a heart attack, just four days after turning 43.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Nelson Fraizer, Jr.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Police Nab Ex-Lawmaker In Zimbabwe! Did He Forgot To Tell 'Em He's A Sexual Offender?

Mel Reynolds official Congress photo
Ex-lawmaker busted in Zimbabwe with hand jacking videos.

Hey, who says I don't bash the Democratic Party?

Okay readers, I've happened to click on The Raw Story and got a hold of an article about a former Illinois Democratic congressman busted in the African country of Zimbabwe for having run up a check and having possession of the hand jacking videos.

In Zimbabwe, having the hand jacking videos or pictures could be classified as a crime.

Reuters report that Mel Reynolds was arrested over the weekend after it was discovered he was staying in the county on an invalid visa. And to make it worse, he's a convicted sexual offender. Police and immigration officials were investigating Reynolds for living in the southern African country without a valid visa, Francis Mabika, an assistant regional immigration officer, told Reuters.

Mabika said Reynolds has been in Zimbabwe since November, but declined to give further details.

Reuters was unable to reach Reynolds for comment. A spokeswoman for the U.S. embassy in Harare declined to comment.

The state-owned Herald newspaper said the former Illinois congressman had been arrested at a hotel in the capital Harare on Monday

In August 1994, Reynolds was indicted for sexual assault and criminal sexual abuse for engaging in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old campaign volunteer that began during the 1992 campaign. Despite the charges, he continued his campaign and was re-elected that November; he had no opposition.

Reynolds initially denied the charges, which he claimed were racially motivated. On August 22, 1995, he was convicted on 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography. He resigned his seat on October 1 of that year.

Reynolds was sentenced to five years in prison, thus he expected to be released in 1998. However, in April 1997 he was convicted on 15 unrelated counts of bank fraud and lying to SEC investigators. These charges resulted in an additional sentence of 78 months in federal prison. Reynolds served all of his first sentence, and served 42 months in prison for the later charges. At that point, President Bill Clinton commuted the sentence for bank fraud. As a result, Reynolds was released from prison and served the remaining time in a halfway house.

The congressional seat would eventually go to disgraced lawmaker Jesse Jackson, Jr., the son of Cut His Nuts Off Jackson.

Egg Prank Leads To Man Shooting And Killing A Teen!

Adrian Broadway was just doing a harmless prank and this foolish man would put a slug in her head. Now this young life is lost and the man who shot and kill her may get the gas house for reckless homicide (on the grounds of first-degree murder).

U.S. Senate race in Arkansas has it as LEAN REPUBLICAN. It was once LEAN DEMOCRAT.

Senator Mark Pryor, the vulnerable Democrat from Arkansas and his opponent Tea Party endorsed Republican congressman Tom Cotton look the other way while their future voters are being slaughtered.

For you see, these two politicos are gun owners and endorsers of the "castle doctrine". The castle doctrine is a dutiful right to attack a threat with a firearm even though they're not inside the home or property.

Both are conservative minded assholes who oppose reasonable gun control measures that massacres in schools (such as Jonesboro) or the recent event in which a 15 year old teenager who's egging of a man's car lead to the asshole shooting and killing her.

I endorse gun rights but also value reasonable gun control. I understand that once you pull the trigger, you're pretty much putting your life or the other's in jeopardy. A bullet has no eyes and it will always hit a target.

The outpouring of sympathy to young victim Adrian Broadway rings echos of young Black children once again being unarmed but suffer an untimely fate by the hands of a firearm owner.

Haydia Pendleton, Caleb Grodley, Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride and Trayvon Martin are prime examples of futures lost.

Futures that could have been something, snuffed away by a reckless gun owner.

And the racist right would smear their names because they're "just Black" and probably "Obama supporters" anyway. That's why the "If I would have a son, he'll look Trayvon" would be a frequent reference.

President Barack Obama understands that young Black teens makes White people nervous. You hear about that asshat Colin Flaherty spreading this so-called "Knockout Game" phenomenon. He's created this fiction that young Black children are becoming feral beast who randomly attack White people.

Whenever these issues come forth, expect King Hippo (Rush Limbaugh), That Guy Who Throw Shit To The Wall (Matt Drudge) and That Guy Who Helped Obama Win  (Sean Hannity) to be the primary agitators of White people being uneased by the sight of Black teens.

The racist right would refer to the "Obama's son" remark every time a Black criminal is caught in a race related (or just a random non-race) crime.

But the White criminal is caught in a race-related (or just a random non-race) crime, [the racist right would just say] it's just another attempt by the "radical leftists" who proudly lay their "race cards". The racist right would fault their chief agitator President Barack Obama for every race based crime.

It's an ongoing situation in America. We're the only country in the world with one of the highest domestic attacks by firearms. We're the only country that's too slow to react to gun control measures that ensure that criminals, the mentality insane and the reckless gun sellers who give firearms to a potential threat

Adrian Broadway was just doing a harmless prank. Certainly a mild criminal act upon a person's property.
Willie Noble held on $1 million get outta jail free card.
But it's not like she would be stealing the radio out or hotwiring the vehicle and taking off.

Willie Noble is a certified idiot. He could have just called the police and reported inappropriate behavior.

No, he just decided to get the firearm out and buck 'em out.

CNN reports that the 15-year-old girl in Little Rock, Arkansas, is dead, police say, because of a prank that went horribly and tragically wrong.

Adrian Broadway was shot in the head and died early Saturday morning.

She was with a group of teenagers who had gone to a house to do a "retaliation" prank on another teen who'd done a prank on them on Halloween, according to the Little Rock Police Department.

The teenagers told police they had thrown toilet paper, eggs and mayonnaise on a car parked there.
Piss poor politicos Democrat Mark Pryor, U.S. Senator and Republican Tom Cotton, U.S. Representative have looked the other way when a massacre occurs in America. They have voted against reasonable gun control measures for political expediency. They haven't gotten the message since Gabby Giffords got a bullet to the head. These two face off in the 2014 U.S. Senate race in Arkansas.
As they were leaving, a man came out of the house and opened fire.

Broadway was struck in the head and died.

Another teenager, the driver, suffered injuries to his right arm. He was transported to a hospital, where he was treated and released.

Noble was charged with one count of first-degree murder, one count of a terroristic act and five counts of aggravated assault, they said.

Bond was set at $1 million.

"I got the news from my mom who said that Adrian had got a gun wound to the head, and I just dropped the phone immediately and started crying," Broadway's friend, Laguyia Bland, told CNN affiliate KARK.

"They was trying to be teenagers," Bland said. "As you know teenagers make mistakes, and this was one of those mistakes."

Monday, February 17, 2014

Zimmerman: No Regrets For Killing Trayvon Martin!

The umpteenth time he appears. He claims he's broke. 

Would you please go the f away, George Zimmerman!

The acquitted shooter goes to CNN's Early Start to pissy poor his problems to Chris Coumo.

One of the most hated men in the country emerges out of the shadows to reflect on the tragic night he killed an unarmed teenager in a gated community. He also acknowledges his frustration with the media, President Barack Obama and civil rights leaders for "scapegoating" him as the reason for civil unrest.

He also elaborates on the Michael Dunn trial.

Dunn was found guilty on attempted murder, reckless endangerment and leaving a scene of an event. Dunn shot and killed Jordan Davis, a 17-year old teen over loud music.

Still having no regrets over his actions! No regrets for killing Trayvon Martin.

"God," Zimmerman told CNN on Monday. "I know that ultimately, He's the only judge that I have to answer to... He knows what happened. I know what happened. So I'd leave it up to him."

Nearly two years after Zimmerman killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a gated Florida community -- and about half a year since a jury acquitted him of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges -- the 30-year-old says he still gets death threats.

"I have a lot of people saying that, you know, they guarantee that they're going to kill me and I'll never be a free man," he said. "I realize that they don't know me. They know who I was portrayed to be."

Speaking with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Zimmerman shared thoughts on his cancelled celebrity boxing match, his artistic outlet, and what he would say to Martin's family.

"Do you regret that you killed Trayvon Martin," Cuomo is quoted in the interview as saying, according to Mediaite.

“Unfortunately, the Department of Justice is conducting a civil rights investigation,” Zimmerman said. “Certainly, I think about that night and I think my life would be tremendously easier if I stayed home.”

The CNN interview aired one day after Zimmerman told the Spanish-language network Univision that he is homeless, jobless, and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

The interviews mark Zimmerman's first public statements since being acquitted of murder in the Feb. 26, 2012 death of Martin.

Since the acquittal, Zimmerman has been accused of domestic violence by his girlfriend, pulled over for multiple traffic violations, and made headlines through his pending divorce.

2014 Annual Meeting: Session 184 - Generations of Women's History

Women's history is still important, people!

Black Woman/White Man Couples More Accepted than Black Man/White Woman - Black Listed - EBONY

Black Woman/White Man Couples More Accepted than Black Man/White Woman - Black Listed - EBONY

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam

Dunn Deal: Loud Music Shooter Found Guilty!

Shooter of unarmed teen over loud music is going to get time in the iron college. 

Although murder would have put this asshole in the iron college for the rest of his life, the three other charges that followed carried enough time for Michael Dunn.

Dunn will now have to think about his reckless decision to kill Jordan Davis over hip-hop music.

The Florida jury found Dunn guilty on three of the five charges. He managed to skirt murder.

The state law enforcement were prepared to react in the case of "civil unrest".

Like the last one who got off with murder managed to generate a riot.

He will have 60 years in the iron college for his reckless and heartless decisions.
Florida prosecutor could charge Dunn for murder.
CNN reports the jury's decisions became clear about 7 p.m. Saturday, Dunn looked ahead solemnly with a frown but no tears. His lawyer, Cory Strolla, told reporters later that his client was "in disbelief."

"Even as he sat next to me, he asked, how is this happening," Strolla said. "... It has not set in. I don't think it will set in anytime soon."

The incomplete finale to this emotional, hot-button trial -- partly because of the fact Dunn is white and the teenagers who were shot at, including Davis, are black -- echoed George Zimmerman's trial for the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin about 120 miles down the road in Sanford, Florida. While stand your ground wasn't used by Dunn, his lawyers did argue that he fired in self-defense.

Given the partially hung jury, State Attorney Angela Corey said prosecutors would press for a new trial in Duval County on the murder charge.

"Justice for Jordan Davis is as important as it is for any victim," said Corey, whose office also handled the Zimmerman case.

Even without a final decision on the murder count -- and pending defense appeals -- the 47-year-old Dunn is looking at a lengthy prison term.
Jordan Davis
Prosecutor Erin Wolfson explained Saturday night that each attempted second-degree murder conviction carries a minimum sentence of at least 20 years. There's also a 15-year sentence possible on the conviction for shooting in the teenager's vehicle.

"You are looking at basically at life in prison," Strolla said, even as he vowed to challenge the convictions.

"At 47 years old, that's a life sentence regardless of count one."

The decision to convict on these counts, and not on murder, didn't come easily for a jury that had deliberated for about 30 hours since getting the case late Wednesday.

Judge Russell Healey acknowledged earlier Saturday that the jury of four white women, two black women, four white men, an Asian woman and a Hispanic man was "struggling, obviously."

"But it's not for want of trying to reconcile all of this," he said then. "I think we've got some analytical people in there who are trying to do just that -- trying to analyze this from every possible angle."

The lack of a murder conviction upset some, including protesters who marched outside the Jacksonville courthouse calling for Corey to lose her job. "The people united will never be defeated," they also chanted.

Yet Davis' mother, Lucia McBath, didn't express any anger when she addressed reporters Saturday night. Her family, she said, is "so very happy to have just a little bit of closure."

"It's sad for Mr. Dunn that he will live the rest of his life in that sense of torment, and I will pray for him," McBath said. "And I've asked my family to pray for him."


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