Friday, January 24, 2014

Jonathan Karl: Who Paid For Michelle Obama's Birthday Party?

Beautiful as ever, First Lady Michelle Obama turns 50. The racist right attacks her and President Barack Obama when they were told of a private party at the White House.

God, who the hell cares?

Obviously the racist right and this turdporter Jonathan Karl who waste their godforsaken time trying to pry into the president and first lady's personal business.

They're so obsessed with the First Lady's 50th birthday party. They weren't invited to the event, and they're piss pooing about how much the event cost. If this was George W. Bush celebrating Laura Bush's birthday, you wouldn't hear the rambles of That Guy Who Throws Shit To The Wall or Loserville.

It seems like Karl is looking forward to getting his gig over at Loserville.

ABC News hired this douche to replace Jake Tapper who jumped ship to CNN.
Right wing turdporter Jonathan Karl of ABC News
Mediaite reports that First Lady Michelle Obama’s birthday party, which took place last Saturday night at the White House, was hotly anticipated by the mainstream press, but was also the subject of criticism from some quarters. Her birthday also raised questions from Loserville’s Ed Henry a few weeks ago, when he wondered if taxpayers would be footing the bill for the First Lady’s extended vacation in Hawaii. At Wednesday’s daily briefing, Jon Karl picked up that thread, asking Carney “The first lady had her 50th birthday party, and I believe you said the president picks up the cost for that party?”

“I think we put out information — I don’t have it here — I would refer you to the East Wing,” Carney replied.

“I was just wondering if you have an estimate on what the cost was,” Karl followed up.

“I don’t,” Carney replied, “but I would refer you.”

A White House official tells Mediaite that “The President threw the First Lady a dance party last Saturday for her 50th birthday. It was a private gathering of family and friends and was paid for by the President.”

To the racist right, it wouldn't matter anyway! They can't stand a Black family in the White House.

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john phillips said...

So, a reporter wants to know if the taxpayers are footing the bill for Michelle Obama's party, and you, instead of worrying about the taxpayers, attack the reporter and the right as racists. Not a single part of that question was remotely akin to a race question, yet you go after the people who demand some form of transparency and accountability by using insults and the race card. What a joke and clearly biased loser you are.


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