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Ohio Teacher Tells Black Student He's Not Cut Out To Be President!

I guess some right wing teacher will have a longer Winter break. After the junk food media reported on him saying some stupid things to a Black student about the president, one may think his days are numbered at a local suburban school.

Gil Voigt is a Fairfield, Ohio teacher who got in some real trouble. He told one of his Black students that Barack Obama, the first Black president will be the only one the country will see. He now sees his future as an educator on the line after making that inflammatory comment.

Voigt allegedly told the student that he couldn't become President because America doesn't need another black person in the White House. “We do not need another black president,” Voigt said, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Now I know that educators are supposed to help motivate students prepare for the future. They want to encourage young minds to achieve success. I mean the first Black man to become president is historical. It opens the doors for a woman or a person of color to be the next president.

Barack Obama achieved his goals of winning two landslide elections, appointing the first Latina to be a Supreme Court justice, has the credit ordering the military to kill the world's most wanted terrorist and managed to fix the economy. And despite having one of the country's least productive Congress, Barack Obama continues to move forward.

Fairfield Freshman School teacher has been suspended without pay and faces the prospect of dismissal after allegedly making racially insensitive statements to a student earlier this month.

Monday, the Fairfield Board of Education suspended science teacher Gil Voigt. He has 10 days to request a hearing before the school board or a referee.

The incident occurred on Dec. 3, with several other students present, according to a report from Assistant Superintendent Roger Martin, who conducted a disciplinary hearing on the matter.

It isn’t the first time the 14-year Fairfield teacher has been disciplined. He received a verbal warning for making an inappropriate racial comment in 2008. That year he also received a verbal warning for improper use of school technology.

Last year he received a verbal warning after allegedly calling a student “stupid” and belittling him. He received a written warning last month for failure to use the adopted curriculum.

“This is a rare occurrence. This is the first time I’ve faced it since being named assistant superintendent (in 2011),” Martin said.

In his report, Martin said he believed four students were interviewed who corroborated the student Voigt was speaking to.

Following a complaint by the student’s parents, the teen was removed from Voigt’s class, Martin said.

“We intend to uphold board policies and to hold teachers accountable for the essential functions of the teacher job description,” Martin said.

The racist right rather see young Blacks in the iron college. Hell they think that most of them are playing the knockout game!
Voigt is accused of violating board policies related to staff ethics, staff-student relations and harassment.

Voigt was not present at the meeting and could not be reached on Monday for comment.

According to the report, Voigt said his statement was misquoted by the student, who he said was not a very good student and was troublesome in class.

Voigt has been a Fairfield teacher since 2000. Before that he taught seven years in North Carolina, two years in Florida and six years in the Cincinnati Public Schools. 

While many conservatives were upset that President Barack Obama trounced perennial loser Mitt Romney, the hangover was expected. This is the umpteenth time we've heard about an anti-Obama politico or educator taking their disgust of the first Black president in the public sector.

I promise you that if we get a Republican majority in the Congress, you'll expect more of this nonsense. 

This educator is the reasons why liberals call conservatives the racist, stupid and utterly condescending individuals they've been painted out to be.

Thanks to the Cincinnati Enquirer and Addicting Info for the story.

I've often check Public Shaming, Addicting Info, The Hinterland Post,  and The Raw Story for my rational fix of politics . Sometimes when you look at these stories, I kind of shake my head in disgust. I really hate how our country achieve so much and yet still have this nonsense going around.

Famed YouTube comedian ELawshea nails it!

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S Baldwin said...

That's sad and that teacher ought to be fired for his stereotypical racist remarks.



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