Monday, December 02, 2013

Dems: Republicans Get A New Talking Point! Obamacare Website Running Right!

Besides the internet you can tell a friend, call the phone number and or get applications from government agencies. The Healthcare Marketplace website was the center of conservative ire and President Barack Obama's job approval going downward.

Looks like a month of bad news may be coming to an end for the embattled president. For over two months, we've heard stories about the Healthcare Marketplace website being a total failure.

Time for the Republicans to get a new talking point.

The president's credibility and trustworthiness came into question after it was revealed the contractors for the government website did a shoddy job. It cost millions and gave Republicans a talking point.

It also gave the president a record low job approval, his first since he won reelection this year.

Now the website hasn't gotten the 100% seal of approval, but the White House can report that it's getting better. The Marketplace website may have met its deadline of November 30.

They did conclude that the website may still experience problems, but it won't be the ones that caused such great controversy.

This morning I've haven't seen one report on CBS This Morning from right wing turdporters Jan Crawford or Sheryl Attikson about the Marketplace so far.

Of course this was the first hour of the program. It may happen during its second hour or during the week.

You know that it's been some of the most contentious debate so far. The Republicans worrying themselves over a website instead of jobs and immigration reform.

The 112th Congress could become even worse than the 111th. With the House of Representatives body schedule for the remaining days relatively low, many see this Congress as a "do nothing".

The Senate passed immigration reform this year and the House confirmed that its dead in the water.

The Congress spent a fraction of the year trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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