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Conservatives: We Told You So! The "KNOCKOUT GAME" Is Real!

NYPD is searching for the guy who punched a woman unconscious.

Heartless and callous is the words I have for any individual who attacks random strangers with a five finger roll. Doesn't matter if they're Black, Hispanic or White, you participate in this bullshit, you're ass should be arrested for it.

A 76-year old woman was attacked in Brooklyn. Now it's becoming a mainstream controversy ginned up to make "US BLACK FOLK" the 'natural born criminals' the racist right claims we be!

Now since the White extremists are worked up and the junk food media now wants to find something to filter their time on, here comes the "Knockout Game".

Another race story, call this guy!
In the beginning I've never heard of this. I still don't believe this thing exist. Don't get me wrong, crime happens and what these individuals do is a crime. No human being should relish in randomly hitting a person without merit.

I mean how many drunken patrons get into a five finger roll?

Did you happen to see what happen during Black Friday 2013?

I don't condone this crazy shit. That shit right there makes me shake my head in disgust saying that you can't fix stupid and stupid is a disease that affects millions.

Some commentators in the United States have cast doubt that the knockout game is an actual trend and have termed it a myth or an example of moral panic. (I.e. Public Enemy's Fear Of A Black Planet)

Others have focused on the perception that the game is racially motivated and have called for it to be labeled a hate crime.

In some cases, media reports have specified that knockout attacks are "played" as a violent game. However, the "game" aspect of is of questionable status; claims concerning attacks range from urban myths, random unprovoked acts of aggression to an actual "game". Police in New York City questioned whether they were faced with a trend or simply a series of isolated incidents.

An attack in Pittsburgh in 2012 was tentatively linked to the recent attacks, although it was never identified as part of any "game".

However, New York State Assemblyman Jim Tedisco put forward legislation explicitly referencing "knockout" in order to charge juvenile offenders in these type of attacks as adults.

Police in in Syracuse, New York, reported that one assailant in a fatal attack admitted to it being "knockout", with a police sergeant noting that the assaults he was investigating were definitely "for a game" rather than being attempted murders or robberies.

On November 23, 2013, The New York Times reported that police officials in New York City were considering their position on the "game" and if they should advise the public, but had to contend with the uncertain existence of the game.

Many officials have outright refused to refer to the assaults as a "game", with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter explicitly stating he did not want to give it any credibility while at a press conference after an attack at a Philadelphia pizzeria where the suspects never mentioned the game following the event. Likewise, New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly refused to refer to the attacks in Brooklyn as the "knockout game" to avoid possible copycat attacks.

Colin Flahtery, the new Andrew Breitbart.
Several attacks being associated with the "knockout game" do not follow any particular pattern; in several instances a single assailant attempts the one-punch attack, while in others multiple assailants participate in a gang attack. The "Knockout King" death of Nguyen in St. Louis was such a gang attack, and an alleged trend in Lansing, Michigan, called "point 'em out, knock 'em out" involved the use of a Taser.

n the coverage of the attacks in 2013, some conservative political commentators have focused on racial factors, alleging that the crimes are being committed primarily by African American youth and criticizing the media for ignoring the alleged racial nature of these attacks.

Bill-O (Bill O'Reilly), That Guy Who Helped Obama Win (Sean Hannity), Asshat Colin (Colin Flahtery), and That Guy Who Throws Shit To The Wall (Matt Drudge) have pushed the narrative of Black on White crime.

Loserville described the "Knockout" attacks as "another example of young black Americans committing senseless crimes" and expressed disappointment "they are getting precious little attention" in the junk food media.

Of course, you'll hear word vomit about President Barack Obama and Trayvon Martin.

Jeffrey Butts, the director of right wing John Jay College of Criminal Justice's Research and Evaluation Center, stated that the knockout game is likely being seen "through the lens of race" and that the fear stems from racial roots.

Emma Roller of Slate and Jamelle Bouie of The Daily Beast remarked that in a number of news reports, focus was specifically paid to attacks on white victims with the suspects being young black men. Roller and Bouie also questioned figures used to show that the event is spreading, with Roller further questioning the validity of YouTube videos as evidence for the knockout game.

In response to the prevalence in the media, Rev. Perm condemned the attacks, as he noted the black community would not be silent if they were the victims.

Those critical of the existence of the trend have pointed out that the aspect of race appears to be hyped by bloggers who want to highlight attacks on whites by black suspects.

J. Cole: Kendrick Lamar's Ego Gonna Get His Teeth Knocked Out!

Kendrick Lamar Featured in 'Born Sinner' Series by J. Cole
J. Cole warns Kendrick Lamar that his antics will get him knocked out!

Kendrick Lamar once rapped a verse on the single Forbidden Fruit off the Born Sinner album from North Carolina rapper/singer J. Cole.

Now all of a sudden, Kendrick Lamar called out J. Cole, Big Sean, Big K.R.I.T., Tyler The Creator, Drake, Mac Miller, Meek Mill, Pusha T, A$AP Rocky, Wale and Jay Electronica along with numerous other rappers in the ultimate diss.

On the single Control which was scrapped from Big Sean's sophomore album Hall Of Fame, Kendrick Lamar put the challenge out there. He was going for blood literally.

"I got love for you all but I'm tryin' to murder you niggas / Trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas / They don't want to hear not one more noun or verb from you niggas."

In the same verse, he proclaims himself to be "the king of New York" and "king of the Coast".
J. Cole.
Lamar's Twitter account saw a 510% increase in followers in the week following the track's release, while his Wikipedia page garnered 200,000 page views.

J. Cole basically laughed off the diss and even aimed a shot at the rapper.

Justin Timberlake's TKO (produced by Timbaland) features Kendrick Lamar. The "Black Friday Remix" from Timberlake himself puts in the rivals A$AP Rocky, Pusha T and J. Cole, the latter of whom uses it as an opportunity to respond back to the Lamar.

Cole to the rescue, never save a ho
Hoes like to hide their behavior though
Thought you was a down ass bitch
‘Til I found that shit a couple days ago
I was home alone, next thing I know
That long as verse from a song called “Control” was on
The room got nearer, the tomb got clearer
That’s when I seen the shit playin’ on your phone
Girl, what is that? A ringtone?
Shit, not you too
Man, that hype done got you too
Everybody and their momma gassed,
Even my momma asked what I’mma do
Decisions, decisions
In case this is war, then I load up on all ammunition
If a nigga want problems, my trigger’s on auto
I’ll make sure that nobody miss him
Now pack up your shit, you don’t believe in me
I don’t need you, I got me, bitch
Same nigga moved to NYC, bitch
Got a record deal and a college degree, bitch
Two gold plaques, I produced all the tracks
And I never ever ever leave no Jay Z, bitch
And after all that achievement
Real nigga never even went and got his teeth fixed
Now you try to play me, bitch?
I’ll knock your ass out

Take a little trip into the garden and put out the diss and I bet ya respond.

Kendrick Lamar hasn't responded to the diss, but assured he will.

Kendrick Lamar is a member of Black Hippy a Los Angeles based rap group that consist of him, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock. They appear on the label Top Dogg Entertainment. Kendrick as a solo artist signed to the Aftermath Records label. He got the blessing of his mentor Dr. Dre and was a featured artist on Eminem's Marshall Mathers 2 LP.

His debut studio album good kid, m.A.A.d city, was released October 22, 2012 to widespread acclaim. The album spawned the Top 40 hits "Swimming Pools (Drank)", "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe", and "Poetic Justice". The album, which debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, was later certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). In early 2013, MTV crowned Lamar the No. 1 Hottest MC in the Game, on their well known annual list.
Kendrick Lamar.
Dr. Dre's labelmates Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and 50 Cent has most of Dr. Dre's production.

Dr. Dre's is credited to producing singles for Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Game, Eve, Xzibit, Busta Rhymes, and Jay-Z.

J. Cole is a rapper/singer who is North Carolina. He is signed to Jay-Z's ROC Nation label and his own Dreamville Records.

He wrote hits for some of the mainstream acts you heard on the radio. His debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story, released on September 27, 2011. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, Top R&B Albums and Top Rap Albums chart, selling more than 218,000 in its first week. He received a nomination for Best New Artist at the 54th Grammy Awards, losing to Bon Iver. Cole's most recent effort, Born Sinner, was released on June 18, 2013. The album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, however, Born Sinner later rose to number one, giving Cole his second number one on the chart.


Friday, November 29, 2013

"Birther" Black Preacher Still Attacking Obama!

Birther Black preacher is back attacking Obama. He claims that the DC crazed driver was Obama's baby mama!

The infamous ATLAH Worldwide preacher is back in the saddle. He's making another video and he's still attacking President Barack Obama.

In 2008, the fool called President Barack Obama the "long legged mack daddy" and was a featured guest on That Guy Who Helped Obama & Alan Colmes' program in 2008.

He was even chastised by many in the Black community as being a "fringe extremist".

James David Manning is back again on his birther radio show accusing the president of having an affair with the woman who led the DC police on a chase throughout the U.S. Capitol.

The U.S. Capitol police ended up shooting and killing Miriam Carey, a 34 year old woman from Connecticut. She was with her daughter at the time of this event. The police concluded that Carey has mental issues and believed that President Barack Obama was stalking her in her home. Some believed that the woman claimed Obama father her child.

She was treated for depression.

The right wing pastor claims that the president ordered a "hit" on Carey.

On his radio show The Manning Report, Manning called for a paternity test of Carey’s fifteen-month-old daughter, who was in the car with Carey when she led police on a chase that ended in gunfire on the Capitol steps.

The theory, which appears to have originated with a Russian website, alleges that before a May 2011 graduation address to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Obama stopped at the dentist office where Carey worked as an assistant, because a piece of pistachio shell had become lodged in his back moral.

While there, according to the theory, Obama struck up a friendship with Carey, who became pregnant shortly afterward. The website claimed that Carey refused Obama’s request to have an abortion, at which point Obama “lured” her to Washington and had her killed. (Even more bizarrely, the site goes to claim that Obama was out trolling for extramarital action because Michelle Obama was actually born a man.)

Manning accused the “entire world media” of refusing to investigate the incident, and chastised Rev. Perm, Cut His Nuts Off Jackson, women’s rights groups, academia, and the courts for “refusing to come to the aid of this slaughtered woman, which means that they are protecting something that they feel far more important, which is Barack Hussein Obama. Case closed.”

Manning said Obama “crushed out [Carey's] life, and no one will come to her aid.” He would have gotten away with it, too, had it not been for that pistachio nut.

Here's a dose of the stupidity from James David Manning.

Holiday Woes!

Shooting at Kohl's in suburban Chicago.

The Black Friday shopping is one of the common themes for the Thanksgiving weekend. Many Americans head to the malls for the best deals. Expected are altercations and possible theft.

Police and the FBI prepare for shoplifting. They are well aware of perennial thieves who use this time as a crime of opportunity.

In suburban Chicago, Illinois there was an incident where police chased a group of shoplifters. One of the shoplifters was shot after the person dragged an officer. It was at a Kohl's Department Store in Romeoville.

The driver of the car ignored commands to stop and dragged the officer, police said. A second officer nearby fired a shot at the driver, striking him in the shoulder, Turvey said. The injured officer and the driver were hospitalized with injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening, police said.

The driver is in police custody, as are two additional suspects, police said.

Despite the shooting, shoppers were still browsing the aisles of the store where police had marked off a crime scene with orange cones out front. An unmarked police car was parked inside that boundary, behind a black Pontiac sedan with bullet holes visible in its rear driver’s-side window. Shoppers used their cell phones to snap pictures of the scene.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Marissa Alexander Out Of The Iron College!

Marissa Alexander via CNN
Mom who shot in the air got out for the holidays as her retrial begins.

The woman who became the focal point of the controversial "stand your ground" law in Florida is released from the iron college.

The Raw Story reports that Marissa Alexander was released Wednesday night on more than $200,000 bond while she waits to be retried on three charges starting March 31.

She must remain under house arrest and electronic monitoring until then.

The 1st District Court of Appeal ordered the retrial in September after ruling a judge had not properly instructed the jury that convicted Alexander.

But the appeals court decided the judge properly blocked Alexander from using the state’s “stand your ground” law in her defense, noting that she could have run out of the house to escape but instead got a gun and went back inside.

The 33-year-old Jacksonville woman said she fired the bullet into a wall in 2010 to scare off her husband because he was threatening her.

A jury rejected her self-defense claim and convicted Alexander of aggravated assault and discharging a firearm, triggering the 20-year term under the state’s mandatory minimum guidelines for gun crimes.

She has served about 18 months of the original term.

Alexander’s supporters have contrasted her case with the trial of George Zimmerman, who was acquitted in July in the fatal 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin.

No one was injured when Alexander fired the warning shot during a confrontation with her husband.

Alexander had rejected a plea deal that could have resulted in a three-year term and instead chose to go to trial, and she was convicted after 12 minutes of deliberation by jurors.

She was also charged with domestic battery four months after the shooting after another incident involving her husband.

Alexander pleaded no contest and was sentenced to time served.

State Attorney Angela Corey, who oversaw the Zimmerman prosecution, has defended her handling of Alexander’s case, saying she believed the woman had aimed a gun toward her husband and his two sons, and that the bullet could have ricocheted and hit any of them.

So what's your opinion on this story?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

France May End Sex Tourism!

Prostitution is legal in France. It's illegal for the selling in the brothels, sex trade and the pimping game.

Prostitution is illegal in the United States with exception of regulated areas in the state of Nevada. It's ranges from a Class A misdemeanor to Felony 5. It would be Felony 3 if the prostitute is tested positive for HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis B.

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. Many women (and transgender women) sell their bodies for drugs or a debt.

Crack/cocaine, bath salts, methamphetamine and heroin are the biggest problems in the United States. Those who are arrested for solicitation for prostitution are likely drug users. The clients who are busted are often married men.

With sex tourism on high demand in Europe, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and the possibility of human trafficking are often thought of when legislators are working on passing laws.

France is pretty much lax on the rules of prostitution.

Sorry men, it's going to be a boring vacation if France decides to pass a law that targets prostitution.

The French parliament is considering imposing heavy fines on people caught paying for sex.

Opponents say the measures will only serve to force France's sex trade further underground.

There's a rise of North African and Asian women in most of France's largest cities.

Most men travel to Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia for sex tourism. The women and children in those countries are often vulnerable to sex trafficking.

The U.S. Justice Department and Interpol are working to stop pimps and their clients from engaging in child prostitution.

This is spoken in French. It doesn't have subtitles. This video may contains disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised.

Police Confiscate Zimmerman's Guns!

The nation's most hated man loses his gun. The one that he used to kill Trayvon Martin. And the one that he used when he threatened his girlfriend

Been over four months since the verdict and he's still in the news for all the wrong reasons. 

Being released on bail at a measly $9,000 bail, he was told to be on electronic monitoring and not to have firearms.

The firearm that was used to kill Trayvon Martin, the unarmed teenager was given back to him after the verdict. Now he will lose it. He can not be around his girlfriend Samantha Schiebe.

This is quite ironic, that before George Zimmerman shot and killed Martin, he was arguing with his wife.

His wife and girlfriend both confirmed that he had anger issues.

And yet the jury didn't hear this and it wasn't used in the trial.

What he had in his girlfriend's home at the time of confiscation were three handguns, one 12-gauge shotgun,
one AR-15 rifle, 106 rounds of ammunition including two AR-15 magazines.

Yesterday, I listened to his best buddy, That Guy Who Helped Obama Win (best known as Sean Hannity).

A Black phone caller was asking the conservative agitator about the latest controversy Zimmerman got himself into. The agitator told him that "he didn't know what he was talking about."

He finally admitted after he hung up on the caller that Zimmerman "needs help" and the rush to judgement isn't warranted.

I wish Trayvon Martin would have dialed 911 to report that "creepy ass cracker" was following him. That would have the evidence needed to send this asshole to the iron college.

But we'll just wait for him to finally do something that may land his ass in the iron college.

He is a dangerous individual and the state of Florida allowed him to walk free after he killed a kid who was minding his business.

Why the Black community hates the Republican Party? 

In the minds of most African American people, the racist right will say "Obama's son" for every incident that involves Black men. They believe that's the condescending rhetoric that makes the narrative that "us Black folk" are "natural born criminals".

This knockout game is the racist right's newest obsession. The racist right claim they've found an equivalent to Zimmerman's downward spiral.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blowing The Dog Whistle: The Knockout Game!

Most law enforcement and local media figures believe the "knockout game" is an isolated incident. There's no worldwide active thing going on. If there was, then White folks would be randomly knocking out people of color too.

The conservative asshats in the junk food media believe in "rampant" violence by "us Black folk".

That Guy Who Throws Shit To Wall is a racial extremist.
The latest media outrage is the "knockout game". Again, I've never heard of it!

Although, I never heard of the five finger roll, it does exist. I mean if random people are being attacked by criminals, we need law enforcement to curb this.

I got to admit, conservatives have a big microphone than the liberals and Black leaders. They decry "liberal media" until their faces turn blue and the junk food media would bow down to them. I mean how many stories were covered about this trend.

This is the theme of the racist right. Make the media believe you're actually serious! While respectable journalists ignore these asshats, some would put their feet in the hot water and put this in the news.

Obviously pissing off two groups: WHITE AND BLACK.

While Whites are pissed that the group of Black youths are attacking some random White person. They get the feeling that President Barack Obama is endorsing violence on Whites.

Blacks on the other hand, are shaking their heads saying if these knuckleheads are doing that, it's not helping our image among the general public. And we hate hearing stories that makes Blacks look like "natural born criminals". Of course, we start to hate Republicans and conservative even more because they're obsessing over it. And we usually point the finger of blame at the families of those involved in this before we go after Republicans and President Barack Obama.

As a Black male who works two jobs and frequently contributes to the blog, I can tell you that I don't see myself going around the community thinking about knocking out some random person in the presence of surveillance cameras.
That Guy Who Helped Obama Win is the main provocateur of racial stories.
That giant headache on television and radio, by whom I refer to as That Guy Who Helped Obama Win is the gadfly of America. He's like an addiction. You have to listen to hear what kind of bullshit he'll say on his right wing carnival.

You notice that most of these postings single this assbag out!

You may know him as Sean Hannity. And after listening and watching this hyperactive (ADHD) 51-year old conservative agitator harp on constantly about President Barack Obama and racial injustice (towards presumptive White people), you start to wonder if he's inspiring another mass shooter.

He,  his network Loserville (Fox News), King Hippo (Rush Limbaugh) and That Guy Who Throws Shit To The Wall (Matt Drudge) are the reasons why I hate Republicans and the conservative agitators in the junk food media.

With the reelection of President Barack Obama, we all but thought the conservative noise machine would finally calm down. Seeing that their influence cost the Republicans the election, I would of thought that conservatives would be put in their place.

Nope. Full steam ahead towards their destruction.

Colin Flaherty is the new Andrew Breitbart.
Many White people feel that the Black male is more dangerous than an animal attack. White women clutch their purses or cover their blouses.

White men carry firearms in their vehicles waiting for that day to be a hero on the evening news. The White family would gather around the television and tune into Loserville for the latest phony outrage in America.

When they view select incidents of this so-called "knockout game", they believe that its all over the country and young Black teens are plotting their revenge on White people for the reaction to the Trayvon Martin situation.

I would love to say this is one of the reasons to why Blacks hate Republicans. They create this narrative to assume that "us Black folk" are the real racists.

Everyone has bigotry in them. I hate conservatives. Yeah, I admit that most conservatives rub me the wrong way, but does it mean I want to silence their condescending rhetoric?

No. I want them to keep it going. Because they may end up riling up Black voters to take their actions upon the Republicans in the general elections.

Republicans find it nearly impossible to win the Black vote. They find it's hard to regularly insult a people under the banner of free speech. They then would blame those "us Black folk" for the problems of society.

Republicans would then pass laws that would disenfranchise "us Black folk".

The Republicans would run stories like the "knockout game" to make White people think "us Black folk" ar rooting for the "GREAT RACE WAR".

And if all else fails, they blame President Barack Obama for everything.

If that's the key to excite your base then you're on your way to retaking Congress.

When they take back in Congress, Republicans will turn around and expect "us Black folk" to support them in the presidential elections.
Individuals involved in one knockout game incident were arrested.
See it's nearly impossible to get things done if you're President Barack Obama. Because he can't get things done with an inept Congress spending most of their legislative time trying to destroy him and one another.

These issues like the "knockout game" are dog whistle politics at best. Because this stuff doesn't happen in just one segment of America. If they were, then you would hear the Department of Justice make a statement.

So ignore the rabble rousing and heresy. The conservative media is just smoke and mirrors by those overpaid asshats like That Guy Who Helped Obama Win.

Desperation is the key for the Republicans to win. They'll do anything even scare White folks to win.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Conservative Outrage Over Iran's Agreement To Disarming!

A victory for the West is surrender according to the conservatives who support Israel in a possible provoked attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran.









The Islamic Republic of Iran is the "enemy" of the United States. When the leaders of the country speak ill of America and Israel, those arm chair warriors want to take the bombs to them.

The conservatives believe that the president and the international leaders handed Iran a victory by giving them six months to give up their intentions of nuclear enrichment. Somehow, achieving a goal to make Iran give up its nuclear weapons isn't a victory but a "surrender".

For if it was a Republican president, you wouldn't hear the talk from the likes of Senator John McCain (R-AZ) saying a move like this is "dangerous".

In order for sanctions to be lifted, lead negotiators for the P5+1 and Iran met in Geneva in October to discuss elements of a possible framework for resolving questions about Iran's nuclear program. Experts from the P5+1 and Iran met in Vienna around late October to exchange detailed information on those elements. Lead negotiators met again this month to negotiate that framework, joined at the end by Foreign Ministers from the P5+1, but despite extending the talks. In the beginning they were unable to agree on that framework and agreed instead to meet again later.

Today, the foreign ministers of Iran and the P5+1 agreed to a six-month interim deal that involves the freezing of key parts of the Iranian nuclear program in exchange for a decrease in sanctions, to provide time to negotiate a permanent agreement. Iran will stop enriching uranium beyond 5%, and will stop development of their Arak plant. The UN will be granted greater access for inspections. In exchange, Iran will receive relief from sanctions of approximately $7 billion and no additional sanctions will be imposed.

President Obama called the agreement an "important first step."

Conservatives call it an Obama apology tour. It starts with right wing asshat Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying that the international powers comforting to Iran is a "mistake".

Senator Bob Crocker (R-TN) appears on Loserville to make his "I hate Obama" rhetoric. He, McCain and his BFF Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) have denounced the move as a precedent towards letting Iran dictate how they operate.

The Stallmigos and their buddies affiliated with the Tea Party claim this announcement is a distraction from the disastrous rollout of Obamacare.

Even some of those war turkeys in the Democratic Party aren't happy about the peaceful solution.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) are two vocal critics of the Six Party talks to making Iran stop the nuclear program.

A bunch of war turkeys who think the best way to solving a problem is either starve them or bomb them.

Just angry over a political disagreements.

I mean if Iran criticizes Israel, conservative Republicans and those spineless Democrats are beating on their chests. They feel that criticizing the government is a sin.

I mean you got a right wing asshat like Netanyahu in power and his ass is trying to derail the peace progress with his bellicose rabble rousing.

Arab nations Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and the Palestinian Authority have come out in favor of the temporary agreement. Lebanon also hailed the agreement, while emphasizing that Israel should also sign the NPT and rid itself of its nuclear weapons arsenal.

Turkey, India and Pakistan have also welcomed the framework agreement.

In a reference to Israel's arsenal of nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia and Qatar both advocated a comprehensive solution to Iran's nuclear issue which would leave the entire Middle East free of nuclear weapons.
Most Americans can't find Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq on a map.
Reaction from Israeli government politicians was negative. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the accord a "historic mistake," and intelligence minister Yuval Steinitz compared it to failed nuclear negotiations with North Korea.

Considering the way Washington handled the deal with Iran The Jerusalem Post questioned whether Netanyahu would "place Israel's security in the hands of US guarantees".

Leader of the opposition Isaac Herzog criticized Netanyahu's reaction as bad for Israel's relations with the United States, although Herzog also said that Obama was partly to blame for not communicating more closely with Israel.

Saudi Arabia, a regional rival of Iran, welcomed the agreement. The Saudi cabinet released a statement which read, in part: "The government of the kingdom sees that if there was goodwill, this agreement could represent a preliminary step towards a comprehensive solution to the Iranian nuclear program" and could eventually lead "to the removal of weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons, from the Middle East and the Arab Gulf region".

Reaction from the U.S. Congress was mixed. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Peter King were sharply critical of the agreement. Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Adam Smith were more positive. Speaker John Boehner and Democrat Eliot Engel were cautious.

Reactions from Canada were "skeptical", with Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird saying Iran "has not earned the right to have the benefit of the doubt."

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon hailed the interim agreement as the potential "beginnings of a historic agreement."

Hezbollah published a declaration and stated this is a triumph for Iran.

What's your take on this?

I know my personal take is, good for America to put aside it differences to do something. I am glad that the president didn't take orders from some right wing asshat who believes that we should bow down to him and his corrupt government.

Israelis can bitch and scream all they want. They're just lucky the UN and global leaders don't call upon the country to give up its nuclear power and weapons.

Rush Limbaugh's "Rape" Analogy Disregards Real Rape Victims

Since Limbaugh's an old privileged white conservative male, he felt free to trivialize women who are victims of rape.

Ol' Rush Limbaugh has put his foot in his mouth once again when he compare filibuster reform to rape. 

Here's an article published by a blogger Little Green Footballs regarding Limbaugh's outrageous commentary:

Rush Limbaugh Invokes Rape Analogy to Criticize Filibuster Reform

Rape, democracy, what’s the difference?

Rush Limbaugh invoked a rape analogy on Friday to criticize President Obama’s move to support filibuster reform.- Little Green Footballs.

On Thursday, Obama expressed his support for Senate Democrats voting to require just 51 votes — as opposed to 60 — approve judicial and executive nominees. Limbaugh compared them to a group of people where the majority decides it is okay to rape women.
“Let’s forget the Senate for a minute,” Limbaugh began. He told his listeners to imagine a group of 10 people with six men and four women. “The group has a rule that the men cannot rape the women,” he said. “The group also has a rule that says any rule that will be changed must require six votes, of the 10, to change the rule.” 
The radio host continued,
“Every now and then, some lunatic in the group proposes to change the rule to allow women to be raped. But they never were able to get six votes for it. There were always the four women voting against it and they always found two guys.Well, the guy that kept proposing that women be raped finally got tired of it, and he was in the majority and he was one that [said], ‘You know what? We’re going to change the rule. Now all we need is five.” And well, ‘you can’t do that.’ ‘Yes we are. We’re the majority. We’re changing the rule.’ And then they vote. Can the women be raped? Well, all it would take then is half of the room. You can change the rule to say three. You can change the rule to say three people want it, it’s going to happen.”

“When the majority can change the rules there aren’t any,” Limbaugh concluded. He added that Obama was only changing the rule because he can’t get “what he wants democratically.”
As has been pointed out, Limbaugh believed the exact opposite back in 2004 when his side was the one being blocked.

So much for the man who called Sandra Fluke a "slut",  thinks uppity women are "feminazis" when criticizing sexism.  This man doesn't like women very much or else he wouldn't made such a comment at a time when violence against women is at an all-time high.  This man has no empathy whatsoever, even to his own supporters, majority of whom are white.

Maybe he and Mel Gibson needs psychological help.  I mean right away.

Dog Gone!

Seth MacFarlane's alter ego Brian is the character killed off on an episode of Fox's Family Guy.

Seth MacFarlane's hit comedy Family Guy has a main character killed off and the public doesn't like the move.

I watched Sunday's program on Fox and seen the Thanksgiving based episode with the two main characters and their wacky adventures through the multiverse.
Brian meets the controversial conservative agitator. The agitator bemoans about Brian's liberal stances.
At the peak of the episode, the character is killed by a reckless driver. Ironic the character killed a fellow canine in the earlier seasons. The characters reflect on the death in strive. They go to the pet store and meet the talking dog Vinny (played by Soprano's star Tony Sirico).

At home, Vinny offers to make dinner and ingratiates himself with the family. Peter introduces Vinny to his friends at The Drunken Clam and they become drinking buddies. Stewie still is not happy with Vinny and decides to ruin him. Stewie feeds him some sad Italian news hoping to break his heart, but Chris ruins it for Stewie.

Later, Vinny hears Stewie crying and finds he is still upset over Brian. Vinny offers some comfort, talking about the death of his previous owner and proving he knows what it is like to lose your best friend. Vinny says even in the pet shop, he felt a kinship with the Griffins. Stewie finally accepts Vinny into the family, and later that night Vinny goes to sleep beside Stewie's bed.

Brian played by MacFarlane was the "voice of reason". He represented the actual persona of the show's creator.

Shocking and surprising many viewers of the long running animated sitcom.
 Comedian Seth MacFarlane surprises fans with the death of Brian, the main character of Family Guy.
That adds to the latest surprises from MacFarlane.

The killing of Brian marks a new direction for the show. Family patriarch Peter Griffin and devious toddler Stewie expressed emotion towards the lost of the dog. It also puts an end to the ongoing feud with neighbor Quagmire (all characters who are mentioned were played by MacFarlane).

His former girlfriends, one being Gillian (played by Drew Berrymore) was in attendance.

Eric Thurm of The A.V. Club gave the episode an A–, saying that Brian's death scene was "actually pretty poignant, coming as close as Family Guy can to genuinely moving" and said it was "surprisingly effective [...] at dealing with the sudden death of a main character."

Many didn't like the move and feel that it officially "jump the shark".

But since it's animation, we probably haven't seen the last of the character. It's not like he's a living being.

But what's your opinion on the character's death?

Popular Football Star Kills His Lover!

Tarence Mitchell Bloomfield Connecticut Ronald Taylor Jr. Bloomfield High Football Star Captain Murder Gay Lover.
Teen accused of murdering his boyfriend may get life in the iron college. Once the teen was popular student and football star at his high school.

This is one of those stories that has the writings of jealousy and malcontent. A boy who was going to be a future football star wasted it on some dumb shit. I mean if you're spurned by your lover, don't take it personal. I mean yeah, make it personal but don't end killing the lover over an argument.

This stuff happens when a man is spurned by a woman. They happen to get obsessed with the victim. They react to the rejection by threatening retaliation against the victim. They feel rejection as an insult. After all, you do all you can to please your lover and they do you like this. So the man would end up killing his woman over an issue. Say if she had another boyfriend or she is pregnant and its not your child. That stuff occurs in America.

And it also occurs in the LGBT community as well. Sometimes men (or women) are threatened by their lovers when they feel spurned. The spurned lover would do dangerous and outrageous things to their former lover.

And this type of stuff leads to the rise of domestic violence in America.

The victims killed whether in a straight or a same sex relationship use "restraining orders" against the threat.

A restraining order to a spurn a former lover is a time bomb. That time bomb will explode. They would snap when they're served with papers.

Tarence Mitchell is accused of murdering his older lover
Mitchell was a popular student.
A standout football star from Connecticut is accused of murdering his boyfriend.

If convicted of murder, this young man will be serving the rest of his life in the iron college.

Tarence Mitchell, 18 years old is from Bloomfield, Connecticut makes a court appearance this week. He will be charged in the death of his 27 year old boyfriend Ronald Taylor, Jr.

Mitchell confessed to stabbing Taylor, also known as "City," five times, in his torso, at the 27-year-old's home, including leaving the knife in Taylor's back, after the teen tried to break off the relationship. The murder weapon is reported to be a steak knife. The Hartford Courant reports that Mitchell armed himself after Taylor arranged a meeting between the two, promising it "wasn't going to end well." The police report says that Mitchell chased after Taylor and continued to stab him after the 27-year-old put his hands up in the air. Mitchell reportedly suffered minor cut wounds during the ordeal, Taylor was taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Bloomfield, where he was pronounced dead, reports NBC Connecticut.

Mitchell tried to tell the law that he and the victim had been attacked by two black males.

That story didn't add up and he finally confessed.

Mitchell is being held in jail on a $1 million get out free card. Judge Joan Alexander initially set the release fee at $500,000 before raising it. The youngster doesn't suffer from any mental illness, the court heard but "he's extremely confused and upset" about Taylor's murder.

Mitchell was a popular student in his high school. Apparently, the girls loved him. And so did his lover. The lover was jealous. The victim threatened to go with a public "outing" after Mitchell was apparently trying to end the relationship. That set off the events.

Tarence Mitchell is accused of murdering his older loverTaylor went to Facebook to public shame him and that launched into the tirade with Mitchell. That led to the murder. His family denies he done this. They didn't think a kid with such an upbringing would be a murderer.

Again ignoring the "nice guy" theory. The most dangerous individual is the "nice guy".

I don't blame no one but Mitchell. If anything, I don't understand how a grown ass man would be messing with a teenage boy.

When jealous gay lovers publicly shame their "straight or nonsexual" lovers, it sparks the homophobic reactions and the denials of an affair. It could lead to violence.

90% of the time, men have sex on their minds. They don't care who they sleep with, as long as their sexual satisfactions are met, they're happy. That's probably why there's so many STDs and unwanted pregnancies in the Black community. Some people don't talk about their sexual business in public. That's why they invented the term the "down-low".

Taylor's jealousy and "public outing" is reckless. But in no way Taylor's actions should be an excuse for suspect Mitchell going crazy and killing the man.

Somehow, the young teen wasn't thinking. He had to keep a "rep" with his fellow peers. I mean he had a great time smoking weed, drinking underage and having a little "fun" with Taylor. He couldn't hide that pleasure. I mean Mitchell loved women. He was actually talking with one and that led to Taylor threatening to expose his lover after being spurned.

But in this straight culture, me and millions of Black men still pride ourselves on the masculinity. So it would ruin our street cred with the fellow Black men if one of our friends is gay. That stuff exists to this day.

Black men have to find comfort with the LGBT community. They aren't hurting me. They want to live their lives loving one another. They don't cause no problem to you regardless of what you religious beliefs are.

I mean we seriously need to look at ourselves in the mirror and figure out whether you could be a bigot but not even know it.

Again, I don't care whether you're straight, gay, bisexual or non-sexual, if you're still a human first. You're my friend regardless.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Ronald Taylor, Jr.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Tea Party Is Pissed At Mitch!

The Tea Party is really pissed at Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY). They think he undermines Republicans by assisting Democrats in passing legislation. Despite having the most animosity towards President Barack Obama, it's still not enough for the Tea Party.

Alison Grimes isn't the biggest problem for the veteran Republican senator.

But the latest crap coming from Mitch McConnell's campaign office is certainly going to have Tea Party supporters look at his opponent in the Republican primary.

Mitch McConnell's campaign is none to happy with former South Carolina senator Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund group.

He basically is calling the Tea Party a bunch of damn asses.

I couldn't agree with him more.

I am certainly happy to see the Republicans going at each other. The moderates are frustrated with the conservative extremism. It's ruining their chances at retaking the Senate and possibly the 2016 presidency.

We know how this infighting contributes to the government shutdown and their ineptness to win over voters who normally avoid the party. Mostly those voters perceive the Republican Party as a bunch of bigots and racists.

TPM reports that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) re-election campaign has a response for the Senate Conservatives Fund's (SCF) accusation that McConnell rolled over as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) changed Senate filibuster rules: that's "profoundly stupid."

"That argument is so profoundly stupid that it is hard to fully ascertain whether their deficiency is in math or logic," McConnell campaign spokeswoman Allison Moore told TPM on Friday. "It does however help further illuminate why SCF is so bad at what they do."

"What's stupid is for Mitch McConnell to think that appeasement is a winning strategy," Senate Conservatives Fund executive director Matt Hoskins said to TPM in response to Moore.

Moore's statement on Friday is in response to a fundraising email from SCF, which is backing McConnell primary challenger Matt Bevin, arguing that Reid was able to enact the "nuclear option" removing the filibuster option from judicial and executive nominees.

"Harry Reid did this because he knows Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will let him get away with it,"Hoskins wrote in an email to supporters Friday. "The only way to deter a nuclear attack is to make it clear that the response will be equally devastating. Unfortunately, weakness is the only message Mitch McConnell has sent the Democrats on this issue."

The original statements by both Moore and Hoskins come a day after the Senate rules change. Right after the rules change Bevin's campaign released a similarly critical statement of McConnell.

"Kentuckians deserve better than a pretend leader who does nothing more than wave his arms for the cameras," Bevin said in a statement referring to McConnell.

Democrats hope to beat back Republicans by lining up moderate candidates in states that are considered swing.

Virginia was a test of the powers the Democrats have against the Tea Party. They know that President Barack Obama is too toxic for them, so they'll find alternatives to beat the Republicans.

Lining up people who have professional people to run for elected office give the Democrats a "middle class" feel among their core supporters. I mean a small farmer could be a lawmaker. A doctor could be a lawmaker.

It doesn't matter whether they're Democrat or Republican, if you got a candidate that's strong enough to win voters, you have an advantage.

Alison Grimes is that advantage and I hope that she can uproot this asshole from Washington.

Innocence Lost: Aaron Vu!

Embedded image permalink
Aaron Vu was a victim of gun violence. The little boy was shot and killed by two men who didn't care who they shot at.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Aaron Vu.

In America, a bunch of heartless human beings gun down an innocent child. In Miami, Florida, a boy at his family's nail salon was gunned down by two assholes who didn't have no concern for the lives they've taken.

"It's sad, tragic, that the child was in the business at the time the crime occurred," Miami-Dade Police Spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta said. "It's senseless for an innocent 10-year-old to lose his life."

Two Black men were caught on camera with guns drawn rushed into the Vu Family Salon. They made a quick hit for money. The situation turned into a tragedy when the owners told the robbers they had no money.

The men decided to leave a message to those who don't comply. They used their assault weapons on the people. Bullets hit little Aaron and his father Hai.

Aaron was killed instantly. His father Hai was injured badly but will survive.

Friends and family and even a client stopped by the salon to leave flowers and a teddy bear at a makeshift memorial for Aaron Vu. A woman who did not want to be named, described the boy as "helpful and kind."

"He was sweet," she said.

Police were searching for the gunmen.

One was wearing a beanie, a black shirt and blue jeans and the other was wearing a black jacket and a red shirt over his face, police said.

Now the Miami-Dade Metro Police are now determined to get these dangerous individuals off the streets.

Now as usual, since it hit the internet and possibly landed on the racist right websites such as That Guy Who Throws Shit On The Wall, expect that racial extremist asshat Colin Flaherty (who has visited our blog) to outline this. Soon you'll hear talk about Trayvon Martin, President Barack Obama, and racial violence on Asian Americans by Black people.

Again, crime happens.

Criminals look at gas stations, banks, barbershops/salons and cell phone stores as crimes of opportunity. It usually takes less than three minutes for an armed criminal to rob someone of their valuables or property.

Sometimes, it may end up being a deadly confrontation. Especially from those who think they could be "heroes" on the evening news.

Seeing that Black men committed the crime, I expect that they'll be caught likely. There's a possibility that these individuals are known in the area. They weren't wearing masks. So obviously in the digital age, the criminal has a social networking website where they'll brag or mention the incident.

And since the Florida Bureau of Investigation and federal authorities are getting involved. The window will close on these callous assholes.

To take the life of a innocent boy who only wanted to help his family's business is saddening. It's a damn shame that these Black men didn't have an ounce of remorse in their hearts for this little boy.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A**hat Colin Flaherty Responds To Us! We Respond Back!

White Extremist responds to our blog. We respond back.

I understand that we gotten comments today on Journal de la Reyna. I see they came from an anonymous commentator and another racial extremist jerk from his own blog. These racial extremists were given airtime on That Guy Who Helped Obama Win's right wing carnival on Friday. Now these fucktards want to see if people were wondering who the fuck they are!

I guess one of these assholes GOOGLE himself and happened to find "asshat" near his name. So he looks at our blog, and finds the comment section and left us a word vomit. I shrunk it down. Get the barf bag, it's gonna be some nasty stuff here:
Anonymous said...
For a blogger, your command of the English language is atrocious. Methinks you could use a few remedial lessons. I find it interesting that you, along with every other Liberal, don't bother to disprove his theories and facts with your own. Just hurl names and insults and run for the hills. You do realize this gives you ZERO credibility, right? said...
Black-on-white crime is a serious national epidemic that needs to be addressed.

Recent black-on-white crimes

52.2% of homicides are committed by blacks, according to DOJ stats; nearly all be black males between the ages of 18 and 49 who comprise about 3 percent of the population.

Playing the warm-and-fuzzy white guilt card does nothing to address this very real problem, let alone solve it.

Your thoughts? (Sans sarcasm, please.)
Here again, we here at Journal de la Reyna respectfully understand the discourse among some of our lesser minded individuals. We think you're entitled to your opinion. No matter how stupid it is. No matter how condescending you are. No matter how just plain racist the words are! 

We're not policing you. You have our blessings to be the asshat you appear to be. No one but you and the racist right obsesses over crime "statistics", President Barack Obama, the Black community, hip-hop music and Trayvon Martin.

From every aspect of America, crime happens. No matter what statistics you posted on our blog or your "proof" that shows the inferiority of one group. We don't care!

We know that criminals look at opportunity, not race! We don't determine who commits a crime.

Crime is based on the product of the environment.

Ahem. The Justice Department sees a rise in crime when there's summer months. They see a rise in extremism since Barack Obama secured a second term as the President of The United States. 

We notice that for every crime there is an arrest to the perpetrator. It may take minutes, days, month or even years. But someone will pay for their crimes.

How many years has it taken to find a White serial killer?

How many mass murders were carried out by WHITE MEN?

I understand that you're obsessed Black on White crime. You love to bury yourself in a bunker with all the newspaper clips, internet hits and use That Guy Who Throw Shit On The Wall's page as a bookmark on your PC or laptop.

You got airplay on That Guy Who Helped Obama Win and Loudmouth Bill Cunningham to promote your book. These morons didn't know that you participated in a White nationalist radio program and have ties to extremist groups like VDare, the Council of Conservative Citizens and WorldNutDaily. Each outlet promotes the extremist rhetoric that may drive White men to committing mass murders.

You're a compulsive obsessive individual with deep seated hatred of the Black and Hispanic community.

You say you're not a racist. You claim that you get appraisal and the "ghetto pass" from Black bigots like Herman "999" Cain, Deneen Borelli, The Other "Reverend" Jesse Lee Peterson, Alveda King, C.L. Bryant, James David Manning, Thomas Sowell and Allen West.

We don't give a flying fuck about them Black suckers! They aid and abet to the racist right.

Who's gonna stop us from expressing our opinions. You want to promote your stupid book so these White extremists can have their "ah ha" moment. You have stupid obsession with blaming the junk food media for ignoring you and your "facts".

The reason why the junk food media ignores you is the credibility issue. Most people fear you may ruin a journalistic creed.

Plain and simple, we don't care about your word vomit.

All these Black stories as you call them are just national events that attract attention for people in the junk food media. We cover them just like you racial extremists.

We don't condone criminal acts by anyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion or social status.

Rudy Eugene (the Zombie Face Eater), Aaron Alexis (the DC Navy Yard Shooter), those twats who killed Christopher Lane and the former LAPD cop Christopher Dohner who went on a murder spree are examples of criminals who done harm to people.

It doesn't disqualify Adam Lanza, James Spooner, Wade Page, James Holmes, George Zimmerman, Michael Dunn, or Ted Wafer. These WHITE MEN killed innocent human beings too. You ain't covering that much lately!

There's a place for people like these criminals. And certainly a place for you too!

You cry about credibility when you've already lost it the moment you word vomited on our blog.

Credibility doesn't matter to me when I'm writing an opinion. 

I don't give rat ass about what you think about me, S. Baldwin, or the blog. 

We know how "YOU PEOPLE" act when it regards calling you out on your racial extremism! 

Yes, I mean YOU PEOPLE!

We didn't tell you to read the blog. It ain't like you've been dragged to the internet and happen to click on the damn postings.

Gee, you people are sensitive. And believe me, being sensitive isn't helpful when no one cares about you, your damn book, or your damn "statistics". 

You're just a toe tag when you're dead, okay! So just please just don't worry yourself to death.

We don't want to hear about the coroner putting a toe tag on your rotten body.

Understand that!

Six Reasons To Attract An Anonymous Commentator!

1) They seem to always be focused on one simple issue. 

Conservatives are simple minded individuals. They show such disdain for President Barack Obama and the Black community.

There may be some of these "compassionate" conservatives reading this blog right now!

Drop the act. You're not fooling anyone.

Conservatism is dosed in the bigotry of someone's race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, economic and political standings.

Conservatives look at issues in the "black and white" prospective.

That's probably why this anonymous commentator is here. The anonymous commentator is focused on one issue: RACE!

You don't like being called racist. We understand it. The Republican Party isn't racist.

There's a lot of racists in the Republican Party though.

Who says the party that's 90% White and 10% everything else is racist?

The party leaders, those in the conservative junk food media and those pesky anonymous commentators and racial extremists are worked up over the first Black president.

Did you know that President Barack Obama loses 40% or more of the White vote because of some perceived bias against him?

2) They get worked up over an opinion. 

Me and S. Baldwin been here for years blogging about issues. Some issues are controversial. Some are spiritual. Some may inspire you to think. Others may rile you up. That's perfectly fine.

We are here on Journal de la Reyna using our "freedom of speech" to talk about issues.

Some may not like that. That's fine.

We don't condone every anti-website that spends their times attacking someone.

We're not like that. Every story that I post comes with a wittiness and willingness to express an honest take on the current issues.

I don't see nothing wrong with discourse. Does it mean we have to read it?

3) Deleting comments always seems to agitate them.

Again, we don't have give anyone a forum to soapbox insults, racial slurs and random spamming.

We're not in the business of this back and forth with people who have no direct ties to us. We are not in the business to respond to a person who has to subject us with insults upon our character, this blog or the supporters here.

We reserve the right to remove comments here on Journal de la Reyna.

Again, we didn't ask you to read the blog. It was the choice of the anonymous user to respond to the blog. You can find other outlets that suit your needs. Why are you bothering us?

4) Never responding back to them drives them crazier.

Never feed the trolls.

Yeah it's the same word vomit. We don't have to read insults.

The best solution is to delete it and move on.

It must drive this anonymous user crazy to not see the word vomit on the comments page.

Should we require that all comments come from a person who is a registered user with Blogger or Google (or linked through Facebook or Twitter)?

5) No one is pointing a gun to the head telling the anonymous user to read this or any blog.

If you have a problem with the blog, that's your opinion. But as far as it goes, we're not going anywhere and as long as I'm still interested, there will be more posts on Journal de la Reyna.

6) Summary

The comments here come from a concerned troll. A concern troll is a false flag pseudonym created by a user whose actual point of view is opposed to the one that the user claims to hold. The concern troll posts in Web forums devoted to its declared point of view and attempts to sway the group's actions or opinions while claiming to share their goals, but with professed "concerns". The goal is to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt within the group.

Call me whatever you want, gadfly! You're not winning.

Get a clue, fool!

As far as I'm concerned, the only racist here is you! 

Now please look in the mirror and yell at yourself. And please use your rope for other purposes other than telling us to hang ourselves.

Who The Hell Is This Colin Flaherty A**hat?

A racial extremist is being promoted by conservative talk radio.

Some white extremist went on That Guy Who Helped Obama's right wing carnival to promote this book about "us Black folks" participating in this "knockout game".

We "Black folk" are trying to destroy White America with the five finger roll.

The young Black youth are running amok in America laying the five finger roll on the faces of unsuspecting White folks. This is the new game sponsored by Trayvon Martin and President Barack Obama says those in the conservative media.

So this Colin Flaherty wrote this book White Girl Bleed A Lot and it outlines all the "statistics" about "us Black folks" being the racist, violent, hateful, and destructive entities of our country.

Colin Flaherty claims he's an author of a book I've never heard of. He believes that racial violence is an everyday thing. He is contributor to WorldNutDaily. So obviously he'll "brag" about being some award winning writer who gets airplay on many news outlets. Whenever on a right wing media outlet this asshole talks about "racial violence (aka Black folks and the rest of America ignoring him)".

His website claims that old school Black extremist Thomas Sowell said, ”Reading this asshat's book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.”

This jackass complains on WorldNutDaily and the internet about this "knockout" game. He believes feral Black youth created this theme to win attention from their fellow peers. Find the nearest surveillance camera, see a bunch of Black youth and an unwitting White person, and instant hit.

He claims that the junk food media is dismissing this stuff because it's not a White man killing an unarmed teenager. He truly is thankful to That Guy Who Helped Obama Win. Without That Guy and his allies over at Loserville, this stuff would just be on the 5pm news.

The "knockout game" requires a five finger roll. The five finger roll has ended up killing four people and injured at least a dozen.

Now me personally believe these incidents are isolated. Because I've been injured by a sucker punch back in 2010 after I left a bar. I woke up in the hospital not knowing what happen. I remember there was a group of people at the bar and two women were screaming for someone to hand them over a phone. I gave them my phone and next thing I know I was in the hospital. I was laid out without knowing the person that hit me.

I guess the knockout game was factor there. No one knows and I was a victim of random violence.

I hate to admit that but it happens.

But do I hold Black America responsible for my injuries, seeing that I'm a Black person myself: NO!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Loserville To Oprah: You BLACK People's Knockout Game Is Racist!

The Republican Party's mouth piece is upset over Oprah saying that "old racists" should die. Somehow, she must of have meant conservatives, because they've went bonkers.

Ever since she spoke the British press about how Americans disrespect President Barack Obama, the conservatives have figured out that the "knockout game" is the counterbalance to her concerns.

Yeah, how many times have I've heard about a group of "BLACK YOUTH" beating on WHITE PEOPLE?

Oprah is right on one thing: You can't satisfy them.

The Grio reports that the right wing media freakout was so huge, you might have to tell them they gonna need a bag for all the vomit. These individuals are so freaking outrageous, it's to the point of sadness.

First, King Hippo slammed her comments and suggested that if black people were “so mistreated” Oprah’s success makes no sense.

Now Loserville is entering the fray, singling out her argument that President Barack Obama has received different treatment than past leaders because he is black.

Bill-O dedicated a entire segment to the interview, accusing the talk show icon of “playing the race card.”

Conservative radio personality Rat Levin went even further, saying, “I really find her despicable. Not because she’s black. Not because she’s a woman. But because she’s despicable.”

And That Guy Who Helped Obama Win featured Oprah’s quote and image in an ominous ad which appears to make her look threatening:

Ever since Oprah endorsed then-Senator Barack Obama for president in 2008, she has become a popular target for conservative ire.

Earlier this year, when she shared an experience she had being racially profiled in Europe, King Hippo insisted she was only accosted because she is “overweight.”

Dems Go Nuclear!

President Barack Obama and the Democrats had enough of the Republicans stalling his nominees. They passed filibuster reform. The process from now on will require a simple majority when confirming federal nominees. It won't apply to passing bills in the Senate. Sorry, conservatives you'll need 2/3 vote to repeal Obamacare.

Thanks to the Republicans and their ongoing obstruction, the Democrats are now forcing upon the nuclear option. Too many nominees were being stalled by the Stallmigos and Team Oppostition.

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) told the Republicans "you're done". Enough is enough!

Janet Yellen was being stalled by the Senate because she's a woman. If confirmed, she will be the first woman to head the Federal Reserve.
The nuclear option, called the constitutional option by some proponents, is a generic term for a set of parliamentary maneuvers that could be used in the United States Senate to achieve approval of certain motions by a majority vote, rather than the "super-majority" required by current Senate rules and precedents.

The nuclear option has arisen in reaction to the frequent use of Senate rules by a minority of Senators to block consideration of a nominee for an Executive Branch or judicial position (or less frequently, a bill or resolution). Between the 1970s and 2013, threats by the majority party to use some version of what is now known as the nuclear option resulted in some changes to Senate rules and practices to limit opportunities for blocking nominations, without actually invoking the nuclear option itself.

In November 2013, Senate Democrats used the nuclear option to eliminate filibusters on executive branch nominations other than those to the Supreme Court.

The "nuclear option" is a vote by slight majority party.

November 21, 2013, the Senate voted 52-48 (along party lines with the exception of 3 Democrats who voted with the Republicans) to eliminate the use of the filibuster against all executive and judicial presidential nominees (other than to the Supreme Court). This was a rare instance of the so-called nuclear option.
The Democrats' stated motivation for this change was the expanding Republican usage of the filibuster without always stating an objection to the particular nominee, such as for nominations to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.[86] Republicans had asserted that the D.C. Circuit was underworked,[86] and also cited the need for cost reduction by reducing the number of judges in that circuit.

As of November 2013, President Obama’s nominees had faced 79 votes to end debate (called "cloture" votes), compared to just 38 during the preceding eight years under George W. Bush.

However, most of those cloture votes successfully ended debate, and therefore most filibustered nominees cleared the filibuster hurdle; Obama won Senate confirmation for 30 out of 42 federal court nominations, compared with Bush's 35 out of 52.
Congressman Mel Watt (D-NC) was being blocked by Republicans to head up Federal Housing Administration.
From this point on, if a nominee is being held up since 2009, the Democrats will just go ahead with simple vote by 51. If the candidate hasn't withdrawn or placed on hold, they'll be easily confirmed.

Congressman Mel Watt (D-North Carolina) will resign from his Charlotte area district to head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which among other agencies, administers or has oversight for the FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

Janet Yellen is an American economist and professor who is the Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Previously, she was President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers under President Bill Clinton, and Professor Emerita at the University of California, Berkeley's Haas School of Business. On October 9, 2013, President Barack Obama nominated Yellen to be Chair of the Federal Reserve. If confirmed, Yellen would be the first woman to hold the position.


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