Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shellie Zimmerman: [George] Is Crazy!

Again, these guys!

Okay, another story with this stupid man and his family. Once again in the spotlight here's the estranged wife of the country's most hated individual. Shellie Zimmerman is fearful of her husband, George because of the not so subtle threats he's left at her doorstep.

Radar reports that the stupid man wasn't charged for the apparent domestic dispute at their Lake Mary, Florida home. He was threatening his wife and her father in law. The five finger roll landed on the father in law and the iPad was smashed.
Matter of time before he officially makes it to the iron college.
Cops came by and took him into the cruiser. After a few statements from both George and Shellie, the cops determined that there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. But don't worry, he's being watched by the law.

Just a matter of time before you can finally see this man in the iron college.

But anyway, the foolish man nailed a bullet-filled target to the wall of her home as a "subliminal message."

Shellie Zimmerman, 26, filed for divorce in September, less than two months after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder after he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012.

Days later, Shellie Zimmerman called 911, stating that her husband was threatening her and her father with a gun, and that he punched her father in the nose.
Radar obtains a bullet riddled target paper. It was brought to police by acquitted shooter George Zimmerman's wife, Shellie.
She later stated that she never actually saw a gun, and decided not to press charges.

Wednesday, Radar Online obtained a photo of the bullet-riddled target that Shellie Zimmerman claims George left in their living room in late September, shortly after she asked him to get his things and move out.

“At the time, Shellie was in New York, appearing on the 'Today' show," a source told Radar Online. The source says that when Shellie returned to Lake Mary, Fla., "she went over to the house and discovered the target with bullet holes in various quadrants."

Shellie reportedly sent the photo to her lawyer, stating, "Look at the subliminal message George sent me." As another source pointed out to Radar Online, "It’s really not that subliminal. A not-so subtle message, I think. It was clearly a threat.”

Shellie Zimmerman's lawyer would not comment on the target when Radar Online contacted him.

"This person that I'm married to that I'm divorcing, I've kind of realized now that I don't know him," Zimmerman told Matt Lauer on the 'Today' show. "And I really don't know what he's capable of."

Fan Fiction By Rush Limbaugh!

Coming soon to your local library, Rush Revere and The Brave Pilgrims. The conservative agitator wrote a children's book for his gullible listeners to buy.

America's leading conservative voice of agitation radio wrote a children's book.

I wonder who's going to buy it?

Middle aged or elderly White folks!

Anyway, Rush Revere and The Brave Pilgrims is out this week and its expected to a best seller.

In order to "soften" his image, KING HIPPO wrote a book outlining the character's journey into the past with a magically time traveling horse.

According to the conservative agitator, Rush Revere is a huge fan of one of America's earliest patriots, Paul Revere. So much so, he dresses in a very similar way. This attire is commonplace when he time travels to colonial times, but in modern day he sometimes gets second glances!

Rush Revere believes strongly in fundamental American values and freedoms, just like his idol.

I am guessing it land in the bookstores across the country and of course in someone's home. His gullible listeners will teach their children the truth about America.

Not that crazy stuff most people call facts. Facts are liberal lies, don't you know!

 I am certainly not interested in the book and I know he'll attract controversy no matter what he does.

This book is suppose to make it cool to be an "Execptional American".

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ted Cruz Even Insults Trayvon Martin's Mother!

The new Jesse Helms. Conservatives love this shitkicker.

This asshole politico is the scourge of the liberals and the rational. He is really hell bent on taking the mantle of that old ass bigot Jesse Helms.

Republicans: You're on the verge of losing everything. Continue on. Please do so!

The racist right can't stand Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. The racist right continues to smear the name of the deceased teenager Trayvon Martin.

In the minds of these irrational people, they believe Trayvon Martin's parents are "money hungry NIGGERS" who want the world to believe that "THUG" is an "ANGEL".
More White people dressing up in Blackface as murder victim Trayvon Martin.
After the most polarizing court trial, many conservative agitators believe that George Zimmerman was "vindicated". Of course, being vindicated means that he got away with murder. Murdering a teenager who didn't do anything but get an ice tea and a bag of Skittles.

Many victims of gun violence have went to Congress to pressure Florida's governor Rick Scott to ease up on the "STAND YOUR GROUND" laws.

Sybrina Fulton's appearance at Congress was to be a rally cry for all mothers who lost children to gun violence. But in the mind of that annoying ass Stallmigo, it's just some BLACK BITCH who had no business talking about guns.

AtlantaBlackStar reports that the controversial U.S. Senator Ted Cruz made headlines again when he explained to Sybrina Fulton, mother of slain teen Trayvon Martin, at a Senate hearing yesterday that the “Stand Your Ground” laws are not racist and, in fact, are beneficial to African-Americans.

But Fulton fired back in an appearance on Rev. Perm’s MSNBC show, “PoliticsNation,” saying that there was “some disconnect” in Cruz’s remarks and he is “not aware of the real law and how it affects us as a community.”

This perception is borne out of a Quinnipiac poll released over the summer, showing that a majority of Blacks oppose the self-defense law, while a majority of whites support it.

The Quinnipiac University poll revealed that white voters support “Stand Your Ground” laws by a margin of 57 percent to 37 percent, while Black voters oppose them by the same margin. As for political divisions, Republicans support the laws 75 percent to 19 percent, while Democrats oppose them 62 percent to 32 percent.

Overall, the nation backed the laws by a margin of 53 percent to 40 percent. More than 30 states have such laws on the books.

The poll mirrored previous polls showing a majority of whites supporting George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the murder of Trayvon Martin, while a majority of Blacks opposed it.

On his show, Rev. Perm offered numbers from the Tampa Bay Times to rebut Cruz’s claim that “Stand Your Ground” is helpful to Blacks.

Rev. Perm put up a graph showing that when the victim is Black or Hispanic, the killer walks free 78 percent of the time, but when the victim is white, the killer walks free only 56 percent of the time.

“‘Stand Your Ground’ is good law for minorities? He’s wrong,” Rev. Perm said. “The numbers tell the story.”

Cruz first offered his condolences for Fulton’s loss. But after defending the trial by jury process that found Zimmerman not guilty of murder, Cruz said, “the subject of this hearing, the “Stand Your Ground” laws, was not a defense that Mr. Zimmerman raised. So this entire hearing—the topic of this hearing—is not the issue on which that trial turned.”
Sybrina Fulton responds to the Stallmigo's criticism.
Although the Zimmerman defense team didn't explicitly use a “Stand Your Ground” hearing, it was discussed obsessively in the months leading up to the trial, it was included in the jury instructions and was something Zimmerman was well-versed on when he pursued Trayvon.

“We know that some in our political process have a desire to exploit that tragic, violent incident for agendas that have nothing to do with that young man who lost his life,” Cruz continued. “We have seen efforts to undermine the verdict of the jury and, more broadly, to inflame racial tensions that I think are sad and irresponsible.”

“No one could reasonably believe that Stand Your Ground laws protect those in the African-American communities who are victims of violent crimes,” Cruz said. “A great many African-Americans find themselves victims of violent crime and have asserted this defense to defend themselves, defend their families, defend their children.”

Cruz even tried to pull President Obama into his argument, pointing out that “in 2004 a state senator in Illinois by the name of Barack Obama co-sponsored an expansion of Illinois’ law providing civil immunity for those who use justifiable force to defend themselves” as evidence that similar laws could not possibly be racially biased.

“The notion that ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws are some form of veiled racism may be a convenient political attack,” he said, “but it is not borne out by the facts remotely.”

On Rev. Perm’s show, Fulton said she was taken aback when Cruz said “Stand Your Ground” wasn't part of the trial since she had been hearing everyone talk about it for more than a year.

“It wasn't something that we made up,” she said.

In his mind as well as those in the racist right, it was Trayvon Martin's fault for walking in a neighborhood he wasn't suppose to be. Even though his father lived there, according to the racist right, it's a fucking BLACK TEEN who could commit a crime over there.

After all, they seen pictures of him blowing smoke rings and throwing up the middle finger.

Republicans are hell bent on trying to defeat the president's agenda. One in particular is gun control.

After the horrible tragedy in Newtown, I thought that we can actually get this on the table. I mean the president experience one of the worst tragedies in American history. Surely there could have been something done.

Well this inept Congress is doing nothing memorable. The Republican lawmakers have wasted most of their time trying to repealing Obamacare. They have taken the country through a government shutdown.

They've obsessed over Benghazi, the Healthcare Marketplace website, Fast & Furious and the IRS.

Not concerned about jobs.

Not concerned about the thousands of lives lost to gun violence.


Nevada GOP Assemblyman: Gosh, I Wish They Go Back To Them Slavery Days!

A Republican jokes about slavery. Real laugh riot!

More stuff from the wrong side of the First Amendment.

So Reince Priebus, how's that diversity tour?

Is the rainbow looking a lot brighter?

Some dumbass Nevada Republican assemblyman wishes that we go back to them good ole days.

Of course, he was joking!

He said that he'll be "very glad" to vote for slavery if they would do so. Once the junk food media got wind of it, he decided to blame them for allowing his freedom of speech to get the best of him.

The Raw Story reports that Jim Wheeler of Gardnerville, Nevada was speaking to the Storey County Republican Party when he made the remarks last August, although they are only now coming to light.

“If that’s what they wanted, I’d have to hold my nose, I’d have to bite my tongue and they’d probably have to hold a gun to my head, but yeah, if that’s what the citizens of the, if that’s what the constituency wants that elected me, that’s what they elected me for,” he said. “That’s what a republic is about.”

Now, Wheeler said to the Sun, “liberal operatives” are spreading the video in an effort to smear him.

The Las Vegas sun also reports that the assemblyman was referring to a blog post by a conservative commentator named Chuck Muth, who asked during Wheeler’s candidacy, “(W)hat if those citizens decided they want to, say, bring back slavery? Hey, if that’s what the citizens want, right Jim?”

Wheeler told the audience of Republicans, “yeah I would.”

The remarks have kicked off a firestorm with Republicans and Democrats alike rushing to denounce Wheeler, who rode the 2010 wave of tea party fervor into his spot on the state assembly.

The Associated Press quoted a statement by Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval that said, in part, “Assemblyman Wheeler’s comments are deeply offensive and have no place in our society. He should retract his remarks and apologize.”

Cold Heat Pt. 2

The Heat nightclub shooting has some closure.

Dayton, Ohio nightclub The Heat was the urban destination for hip-hop stans.

Whenever the named talent came to the city, people would pay for the tickets. But unfortunately, the club was the magnet to crime and it posed a danger to the community.

After six years in the suburb of Huber Heights, the Ohio liquor board and city leaders put the nail in the coffin.
Michael Hall and Korwyn Moore are the suspects in a fatal shooting.
The hip-hop club once hosted some named talents and was the destination for young adults.

But unfortunately, the nightclub attracted some controversy. The numerous phone calls to police after a fight broke out. Or namely a shooting or robbery within the area, drove the nightclub's reputation into the ground.

Yeah, most establishments have security and ban weapons from entering. But what happens when you're not in the club. The ones who weren't invited or booted out after a fight will dig in the backseat and start popping off literally.
Charles Bell III and Keenan Hall were killed.
The nightclub had a tragic shooting earlier this year after they've won the fight to keep their liquor license.

The suburb of Huber Heights finally got the club shutdown after this shooting.

The victims' families can finally have some closure. Two men are in the county lockup after months on the run. The families of Charles W. Bell III and Keenan Hall are satisfied these two men are caught.

Michael Hall and Korwyn Moore both of Dayton, Ohio have a million bond to get out.

This charge for this shooting may carry either life in the iron college or the gas chamber.

The nightclub closed May 14 when a judge issued a temporary restraining order.

Huber Heights was granted a preliminary injunction against Heat Nightclub by Judge Mary Wiseman in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

Charles Bell III, didn't do anything wrong, he was just there at the wrong time. It's a shame that a fight between Michael Hall and Korwyn Moore ended up killing Hall's brother Keenan.

For this, these two dangerous individuals are off the streets.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Superstorm Sandy: We Haven't Forgotten!

We remember the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to those who were lost in the Superstorm Sandy event. On October 29, 2012, during the peak of hurricane season, Sandy was a Category 1 hurricane that merged with a winter storm that covered the Northeast. It created a mega storm event that leveled New Jersey and New York.

It traveled from the mid-Atlantic states to the heart of America. Where over 79 million people were affected by this.
Republicans were upset over a compassionate moment.
We're still seeing progress happen over in New York and New Jersey. The state's governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie both put aside their political feuds and worked together to get things done.

Conservatives still are pissed at Christie who some figure may be a potential Republican contender for the 2016 Presidential Election. He went to the junk food media to praise President Barack Obama's handling of a crisis.

Conservatives believe that his praise of the president ruined perennial loser Mitt Romney opportunity to win.

Today, Chris Christie is still kind of pissed with Congress wasting time on passing legislation to get his state back together.

Many Americans still blame Republicans obstruction for the passing legislation for hurricane relief.

Fend for yourself says Team Opposition.
Stallmigos Rand Paul (R-KY), Mike Lee (R-UT), Marco Rubio (R-FL) opposed it. Newly elected Ted Cruz (R-TX) have voted against it in the senate during his first weeks in.

Team Opposition Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Steve King (R-IA), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Ted Poe (R-TX) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) are House representatives who have voted against it as well.

When a disaster happens, don't count on a Republican lawmaker to help you out! Maybe a compassionate conservative like Republican Chris Christie. However he's doing it for reelection because he's in it to win so he can at least prove to be a formidable contender for 2016. Nothing else more.

After all, he would get a BIG SHAQ endorsement.

Anyway, I'm off the subject.

For those who still have an opportunity to help, donate to the American Red Cross or the United Way.

Every little bit helps!

Ted Cruz: I Hate Obama And Everything He Stands For!

Why does the junk food media give this asshole media coverage?

Today on That Guy Who Throws Shit To The Wall's website. A headline saying that controversial U.S. Senator from Texas has the audacity to say that the president is "an abuse of power!"

This asshole is one to talk.

In a mere ten months, the unaccomplished politico continues to win over hearts of the racist right and the junk food media. Merely just blowing stuff out of his ass, the Stallmigo talks to Fusion (an ABC and Univision affiliated network) about how he believes that President Barack Obama is a "dictator".

The president and this asshole met earlier this month during the government shutdown.

Cruz told Obama that any deal to reopen the government must also provide relief for those negatively affected by Obamacare.

He and 19 other senators in the Republican Party supported a continuation of the government shutdown in which thousands of workers were furloughed. And while they were running to the cameras demanding they open up veteran memorials while destroying the safety nets for thousands.

This Stallmigo is a thorn in the president's skin.

He actually thinks that bigot Jesse Helms is a "hero".

Republicans are fixated on the NSA, The IRS, the healthcare website, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the birth certificate, radical Muslims, cutting food stamps, and every other distraction.

Instead of keeping their promises on bringing jobs to all Americans, Republicans in the House and the Senate spent a majority of their two sessions trying to screw Obama.

Well hopefully they screw themselves.

I guess being from Texas, you're a politico with the ears plugged and eyes twice shut.

Wonder where this asshole was during the previous administration?

With that Edward Snowden getting a pass in Russia, it's almost impossible for the United States to snatch his ass up and have him stand trial for leaking classified information to the press.

Practically pissing off the world leaders over the National Security Administration's wiretapping of foreign nation phones and some here in the United States.

For one thing, the tapping of Chancellor Angela Murkel's phone started in 2002 and ended in 2011.

President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama are both responsible for what happened and they will owe up to it when history judges them.

But it seems like whenever there's a Democrat in the White House, the Republicans play upon the fears of the gullible and weak. But since we're dealing with the first Black president, this time it seems a whole lot different from the previous Democrats.

The president's job approval is relatively in the middle 40s. He can't seem to shake his job approval above 50%. Even after the government shutdown it's still hanging in the 40s.

The president maintained that he wants to pass gun control, immigration reform and continue the implications of the healthcare law.

All of this was met with obstruction from Republicans and that asshat Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

The Stallmigo will continue to stall nominees along with his fellow trooper Rand Paul (R-KY) and that dip snot Lindsay Graham (R-SC).

We really need to uproot these clowns.

What's your thoughts on the Stallmigo?

They Still Honor This Racist....

Trayvon Martin BLACKFACE Costume!

Three people pose in a picture. One dressed like Trayvon Martin and the other as George Zimmerman. They don't understand why the junk food media is attacking them. They thought wearing the getup was a "real laugh riot".

Three dopes. Okay, I understand on Halloween we dress up as characters and individuals in the news.

That's cool and you're entitled to do so. But in the digital age, nowadays everything you post on those damn social networking sites will stay online forever. And if you want to do something that may cost you your job, your friends, your freedom, and your sanity, don't do it!

And when people in the junk food media find your most offensive, incriminating and down right embarrassing photos online, you're expected to make the news.

Soon the celebrity agitators such as ET, Access Hollywood, TMZ or The Smoking Gun will cover it and you'll be in the news for all the wrong reasons.

You want to be like Kim Kardashian. That's fine.

You want to act like her and do things that she is paid to do! Go for it.

But if you want to live her life and do her things to attract attention. Do it (at your own risk)!

You see that if you want to live the lives of celebrities, it comes with a price. You see that most Americans can't stand her and Kanye West. That's because they're in the spotlight. And when you're on top, people want to take you down hard.

Reminder to these three dopes that making fun of one of the most polarizing court cases isn't going to win you many fans. It's probably going to get coverage on Black news agitators and of course I will do my best to cover it and find some clarity to why people would do such stupid things.


Okay, this Blackface stuff. I find it offensive. Although White people can dress like their favorite Black entertainer, political figure or victim, they lack intelligence to why most people are offended by it.

Julianne Hough was one of the first idiots to pose in Blackface this Halloween. She won't be the last.

Two Florida men and a Massachusetts woman pose in a picture in which one man is wearing shoe polish and the flank hoodie with fake blood near the chest. The other man is wearing a "neighborhood watch" t-shirt with his finger pointed in a pistol position toward the head of the guy who model Trayvon Martin.

The woman post the picture of her and those two on her Facebook page saying that she's having "fun" with Zimmerman and Trayvon.
Expect the junk food media to publish their social networking.

Real funny stuff.

Gawker reports one of her former friends posted the offensive picture. A person from Quincy, MA tipped the news agitator off. They said these "brainiacs" decided to slap on some Blackface and dress up as George Zimmerman shooting a bloody Trayvon Martin.

The pictures are just starting to circulate online, and the girl who posted the photo has already deleted the photo from her Facebook account and her Instagram. The men in the photograph, on the other hand, are still active on social media. Until this morning, the man dressed as George Zimmerman had set it as his profile photo; he changed it and locked his photos sometime overnight.

It's not clear if the woman's costume was intended to be part of the joke; but her costume is sold online as "Robyn da Hood".

Gawker reports that the racist right will react to it by saying that these partiers are “not racist” and are  "just kids," The Smoking Gun, debunks it. The Smoking Gun confirms that all three are morons and at least one is an unapologetic racist.

Here’s what we know about these young adults "just being kids." On the left, dressed in blackface and a hoodie, is William Filene, 25, of Cape Coral, Florida. Since misfortune and crime are hilarious, laugh away: he was arrested in June for felony auto theft. His rap sheet also includes “collars for loitering / prowling” and failure to register an automobile. He took a plea deal for the auto theft charge in August and was sentenced to 18 months on probation.

In the middle is Caitlin Cimeno, a Martha’s Vineyard native. It's her photo post on Facebook that’s being heavily circulated and, it turns out, being racist online is nothing new for her. It's just Caitlin being Caitlin, y'all! According to The Smoking Gun:
In Facebook posts last year, Cimeno referred to elderly women who wore tight pants and tube tops as “tacos,” and, when requesting that a friend contact her, she wrote, “Text me niggs.” In August, Cimeno also posted a photo of an African American girl wearing a t-shirt reading “Black Girls Rock.” In her accompanying caption, Cimeno wrote, “First of all, sorry Hun but mommy lied to you & secondly if I was wearing a shirt that said something like the truth 'white girls rock' I would be stared at and called a racist cracker.”
Keep it real classy, Ms. Cimeno. You're not a racist dope. You're just thinking that Blacks and Hispanics get away with being the "real racists".

Finally, on the right (dressed as George Zimmerman) is Greg Cimeno, 22, of Cape Coral, Florida. He works for a carpentry firm and enjoys humor in his spare time. When Caitlin posted the original picture to her Facebook page, he responded “anything for a laugh!” Someone else jumped in and deemed the photo “not too funny.” “Not too funny,” Greg replied. “Not too funny. It’s fucking hilarious!!!”

Now you know these three will eventually get death threats and the possibility of losing their jobs (or some of their friends in the whole ordeal).

But hey they're just having a little bit of fun on the grave of a teenager who didn't do anything but mind his business and the guy who is free to continue his life without seeing the bars of the iron college.

CBS Turdporter Spinning Right Wing Talking Points!

Jan Crawford barfs up another misleading report about the Affordable Healthcare Act. She and Sheryl Atkinson are the two right wing hacks on CBS News.

Every morning I get up around 7AM to watch CBS This Morning. I enjoy the combo of Charlie Rose, Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King.

I've gotten tired of Today and all the drama over there. I'm guessing in the coming years, Matt Lauer and Jenna Wolfe are going to be scrapped. Carson Daly and Tamron Hall will eventually take the helm soon.

I am slowly starting to show a liking to GMA (Good Morning America), but they're too sappy on the stories.

CBS This Morning is pretty straight forward. None of that "Shove the camera in the yokel's face" stuff like on Today, GMA and Loserville & Friends.

But as of lately, I just turn off the television whenever I see that annoying right wing hack Jan Crawford on.

She's literally barfing up distortions. She's giving credence to the Republican Party by telling these ridiculous stories about how the Affordable Healthcare Act being a full of problems.

I didn't have much of a problem jumping onto In the beginning, I had some problems but of course, I believed that it's mostly cause of the government shutdown. It took patience and I eventually got an account and I happened to scope out some pretty affordable plans.

The Republican Party and its conservative allies in the junk food media spin like bottle. They're kissing their chances at winning the Congress goodbye. After the government shutdown, one is to believe that the Republicans would be done with their obsessions with the healthcare law, Benghazi, Fast & Furious and the IRS scandals.

NOPE. Full steam ahead.

That annoying ass Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) is threatening to block nominations over Benghazi.

Stallmigo Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY) have threaten to block the FCC and Federal Reserve nominations.

Congressmen Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Mike Rogers (R-MI) are calling for investigations into the handling of the website. He and many Republican lawmakers have called for Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius to resign.

They're continuing on this onward path to another government shutdown and potential for fiscal collapse of the global economy.

Mediaite's Tommy Christopher debunks all the spin from that turdporter.

In his column, he observed Jan Crawford's report and fact checked her. She interviewed 56 year-old Dianne Barrette of Florida has become a North Star for those seeking to undercut the health care law by claiming that her premium increased tenfold under Obamacare, without disclosing that what Ms. Barrette was paying $54 a month for barely qualifies as insurance.

On CBS This Morning, Crawford reported that 56-year-old Dianne Barrette received a letter last month “from Blue Cross Blue Shield, informing her that as of January 2014, she would lose her current plan. She pays $54 a month. The new plan she’s being offered would run $591 a month, ten times more than what she currently pays.”

“What I have right now is what I’m happy with,” Barrette says in the report, “and I just want to know why I can’t keep what I have. Why do I have to be forced into something else.”

There are very good answers to her questions, answers which Crawford, either deliberately or through ignorance, failed to report, answers which are available to anyone with a passing familiarity with health insurance.

First of all, the plan that Barrette paid $54 a month for is barely health insurance at all. It’s part of a subset of insurance that Consumer Reports calls “junk health insurance” (and which even the company that sells it recommends that customers not rely solely upon) and it pays only $50 towards most of the services it covers. That’s it. If Dianne went to the doctor every week for a year, her plan would pay, at most, $2600. Meanwhile, based on average office visit charges, Diane would pay about $5,600.00. She probably doesn’t go to the doctor every week, of course, which means her plan pays a lot less, while her premium buys her a lot less. If she goes to the doctor, say, six times in a year, she’s paid a $648 premium for the privilege of spending another $600 on office visits. The plan also pays up to $15 per prescription, which will get you a few milligrams of most prescription drugs. The one decent deal on her plan is that it covers 100% of in-network lab services.

But many people just want the peace of mind to know that if something really bad happens, they won’t have to worry about being billed into the poorhouse. What if the worst happens, and Dianne needs to be hospitalized due to sudden illness or injury? Well, unless Dianne is suffering complications due to pregnancy, her plan covers nothing. If she’s having complications from pregnancy, it covers fifty bucks. It’s entirely possible that now-healthy Dianne is “happy” with this plan, but the whole idea behind the Affordable Care Act is that the rest of us are not happy having to pick up the tab if Dianne gets a disease, has an accident, or otherwise needs to go to the hospital. Frankly, though, Dianne would be better off saving that $648 and negotiating her office visits on her own.

The plan that Crawford compares Dianne’s junk insurance with (even BCBSFL recommends that customers not rely solely on GoBlue plans), on the other hand, is probably not the best deal available for the money if you’re planning fairly regular doctor visits, but it’s just one of many plans the company offers in that price range. It has a $6,250 deductible that applies to most services (the law requires routine care to be covered at 100%) before the plan pays. However, there’s a cheaper plan ($547/mo.) that covers the first 3 office visits per year at 100%, with a $40 copay after that. BCBSFL offers nine other plans cheaper than the one suggested in Dianne’s letter.

Like all Obamacare plans, of course, any plan Dianne chooses will have an out-of-pocket maximum of $6,350, versus the current $infinity that her plan offers.

Additionally, Crawford reports that Dianne “is eligible for some subsidies,” but “she has no idea what the subsidies would be because, of course, guess what, she can’t log on the website.”

Of course, Crawfod must know that you don’t have to log in to to get an “idea” of what the subsidies would be. If Dianne makes about $17,000 a year, in fact, she’d pay exactly what she did for that junk insurance, but even if she makes Florida’s princely median income, her premium would be a much more reasonable $332.50/mo. If Crawford had wanted to, she could have provided an accurate estimate of Dianne’s actual premium.

But how, you may ask, was Jan Crawford supposed to know the details of the GoBlue plan 91 that Dianne was on before, and the new BlueOptions Essential (HSA) 1419 plan she’s being offered? She could start by watching her own report, and its unredacted copy of Dianne’s letter:
Tommy Christopher debunks CBS turdporter's Obamacare story.
That and Google would have produced valuable information for Crawford’s viewers, information which might not have served the mainstream media narrative of the moment, but which would have cast Dianne’s predicament in a drastically different light. She’s basically complaining that a new car costs more than her old shoes. There’s a decent chance that Dianne Barett doesn’t even know what her current plan does or does not cover, but it’s not her job to inform the public, it’s Crawford’s. Now that her fake nightmare scenario has made the jump to the White House briefing room, it is absolutely essential that CBS News correct this misleading reporting.

Tommy Christopher concluded that Dianne Barrette has no idea what her plan covers, and her actual premium under Obamacare would be about a third what CBS reported. She tells the Erik Wemple Blog that her plan has a “$50 copay,” when in reality, that’s the amount her plan will pay toward an office visit (she’s responsible for the rest), she says it provides “outpatient only” hospital care, but the plan only covers $50 of a very narrow set of outpatient services (mammography, osteoporosis screening, diabetes self-management, and complications from pregnancy).

She also told Wemple that she makes around $30,000 a year, which would put her Obamacare premium at about $209/mo. That’s for a plan that is literally infinitely better than what she had.

Wemple also reports that Dianne will soon be appearing on three Loserville programs.

Thanks Tommy Christopher for flushing that turd's report down the toilet along with the rest of the misrepresentations of the law.

They Still Honor This Racist..Pt 2

Ain't that the truth, Harvey!  Harvey Superboy is so right on! Courtesy of S.B.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Marcia Wallace Passes Away!

Famed voice actress passed away this weekend.

Earlier this year, the writers for the hit sitcom told the public that a character will be "written out" in the coming season. We didn't know until now that a character core to the show was gone.

The famed voice of Bart Simpson's teacher Edna Krabappel has passed away over the weekend.

Marcia Wallace played the fictional character from the animated TV series The Simpsons.

She is the teacher of Bart Simpson's 4th grade class at Springfield Elementary School, and Ned Flanders's wife in later seasons. Krabappel was the only character that Wallace voiced on a regular basis.

The shows producers Al Jean and Matt Groening both express sympathy for her family and told the media that her character will be retired after the season.

Marcia Karen Wallace (November 1, 1942 − October 25, 2013) was an American actress, game show panelist, voice artist, and comedienne, primarily known for her roles in television situation comedies. She is perhaps best known for her roles as receptionist Carol Kester on the 1970s sitcom The Bob Newhart Show.

Wallace died at age 70 due to complications from pneumonia. A few shy days from her birthday.

Her son, Michael Hawley claimed she was cancer free at the time of her death; however, Wallace's longtime friend Cathryn Michon told Deadline Hollywood that Wallace "passed at 9pm last night due to complications from breast cancer of which she was a long and proud survivor and advocate for women and healing".

Staff on The Simpsons had reportedly been aware of her illness.

Wallace appeared on not only The Simpsons and The Bob Newhart Show but a whole lot of features and television programs.

Some of her notable acts were The Merv Griffin Show, Win Lose Or Draw, Full House, Hollywood Squares and the satirical comedy That's My Bush!

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Marcia Wallace.

The Simpson has extended its shows through 2015.

Lou Reed Passes Away!

Legendary rock singer Lou Reed had died this weekend. We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of the famed entertainer.

Louis Allan Reed (March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013) was an American rock musician and songwriter.

After being guitarist, vocalist, and principal songwriter of the Velvet Underground, his solo career spanned several decades. The Velvet Underground were a commercial failure in the late 1960s, but the group has gained a considerable cult following in the years since its demise and has gone on to become one of the most widely cited and influential bands of the era – hence Brian Eno's famous quote that while the Velvet Underground's debut album only sold 30,000 copies, "everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band."

After his departure from the group, Reed began a solo career in 1972. He had a hit the following year with "Walk on the Wild Side", but subsequently lacked the mainstream commercial success its chart status seemed to indicate.

In 1975, Reed released a double album of feedback loops, Metal Machine Music, upon which he later commented, "No one is supposed to be able to do a thing like that and survive."

Reed was known for his distinctive deadpan voice, poetic lyrics and for pioneering and coining the term ostrich guitar tuning.

In the spring of 2013, Reed underwent a liver transplant in Cleveland. Afterwards he claimed on his website to be "bigger and stronger" than ever. On October 27, 2013, Reed died at the age of 71 from liver disease at his home in Southampton, New York, on Long Island.

His physician Charles Miller noted that Reed "was fighting right up to the very end. He was doing his Tai Chi exercises within an hour of his death, trying to keep strong and keep fighting."

Tributes were paid to Reed on Twitter, including Iggy Pop, Samuel L. Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Ricky Gervais, Ryan Adams, Elijah Wood, and many others.

David Bowie posted a comment on his Facebook page saying that Reed "was a master".

Rock band Pearl Jam dedicated their song "Man of the Hour" to Reed at their show in Baltimore and then covered the Velvet Underground's "I'm Waiting for the Man".

John Cale, his Velvet Underground bandmate, posted on his Facebook: "The world has lost a fine songwriter and poet…I've lost my 'school-yard buddy'".

Later, Universal Music revealed Cale's full statement on Reed's death: The news I feared the most, pales in comparison to the lump in my throat and the hollow in my stomach.

Two kids have a chance meeting and 47 years later we fight and love the same way - losing either one is incomprehensible. No replacement value, no digital or virtual fill ... broken now, for all time. Unlike so many with similar stories - we have the best of our fury laid out on vinyl, for the world to catch a glimpse. The laughs we shared just a few weeks ago, will forever remind me of all that was good between us.

Former Velvet Underground drummer Mo Tucker responded by saying that Reed was "generous, encouraging and thoughtful. Working with him sometimes could be trying to some people, but never to me. I guess we learned from each other. We all learned from each other.

Reed became an important influence to numerous singers and songwriters, including British musician Morrissey:

He had been there all of my life. He will always be pressed to my heart. Thank God for those, like Lou, who move within their own laws, otherwise imagine how dull the world would be.

Others from outside the music industry also paid their respects, including the Vatican and Salman Rushdie, who wrote, "My friend Lou Reed came to the end of his song. So very sad. But hey, Lou, you'll always take a walk on the wild side. Always a perfect day."

[Take A] Walk On The Wild Side.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chris Brown WILL LIKELY Go To The Iron College!

After the last violation of his probation, the judge ceased it. It was a final warning before he gets the iron cuffs on him. And according to the junk food media, the entertainer is heading for early enrollment for a four year bid in the iron college. It seems like the washed up pop singer didn't get the message.

And tonight, he'll be getting the message in court when he returns back to California to face a judge for violating his probation again!

In Washington, DC, the washed up entertainer got into a fight with a man and maybe threw around a couple of gay slurs at the person he and his bodyguards nailed to the ground.

He's still dogged by his "incident with 'train wreck' pop star" Rihanna. It comes as no surprise that the 6'3'' entertainer has a short fuse. He's likely a bipolar case because he's on that one minute "I'm cool" and the next moment, "Fuck y'all I'm a GOD!"

This stuff continues to burden him whenever he gets into a conflict with people.

The entertainer got into a heated argument with a man outside a Washington, DC hotel. The entertainer would lay the five finger roll on the man's face and the victim tells the junk food media, he didn't respond back.

The victim tells junk food/celebrity agitator TMZ that he and a friend were hanging at at the W (Hotel) when they saw two women about to take a picture with the entertainer.

The victim who blurred out that he's not a fan of the washed up pop singer and that lit the fuse.

So the entertainer goes bananas and delivers a broken nose to the victim. While delivering the five finger roll the entertainer spoke some harsh words. "I'm not into this gay sh*t, I'm into boxing!" - says the entertainer.

This incident will have him in the local lockup until Monday night. So before he can post bail he has to face a judge. The judge will immediately contact his P.O..

The P.O. will contact the judge in Los Angeles and then the washed up politico will likely go to the iron college.

So the developments will continue here on Journal de la Reyna.

Chris Brown appears on RCA Records.

Octavia Spencer Will Star In Reboot Of Murder She Wrote!

Octavia Spencer will be starring in reboot of Murder She Wrote.

Oscar award winning actress will star in a reboot of 1980s drama. Playing her famed role in the movie The Help has granted her critical praise and an opportunity to make television history.

I recently seen Octavia Spencer on the Chuck Lorre sitcom Mom this past week and I didn't know that NBC was desperate to revive its standings.

NBC is usually the first network that have shows canceled after the first season. They can't revive the magic of the 1990s. So in order to stay in the market, they'll revive old shows and cast new faces.

Spencer made her film debut as a nurse in Joel Schumacher's A Time to Kill based on the book by John Grisham. She was originally hired to work on casting, but asked Schumacher if she could audition for a small part.

Other film credits include: Never Been Kissed, Big Momma's House, Bad Santa, Spider-Man, Coach Carter, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! and Pretty Ugly People.
NBC will try to bring the 1980s back.
She has made a number of guest appearances on television series including Raising the Bar, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Big Bang Theory, Wizards of Waverly Place, Grounded for Life, ER, Titus, Becker and Dharma & Greg. She is best known for her starring roles as Serenity Johnson on Comedy Central's Halfway Home, and Constance Grady, the amorous INS caseworker on Ugly Betty.

Angela Lansbury was the star of the CBS show Murder She Wrote. It ran for over 12 seasons.

Julianne Hough's "BLACKFACE" Outlash!

File:Julianne Hough 2011 People's Awards I.jpg
Pretty stupid.

Actress and singer Julianne Hough goes to the Halloween Party and was snapped by the paparazzi.

Her outfit was attracting some controversy.

What's your take on it? See the outfit below.

She goes as a character Crazy Eyes (of the Netflix drama Orange Being The New Black) theme.


Hough, 25, donned blackface for her costume yesterday, which she completed with an orange jumpsuit and Crazy Eyes' signature bantu knots. The actress attended the Casamigos Tequila Halloween party in Hollywood with friends, who appear to have all gone as the cast of the hit Netflix series. No one in the group, however, seems to have given Hough a heads up about her offensive getup.

She apologizes via the social networking websites.

Julianne Alexandra Hough born in 1988 is an American professional ballroom dancer, country music singer, and actress. She is a two-time professional champion of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

Hough was born in Orem, Utah, the youngest of five children in a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) family.

She was nominated for Creative Arts Primetime Emmy in 2007 for outstanding choreography. Hough was signed to Mercury Nashville Records in December 2007.

Her self-titled debut album was released May 20, 2008, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Album chart and No. 3 on the Billboard 200. It sold 67,000 copies its first week, and has sold over 320,000 total copies.

She released a holiday album, Sounds of the Season: The Julianne Hough Holiday Collection, which as of January 5, 2009, had sold 157,000 copies. Her first leading role was in the 2011 film remake of Footloose.

She also starred in the 2013 drama film, Safe Haven.

By the way, Hough supported perennial loser Mitt Romney in the 2012 United States presidential election.

Her parents Marianne and Bruce Hough, who was twice chairman of the Utah Republican Party.

Not discrediting her as a talented actress and country music singer, but her antics represent how the Republican Party thinks of people of color and President Barack Obama.

Here's the actress Uzo Aduba as the character Crazy Eyes

Here's another picture of Julianne Hough.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Game Jumps To YMCMB!

Rapper traded his G-Unit spinner and Aftermath chain for a Cash Money necklace!

It seems like the West Coast rapper is struggling to eat. He wants to reboot his career.

So what does he do?

He signs to a major label that already saturates the airwaves with hits!

Jayceon Taylor burst onto the scene with hopes to revive the West Coast rap scene. In 2003 he signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment and 50 Cent's G-Unit Records to record his debut album The Documentary. It was a classic record.

It brought the world to the young Nigga who once said that his only way to survival was to rap.

He said that rap saved him after he was shot five times.

During his rise, he engaged in numerous feuds with rappers. The Game even feuded with 50 Cent and Dr. Dre. The feud soured his deal with Aftermath and G-Unit. So he was expelled from the labels.

He managed to release four more albums on the Interscope label. Of the five albums, The Documentary, The Doctor's Advocate and L.A.X. were certified platinum albums.

 The R.E.D. Album and Jesus Piece weren't so great. His music barely get radio play.

So in order to finish up his obligations with Interscope, he finished his five albums and decided to go free agent. So I am guessing that the word on the street The Game was inking a deal with a major label.

Last year, I stated that Lil' Wayne expressed interest in snagging the 34-year old rapper. The rappers had mutual respect for one another and a strong affiliation with the Bloods, a street gang (rather domestic terrorists).

I guess I must have missed this one. Because it looks like The Game is now officially a member of Cash Money Records. Birdman confirmed that last week.

The label once specialized in Southern based hip-hop. But in 2008, it went through a huge makeover.

Lil' Wayne established his own affiliation label Young Money Entertainment. He would later snag rapper/singer Drake and rapper/reality star Nicki Minaj and the rest is history.

Nowadays, most mainstream rap songs may have a feature from Lil' Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj or the founder of the label Bryan "Baby/Birdman" Williams.

Cash Money Record artists include (but not limited to):

Lil' Wayne
Nicki Minaj
Kevin Rudolf
Jay Sean
Mack Maine
Lil' Twist

Game is the latest artist to join Cash Money Records. Others include Christina Milian (formerly of Def Jam), Bow Wow (formerly of So So Def), Limp Bizkit (formerly of Interscope), Mystikal (formerly of No Limit Records),  Busta Rhymes (formerly of Aftermath and Flipmode), Paris Hilton (reality star/hotel heiress) and Rev. Perm.

There's talk that The LOX may sign to Cash Money Records.

We'll see how it goes in the coming months.

Game well wishes.


Palin: I'll Send Ya A Bear Skin, Piers!

Thanks but no thanks: Sarah Palin used this picture of her with a bear she shot to send a message to Piers Morgan
The washed up politico sends a parting shot literally at Piers Morgan's direction.

Stick it to the folks over at CNN and probably the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The washed up politico once again prove to the American people that she's not running for president.

She's running for the television cameras and trying to regain the glory she once had when she was then a vice presidential nominee.

I am guessing since she's on Loserville as a "free agent", Palin Da Ass continues to show her ass on outlets she claim are "friendly" to her and the conservative extremists she supports.

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) came as one of the worst candidates ever to run for president. He and the Palin Da Ass lost in a landslide against Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Piers Morgan believes that the washed up politico is "worthless". That's an understatement!
Ever since this embarrassment, the former Alaskan governor and turd shoveling annoyance has rallied the nitwits to oppose everything President Obama.

Piers Morgan of CNN took to the internet to dismiss the washed up politico as a true idiot.

I have agree with him on this one.

Since she stated that she wasn't intending on running for president, many people are just pretty much turned off to her. They don't really want to cover her. They rather see her just disappear.

Although she still attracts thousands of supporters, most figure that she doesn't have the temperament to be the President Of The United States.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Heart of Moral Monday — by Story of America

Published on Sep 8, 2013 Critics of Moral Monday often characterize it as an African American movement. But it is truth an interracial movement with religious people of many races and many faiths seeking to, not only overcome racial division, but draw strength from the human bonds created in the discovery of racial harmony. This is the video to watch in order to understand why Moral Monday is spreading across North Carolina.

NOTE: This video is part of a longer piece that Story of America has been showing at events in North Carolina, including the Motorco event in Durham, NC. Footage in this video was filmed on July 8, 2013.

Classic Rock DJ Busted In The U.S. Virgin Islands Trying To Rape Child!

Since the pedophile wore a 2012 Barack Obama hat, I bet conservative agitators are going to blame President Barack Obama for this man's arrest for child sex trafficking.

Some nasty stuff is going on in America. A legendary rock and roll deejay going to be mixing it up in the federal time out if he's found guilty of arraigning a tryst with a child.

He didn't count on Homeland Security and the U.S. Justice Department watching his every move.
The old station WNEW 102.7 FM now converted to an adult contemporary radio format. 
The Department of Homeland Security and FBI have teamed up to bust Dave Herman, a legendary DJ and former host of The Dave Herman Rock & Roll Morning Show. He was hoping to hook up with a woman and her child for a sexual encounter.

He was hoping to bang him a mom and her child.

He thought he was talking to a woman "Kris" and hoping to bang her and the 7-year old daughter "Lexi".

He probably sent child pornography over the internet.

The FBI got him in the U.S. Virgin Islands. As he waited at the St. Croix airport, Feds nabbed his ass. Herman was expecting to meet the girl and her mother after their flight from New York and take them to his vacation home.

“Age 6 is the perfect time to start her being loved that way,” he alleged told “Kris.” “I find girls that age incredibly sexy, soft, and their innocence is also a huge turn on for me.”

According to the criminal complaint written by Homeland Security Special Agent Mark Lubischer, “Herman promised that he would not hurt Lexi though he might have to be forceful with her. [He] suggested that they could give Lexi some alcohol to relax her.”

During a final conversation with “Kris,” Herman allegedly “discussed how he wanted to break Lexi’s [virginity] and also stated that he was looking to do a lot of oral with her.”

If convicted, Herman faces the possibility of life in federal time out!

Now here's where the political aspect comes into play.

In the picture, Herman is wearing a 2012 Obama for America hat. Automatic Obama supporter says the conservative agitators.

That Guy Who Throw Shit To The Wall is going to find a subliminal way to blame the president for it.

The longtime host of “The Dave Herman Rock and Roll Morning Show” on WNEW-FM who had once interviewed John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, and once considered George Harrison a personal friend.

Florida Lawmaker: The Tea Party Actin' Just Like The KLAN!

Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Florida) pisses off Republicans by comparing their disrespect toward President Barack Obama to those of the Ku Klux Klan.

Democratic congressman from Florida Alan Grayson returns back to Washington with rhetoric in tow.

Again, making the spineless Democrats nervous. The Democrats would rather see the Republicans implode on their own. They don't need a bombastic lawmaker who has no record of accomplishment doing them any favors.

They understand that the Republicans are not doing well in the polls. Why would they want to have the focus off of that?

The Democrats have 45% chance to take back the House of Representatives and a 52% chance of holding on the U.S. Senate.

I believe that it's possible to uproot some of the members who support the government shutdown. We must keep the pressure on those who failed at voting to keep government workers back on. We must remind the American people that the Republican Party's obsession with repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act is a big waste of their time.

We had enough! 

Congress get your asses back to work!

Yeah, Grayson was a member of Congress (2009 - 2011) when he got in. He was the guy who told his fellow lawmakers that Republicans "would rather see people die" instead of having healthcare.

Grayson was defeated in the 2010 election. When Florida gained two congressional districts, he ran for reelection in 2012 and won.

Now Grayson (2013 - present) is back in the news for his outrageous comparisons to the Republicans.

I agree that the Republicans akin to the racist right. I believe that the Republican Party isn't racist. But a whole lot of members and supporters are probably racist though.

There was a mailer being sent around the news wires comparing the Tea Party to the KLAN.

What do you think of it?

Do you believe that its offensive?

Of course, Republicans call upon the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi to censure him. They want a formal apology.

Grayson refused to apologize. He also doubled down on the comparison by stating the recent comments by some Republicans in the junk food media. Namely he probably singled out Stallmigo Ted Cruz, the controversial Republican senator from Texas.

Here's some offensive pictures of President Barack Obama by Tea Party Protesters. Does these prove Grayson's point about the Tea Party being akin to The KLAN?

North Carolina GOP Fires Chairman After He Said Some Racist Sh*t!

Don Yelton and Neo-Confederate extremist H.K. Edgerton. Yelton was fired from his duties after he appeared on The Daily Show to show his funny side. Edgerton is a Black extremist who believes that he's a descendant of the Black Confederacy soldiers.

Reince Priebus: So how's that diversity tour?

I am guessing that rainbow will still have more shades of White.

The Republican's rehabilitation tour is a disaster. They still haven't learned their lesson from the 2012 U.S. Elections.

Looks like Jon Stewart has knock one out the park again. As a comedian and satirist, it almost hits close to home on how he's criticizing the president and Congress.

Stewart figured that the politicos in Washington are pretty useless.

He's so right!

The Daily Show covers the ongoing controversy with North Carolina's voter identification laws that will probably affect thousands of its residents who may not have access to the ballot box.

This jackass Don Yelton was let go after he made some inflammatory statements about Blacks and President Barack Obama.

Of course, now that's he's out, he's now saying that the Republicans are "just like him" and they're a bunch of "wusses" for not speaking what is the truth.

Aasif Mandvi is a comedian and writer for The Daily Show. He managed to interview Congressman John Lewis (D-Georgia) on the Supreme Court's decision this year to strike down the key proponent of the Civil Rights Act.

And of course, this asshole Yelton had the nerve to call Blacks "LAZY" and hope the Republican governor Pat McCrory continues his path to guarantee Republican victories.

Keep telling your Republican friend, that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn't a Republican. If he was, he would be ashamed of the Republican Party today.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hannity's Phone Prank Got Obamacare Phone Operator "ERLING DAVIS" Fired!

I've said this conservative agitator is the reason why President Barack Obama won.

He is clearly obsessed with the president. He can't go a day without name dropping the president or his allies in the Democratic Party.

The agitator is pretty much the reasons for why the Republican Party is so fucking screwed up.

The conservative agitator's phone prank got the unwillingly phone operator fired. He set the woman up.

He dialed the phone number to the Healthcare Marketplace. He talked to Erling Davis, the former phone operator for the Marketplace.

The woman Erling Davis is probably from Panama City, Florida. She was the person who took the call from That Guy Who Helped Obama Win. The agitator would ask the woman silly questions about the Affordable Healthcare Law and how many people have signed up for it. He would make the woman read the confidential script of how to deal with irate callers.

The woman unwittingly told the gullible audience all that information. Clearly going against her principles as a confidential worker. She clearly doesn't have an understanding to the purpose of her job working for the federal government.

Now to take some of the heat off of him, That Guy Who Helped Obama Win now wants to give a "gift" to Erling. More like "hush money" if the woman should sue him for unlawfully taping her conversation.

That Guy Who Helped Obama Win fears that the woman might call the FCC or the management of Premiere Radio Networks, Inc. So in order to stop that, he gives her a stick with a carrot attached to a string.
Republicans are worked up over the healthcare law. The website has crashed a couple of times and Republicans want investigations.
Now as a gesture of his "appreciation" for the kindness of the phone operator, he allows her on his right wing carnival to tell her side of the story. Once again, putting herself in another situation where it may permanently harm her chances at getting hired anywhere. The conservative agitator prank had really attracted controversy.

This controversy blew up on the internet. Many people singled out That Guy for wasting valuable time for actual callers.

He got the word of the woman's firing from some on the internet. And I guess it touched the agitator's social networking sites.

So Erling Davis stated that she wanted to find another job. During the radio interview, she stated that her income is relatively low, and her previous employers were in the food service industry. The woman describes herself as a mother of two children. And of course, now unemployed she explains how upset the management was. She stated that the management had an "attitude" with her after she found out that her job was being terminated.

That Guy Who Helped Obama Win vowed to help the woman (and probably others he set up) find jobs.

Yeah, like I believe he'll helped that woman. Just like he'll donate all the revenues for them sham Freedom Concerts.

Again, there's a reason why he was demoted to the 10pm time slot on Loserville. There's a reason why he was fired from Cumulus Radio.

If you want to help Erling Davis out, do me a favor and contact the FCC and Premiere Radio, Inc. and tell them that the antics by That Guy Who Helped Obama Win were inappropriate and have no place for radio.

Here's the numbers to contact.

Premiere Radio Inc.

Main Office - 15260 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 818-377-5300

Atlanta - 3495 Piedmont Rd. Building 12, Suite 300, 3rd Floor. Atlanta, GA 30305

Boston - 20 Park Plaza Suite #220 Boston, MA 02116 617-213-7215

Charlotte - 801 Woodridge Center Dr., Charlotte, NC 28217 704-714-9444

Chicago - 875 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1450, Chicago, IL 60611 312-266-3866

Dallas - 14001 N. Dallas Parkway, Suite 500 Dallas,TX 75240 972-239-6220

Detroit - 27675 Halsted Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48331 248-324-5444

New York - 1270 Avenue Of the Americas New York, NY 10020
125 West 55th St., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10019 212-445-3900

The FCC's contact information

Federal Communications Commission; 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554; Phone: 1-888-225-5322.

If there's a video being produced by the news agitators or YouTube, we'll get out there for you!

Special thanks to Media Matters for America, The Hinterland Gazette and Addicting Info.


Barneys Employees Called The Law On A Paying Customer!

Trayon Christian is suing Barneys and the NYPD for racial profiling. He purchased a designer belt and was immediately singled out by the sales representatives as a potential thief.

The high price luxury department store is facing a lawsuit from a man who felt that his money wasn't good enough for them. He purchased a big ticket item and the employees figured that he was a "shady" character and called the law on him.

Upon leaving the store, he was confronted by store security and told that he was being held for suspicion. The New York Police Department gets involved and takes the man to the lockup.

Trayon Christian is a 19-year old man who is an engineering student (and I am guessing part-time rapper/entertainer) was shopping at the New York upscale department store Barneys for a luxury belt that worn by Juelz Santana of the DipSet.

He managed to work them hours and earned his opportunity to buy some $349 Ferragamo belt with a silver buckle and a reversible black and white strap.

In the spring of this year, he went to store. He purchased the product. He got out the identification and got the receipt. He would leave the store and about a few blocks down Christian was confronted by the law.

They detained him for a few hours and force a call upon his debit card company to verify his identity. After the situation concluded, he would later be released.

He was very frustrated with this situation. He returns the belt and vowed to never shop at the department store again.

Soon a lawsuit would emerge against Barneys and the NYPD for the altercation. The civil rights leaders (Rev. Perm and Cut His Nuts Off Jackson) are working on a mediation with the company CEO Mark Lee who had no comment on the situation.

I am guessing that Lee is working on firing those involved and making a personal plea to shoppers to not feel like they're not welcomed there.

I understand fraud is happening in the retail sector. Companies are now requiring people to go through a few new extra maneuvers to prevent credit card fraud. It happens in America, some people would find ways to cheat the system by stealing credit cards, obtaining store credit and faking injuries at the expensive of a company. Its a costly business and law enforcement are trying to curb it.

But the very fact that Christian had a receipt and his identification to verify he owned the card and still was detained was a shame.

Another shopper is accusing Barneys New York of racial profiling.

Kayla Phillips, who is black, says police questioned her after she purchased a $2,500 designer handbag at the high-end department store in February.

She says she came forward after hearing about a lawsuit brought by a black teen who said he was wrongfully detained after buying an expensive belt.

The 21-year-old Phillips says she was surrounded by police after leaving the store. She says they demanded to know why she used a debit card without a name on it.

She says it was a temporary card. After showing them identification and a new debit card that had arrived in the mail that morning, they let her go.

Barneys has denied involvement in any detention. The officers' role is under internal review.

Yeah, ever heard of the saying shopping while Black?

Oh, before you go into to the rant about how "US BLACK FOLK" are so fixated on "BLAMING THE WHITE GUY", we want the critics to understand that controversies occur quite often.

Last year, a Harvard student was denied access to a club in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This year, Oprah Winfrey said that she was told by a sales representative in Zurich, Switzerland that she could purchase a lower price item. The sales representative didn't believe the media mogul had money to purchase a high ticket item.
At center, Juelz Santana — wearing a Ferragamo belt like the one Trayon Christian had coveted — attended the 2 Chainz album release party at Amnesia NYC in 2012.
Juelz Santana (center) with rappers Lloyd Banks (left) and 2 Chainz (right).
Just a few months ago, in Charleston, South Carolina, there was a man and his family denied food service after the manager of the restaurant said that a customer complained about feeling "intimidated" by the large group.

Okay, if you want to know how close to home it came, think about my situation.

I've worked at a gas station some time ago and a woman who had trouble trying to operate a fuel pump was being totally irate over the situation. We were busy and I tried to help her through the intercom. We had a new policy that prevent credit card fraud and the woman refused to understand. She would threatened to call the police on me because she believe that I was intentionally trying to deny her service. It was a White woman. In her mindset she felt that since I was a Black man, she felt intimidated by me and she would threaten to call the law on me. Somehow I wished the situation would have went differently, but alas it didn't.

And it had to do with the company's decision to have a zip code requirement for credit cards users.

One of my co-workers had binoculars zero in on a customer who was Black. The customer was frequent regular and he usually pulls up because he had a disability from being a war veteran. The co-worker saw him leave the pump to circle around. She would run after him and try to confront him. The man would tell her that he is disabled and he had trouble trying to walk. He felt that her rush to judgment ended the long standing relationship with the company. He never would come back.
The Salvatore Ferragamo belt at the center of Trayon Christian's lawsuit retails for $349.
Yeah, we're in the mindset of some in America. In their minds, when we see a menacing Black guy or a group of Black people, they lock up the doors. Women clutch their purse. Women cover their blouse. Security do extra surveillance. Police follow you through a few neighborhoods hoping you make a traffic violation.

Anytime an issue that involves a White person doing an injustice upon a Black person, the racist right would react to it. They would look at the personal profile of the Black person. They would peek into the social networks of the individual and try to smear the victim. They will claim that the junk food media would rather focus on stories that feature Black and Hispanic victims instead of White victims.

In the same breath, the racist right would be very giddy over a Black on White crime. They want to prove a point that "US BLACK FOLK" are the "TRUE RACIST".

If a White person was a victim of injustice by a Black or Hispanic person. The racist right will become reactionary. They will find ways to say that this individual would have been one of Obama's sons, a little Trayvon Martin or a Black thug. They would later say that the media refuses to cover the story because the victim is White.

They would push narratives to blame President Barack Obama and the Black community.

Juelz Santana appears on Def Jam. He is affiliated with The Diplomats (DipSet) and the Skull Gang.



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