Monday, July 29, 2013

Don Lemon: O'Reilly Has A Point! You Black Folk Ain't Right!

Spin Cycle!

CNN anchor Don Lemon agrees with Bill-O (Bill O'Reilly)!

The conservative agitator made some controversial statements about the Black community last week. It set off a firestorm of criticism towards him and his network Loserville.

You see that Loserville, Republicans, the conservative agitators on radio and the blogs really care about "us Black folk". They claim they really care about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech to the nation. What speech they usually pull out their ass, "judge not by color but by content of character!"

They were there when we were pissed at the verdict handing George Zimmerman his walking papers.

The conservative media has worked full time in covering the situations in Black America. They practically are concerned about "unwed births", "gun crime" and "gubmint assistance". Tell "us Black folk" not to have babies. Not to own firearms. And not to get on federal assistance.

But yet, these conservatives want to ban abortions. They want to have more firearms on the streets without regulation or background checks. And they want to bail out oil companies and corporations that send our jobs overseas. Conservatives rather see these industries get federal assistance.

You see White male conservatives want control over us, but never control over them.

For every mass shooting in Suburban America, there's at least 100 crimes in Urban America.

One thing that we all agree on is that Bill-O is an asshole. But an asshole sitting on a pile of money.

A pile of crap that was spoken by the agitator. It triggered a massive response from Rev. Perm and others.

I don't understand why would a person like Lemon support the guy who would say that black people at Sylvia's Restaurant would say "M-fer I want I more ice tea!"

The conservative agitator by word for word

Now Don Lemon is an openly gay Black commentator and host on CNN. A man who suffered experiences as youth growing up in the South. Being racially stereotyped and also sexually molested as a boy is a horrible experience for the journalist.

Even in that horrible experience he came to become one of the nation's most respected Black journalists.

He came out in 2011 telling his story about molestation after the Black preacher Eddie Long came into the news after his numerous affairs with gay male parishioners.

Don Lemon thought that Bill-O didn't go far enough on his criticism. This sparked a backlash from those over at Obama News.

Goldie Taylor tells Don Lemon to sit his little ass down and understand that Black plight isn't a product of hip-hop or the Democratic Party. She reminds Lemon and Bill-O that if it wasn't for Republican gridlock on legislation that aids in helping "us Black folk", we wouldn't be in the mess.

The Republican Party has stalled the president's job proposals and has taken the stance to hold firm on gridlock and obstruction.

For as far as I can remember Republicans drove up the debt. They created legislation that catered to a divide and conquer strategy in which the poor fight for survival and the rich reek in the spoils.

Hip-Hop music is entertainment. Most rappers, rockers, singers, and actors are paid professionals. They have talents that brings us to the the television, movies, the music store, the stage and the concerts.

Bill-O sits on an ivory tower. He makes his fortune off of profit rage. Raging against an enemy.

That enemy is the Black community.

Don Lemon, why on earth would you support a man who's words killed a man?

Could there be a true reason why Bill-O mad at the Black culture? 

Is it probably because of his wife leaving his ass for a Black guy?


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