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Ohio State Patrol Officer Involuntarily Allowed Teens Go On Murder Spree!

Devonere Simmonds, left, and Nathaniel Brunner
Devonere Simmonds and Nathaniel Brunner were caught after they carjacked a man pumping his gas. These two were wanted in the murder of three people. They ended up injuring others on their violent spree. These two got a ride from an Ohio State Patrol officer.

A good deed does go punished. An Ohio State Highway Patrol officer was placed on administrative leave after he found out the ride he gave two teenagers led to a crime. That ride to a truck stop outside of Columbus, lead to those two teenagers to carjacking of a man. They were on the run after they committed murder of three individuals.

Before they were helped by the patrol officer, they've murdered three people and were hitchhiking for rides on Interstate 70. The Ohio State Patrol officer didn't do a pat down or an identification check on these two.

So in other words, these two teens killed three people, severely injured two others and practically killed any chances of promotion (and may lead to termination) for the officer who let them go.

Damn these two should get the gas chamber, if not life in the iron college!

They were caught in Dayton, Ohio.

Okay, the Columbus Dispatch covering this controversy.

Surveillance cameras show teens and third accomplice in the shooting of store clerk in Columbus, Ohio.  
Columbus police say the teens, Devonere Simmonds, 17, and Nathaniel Brunner, 18, were arrested by Dayton SWAT officers without incident and are being held by Dayton police.

They were caught at a house where one of Simmonds’ friends lives. Simmonds and his family lived in Dayton for a short time, and only returned to live in Columbus in December, according to family members.

Both Simmonds and Brunner had murder charges filed against them this week for the fatal shooting of a South Side carryout clerk.

Also, the State Highway Patrol has confirmed that a trooper picked up the two teens not long before the this morning’s Madison County shooting and, apparently, had dropped the suspects off at the TA truck stop where the incident occurred.

Video surveillance from inside a store there shows that Simmonds and Brunner had spent about an hour wandering around the store. Madison County Sheriff Jim Sabin said the two did not raise any suspicion while in the store.

But once they left the store at about 4:50 a.m., Sabin said, they approached William Joseph Rudd, who was pumping fuel into his Dodge Magnum.

They apparently wanted Rudd’s car and he resisted, Sabin said.

“A struggle ensued,” the sheriff said. One of the men shot the 39-year-old Rudd, who is from Virginia, in the head. He is in surgery this afternoon at Grant Medical Center and is expected to survive.

I'm wondering if there will be talk from the conservative agitating media about these individuals being another "Trayvon Martin".

Sgt. Jeff Shane of Madison County OSP.
After all any Black teen who is arrested in a crime will assure the WHITE EXTREMIST to resurrect the name of President Barack Obama and the controversial George Zimmerman trial.

The Columbus Dispatch also added that these individuals had help in the matter. For how they've gotten to Dayton, Ohio through all these channels required some help.

I mean they were practically staying in the backyard of a friend. How could that friend not notice they were in a car with Virginia state tags?

According to Columbus Division of Police Chief Kim Jacobs, information about the suspects was entered into the system, making the information available statewide.

“This is a very serious situation and we are investigating it thoroughly,” Ralston said.

Authorities said the two teen suspects, who are from the South Side of Columbus, had been walking along the interstate ramp at Rt. 42 and I-70 near the truck stop, and that’s where the state trooper had contact with them and picked them up.

Jacobs said at a press conference just after noon today that information from the community helped capture Simmonds and Brunner without incident.

“I’m happy to say it’s over — their menacing in our community,” Jacobs said.

Officers are looking for at least two other men who were in the carryout Wednesday night, including one man in grey seen in a surveillance photo. Police said they don’t know what their involvement was, but want to talk to them.

Police said yesterday that the two teenagers could be responsible for the death of three people and the serious injuries of two others.

“There’s very significant violence these two people are involved in,” Jacobs said. “It’s troubling considering their age. We need to find out who they are involved with.”

Simmonds’ mother, Maya Foster, told authorities that he confessed to her that he also was involved in a double shooting last Sunday on Lilley Avenue left one man dead and another critically injured.

And he also is wanted for questioning in connection with the shooting death of an acquaintance, Lamont Frazier, 17, who was shot hours after Ashgar in the same neighborhood.

This afternoon, Foster said she is relieved that her son is alive but was devastated to hear that a trooper dropped him off at the truck stop where the carjacking took place.
The Ohio State Patrol has the Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Impala, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, Dodge Charger, and Dodge Durango.  The Chargers are equipped vehicles that reads license plates. You can't elude a state patrol officer. It's a felony.
“This violence today, it all could have been avoided,” she said. “I love my son, yes, but I am so sorry that all this violence had to happen. None of these people deserved this.”

Foster said she’d had no contact with her son since his confession earlier this week. She said that at about the time the shooting happened in Madison County, Simmonds’ uncle missed a call from him.

“He is so sorry now he missed that call,” she said. “Maybe that last shooting could have been stopped.”

About the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The Patrol maintains 55 posts, each administered by one of eight districts and responsible for one, two, or three of Ohio's 88 counties or the Ohio Turnpike.

Operational units include the Office of Field Operations, units specializing in Aviation, a Special Response Team, Crash reconstruction, Inspections, Mobile Field Force, and Criminal Patrol; Human Resource Management, includes Labor Relations, Career Development and the Administrative Investigation Unit; Office of Investigative Services, includes statewide investigation of crimes occurring on state owned or leased property, crime lab, polygraph services, executive protection for the governor, criminal intelligence and computer crime unit; License and Commercial Standards, which provide for oversight of driver's license and commercial vehicle regulations throughout the state.

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