Thursday, June 27, 2013

HIV Testing Day!

Yeah, I know it's hard for you, me and millions of others. But if you don't get a check, you may never know and it's could result in a deadly fate.

Today is National HIV Testing Day.

I hate tests! But this test here ensures that I live a healthy life!


I want my woman to know I keep myself healthy! And passing this test ensures that I have her feeling safe when we share our love!

Millions of Americans are living with HIV. Some may not even know they have the virus that may cause AIDS.

HIV/AIDS is a epidemic disease. It affects any age, race, gender, sexuality, nationality and it's transmitted from unprotected sex. It's transferred from sharing dirty needles. It's transferred through blood transfusions.

It can be spread from mother to child.

Besides cancer, HIV is one the top five health dangers in the world.

I share some of my experiences at the health clinic.

Get a HIV Test! It's the most important test of your life!

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