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Chris Brown Agitates Feud With Drake!

Hip-hop singers take their feud into the studio.

Chris Brown told the public to "not judge him" but yet he's on the microphone rapping a verse going after his foes in the hip-hop community.

Tighten your tight jeans, it's a celebrity feud.

Aubrey Graham known as Drake is a the hottest MC in the game.

Drake, Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and Future are the must have entertainers to spit a verse. They seem to be in constant radio rotation.

Most rappers of the 1993 - 2004 era are entering the late 30s and 40s. Their music isn't selling so well.

Frank Ocean accepts a Grammy while Chris Brown done a silent protest. Adele sitting nearby engaged in a discussion about Brown's antics in the public.
In order to keep themselves relevant they need these entertainers to revive their image.

Chris Brown on the other hand, is spiraling downward. He and Rihanna (born Robyn Fenty) are very annoying entertainers. Besides the reconciliation, it's the antics both entertainers carry when they're in the public or in the studio.

Brown, 23 was the teen idol of the mid 2000s. Ladies love him, because he was on his "cool"!

He and Rihanna came out around the time when hip-hop music reached its peak. The rap music industry is still around, but it's struggling. Not many rappers make it to Platinum. If you're not Eminem, Drake, Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj or Jay-Z, you're Gold  or you just suck!

He was riding high at the peak of his career. All that changed in 2009, when he let that explosive temper get the best of him. While attending the Grammy's, Brown gets into it with Rihanna and they ended up fighting. Brown hit Rihanna and injured her. He was arrested and sentenced to community service. Since he's been on community service, he's lashed out at the media. He throw a tamper tantrum at Robin Roberts of ABC News when she asked him about the situation.

He got into a fight at a New York nightclub in which he, Drake and another rapper named Meek Mill got into a fight and the bottles thrown. Broken glass and the mini-riot injured Tony Parker, a NBA star.

Brown makes his presence known for all the wrong reasons. He started a feud with Raz B over allegations that boy band creator Chris Stokes when the singer was accused of homosexual acts while on tour. The book came out revealing Raz B was molested by Stokes.

Brown got into a heated Twitter fight with comedian/writer Jenny Johnson. The celebrity feud managed to hit the internet. Brown was attacking Johnson by "slut-shaming" and calling for "tragic events" to happen upon her. Johnson criticized him for the tattoo of a battered woman on his face.

British singer Adele confronted him after the Grammy's because of his antics during the acceptance speech of Frank Ocean. Brown didn't stand in applause for Ocean. Brown got into a heated confrontation with the rapper/singer after he argued over studio time and a parking space.

Recently he got into it with a parking valet attendant in Los Angeles after the singer refused to pay a tip.

Now here he goes again, talking smack about Drake and Frank Ocean.

On the remix of Young Jeezy's R.I.P., Chris Brown raps a verse that seems to take a dig at Drake and Frank Ocean.

In the verse, Brown states:

R.I.P. to the V.I.P.
I got my lil' niggas in the club, fuck I.D.
My niggas kill at will, give you black eyed peas
And the molly make the white girl look Chinese
Always Bre, my niggas out here ballin'
And all these fake ass artists, y'all niggas out here drawin'
Ok now dearly departed I bought a plane, I departed
And if you started from the bottom gon' and come out the closet
You problematic, I bought them rachets and automatics
Clip hold 32, I make you feel the Magic
You gon' see the flashes, like you in a pageant
All black suits, and them long Caddys.

Drake did respond back. On 5am in Toronto, the latest single on Drake's upcoming album.

The part I love most is they need me more than they hate me
So they never take shots, I got everybody on safety
I could load every gun with bullets that fire backwards
You probably wouldn't lose a single rapper
Niggas make threats, can't hear 'em over the laughter
Yeah, that's cause I'm headed to the bank, nigga
Sinatra lifestyle, I'm just being frank with you
I mean, where you think she at when she ain't with you?
Wildin', doin' shit that's way out of your budget
Owl sweaters inside her luggage, you gotta love it
Damn, this shit could go on a tape
Bitches lovin' my drive, I never give it a break
Give these niggas the look, the verse, and even the hook
That's why every song sound like Drake featuring Drake
Str8, Y pree? Why is it always me?

For one thing, Drake doesn't dye his hair blonde. Two, there's no accusations of homosexuality in Drake (unlike the accusations thrown by Raz-B towards Chris Brown). Three, Drake dated Rihanna. Rihanna racked up many boyfriends like Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez.

Chris Brown wasn't Rihanna's first boyfriend. And he will not be her last.

Brown is washed up and his career is tanking. Look at him now, he's getting his paper (by means of lawsuits and restraining orders)!


For the single R.I.P. Remix - Young Jeezy appears on Def Jam. Kendrick Lamar appears on Top Dawg Records/Aftermath Entertianment. Y.G. appears on Def Jam.

For the article Drake appears on Young Money/Cash Money Records. Rihanna appears on Def Jam. Chris Brown appears on RCA Records. Frank Ocean appears on Def Jam/Odd Future Records.

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