Thursday, February 28, 2013

Obama Unveils Rosa Parks Memorial!

President Barack Obama and members of Congress introduce the statue of famed civil rights icon Rosa Parks. For one moment in history, you see our leaders actually agree on one thing: Rosa Parks did something that changed the nation.

File:Rosa Parks Booking.jpgDecember 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks refused to obey bus driver James F. Blake's order that she give up her seat in the colored section to a white passenger, after the white section was filled.

Parks' act of defiance and the Montgomery Bus Boycott became important symbols of the modern Civil Rights Movement. She became an international icon of resistance to racial segregation. She organized and collaborated with civil rights leaders, including Edgar Nixon, president of the local chapter of the NAACP; and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a new minister in town who gained national prominence in the civil rights movement.

At the time, Parks was secretary of the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP. She had recently attended the Highlander Folk School, a Tennessee center for training activists for workers' rights and racial equality. She acted as a private citizen "tired of giving in". Although widely honored in later years, she also suffered for her act; she was fired from her job as a seamstress in a local department store.

Her fight for equal rights motivated King to prominence.

The president unveiled the Rosa Parks memorial at the hub of the National Statuary Hall. This is a chamber in the United States Capitol devoted to sculptures of prominent Americans. The hall, also known as the Old Hall of the House, is a large, two-story, semicircular room with a second story gallery along the curved perimeter.

For one day the Washington lawmakers had a brief moment of clarity.

File:Rosaparks bus.jpg
President Obama and members of Congress are so far apart on issues. The Republicans want to wreck the economy because they're sore losers. And the public is feeling it. Many Black and Hispanic workers fear that if the Congress fails at solving the fiscal crisis, they'll suffer.

There is a major lawsuit on the dockets of the Supreme Court of the United States. The Shelby County v. Holder is at the whims of a partisan court. The Supreme Court will make a landmark (5-4) decision on due process. The Court granted certiorari on the limited question of "whether Congress' decision in 2006 to reauthorize section 5 of the Voting Rights Act under the pre-existing coverage formula of Section 4(b) [sic] of the Voting Rights Act exceeded its authority under the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments and thus violated the Tenth Amendment and Article IV of the United States Constitution."

If the Court strikes down any portion of the Voting Rights Act it's going to unravel all the hard work done by the Democrats during the "hot summer of 1965".

Republicans already gerrymandered districts to give their party a 2-1 advantage in general elections. Many state governors are trying to make electoral votes separate count. Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett is likely going to sign a law that breaks up the "winner takes all" strategy. It makes all the rural and suburban (likely Republican strongholds) a single vote for the candidate who pulls the most votes.

Republicans are going to make it harder for Democrats to win elections. Even though they've tried with voter suppression, voter identification laws and false cries of voter fraud, Republicans are devoted to stop progress in the name of extremism (not conservatism).

Hannity Knows The GOP Is His Pimp!

Sean Hannity was furious at Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota). He does a follow-up with washed up politicians and right wing extremists.
Conservative agitator Sean Hannity is still upset over the previous night's taping of his program.

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) became the hero of the day for his combative response to Hannity's word vomit.

Hannity know who his pimp is! He is practically the go-to guy for Republican public relations. When Republicans need a time to promote their agenda, they turn to Hannity. When there's a need to prevent a scandal or a shield from accusations of racism, it's Hannity to the rescue.

And for all that ranting and raving, the conservative agitator on Fox News is suffering from a ratings drop.

Hannity and Bill O'Reilly have seen ratings drop. These last months show a decline in the key demographics.

Although they still pull in millions of viewers, that age 24 - 54 demo is the key to keeping a program on.

Since Hannity and O'Reilly failed in their promise of having Barack Obama getting creamed in the presidential election, many of their viewers are tuning them out.

Hannity's right wing carnival of agitation continues to put on the same old faces! These old faces are just regurgitating the same word salad of how they can't stand President Barack Obama and how the nation is stupid for voting for him.

The sequester is likely going to happen and the Democrats are throwing their hands up and saying there's nothing they can do! They want to cut spending, but in order to do that, the Democrats want tax increases on the wealthy.

Republicans solely want spending cuts. They want defense spending up and domestic spending down. They don't want to cut defense spending. Republicans want spending cuts to food stamps, farm aid, hurricane relief, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, energy credits for solar and wind. They refuse to compromise on tax increases.

This sequester was passed by Congress in 2011. It was a part of the debt ceiling increase. The sequester was triggered after the "supercommittee" failed to find a solutions for a balance budget. Now the pain will be felt and it's likely the Republicans who will face the gauntlet of public scrutiny.
Hannity invites J.C. Watts, Jr. on his program to attack Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota).
Secretary of State John Kerry said it best that [here in the United States], you have a right to be stupid. Our country allows ignorance. Fox News and its personalities deliberately play upon the ignorance.

When you hear folks like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage, Neal Boortz, and Herman Cain say supporters of President Barack Obama are "low information voters", you pretty much get upset over it. You think that these individuals as sore losers and figure that their supporters are reactionary bigots.

Last night's combative debate went viral. Many progressives praised Congressman Ellison for standing up to Hannity. Many conservatives believe the congressman was disrespectful and unhinged.

Hannity was so upset with Ellison talking over him, he cut the interview short.

On his radio show, Hannity bragged about the interview. He believed that Ellison was explaining a perfect example of the "socialist leftists" agenda.

His show now highlights the follow-up to last night's controversy with former Oklahoma congressman J.C. Watts, Jr.

Of course, Hannity baited Watts into slamming Ellison.

Watts and Gary Franks of Connecticut were the only Black Republicans serving in Congress during the late 1990s. Watts was elected during the Republican Revolution. Franks was a member of Congress during the early 1990s and was defeated in 1997 by a Democrat. Until 2011, Republicans had no members of Congress being African American.

Tim Scott of South Carolina was elected to the House of Representatives. He was recently appointed to be the U.S. Senator after Jim DeMint retired to be the president of The Heritage Foundation.

Allen West of Florida was elected to the House of Representatives. In the beginning he was just a perennial candidate. His losing streak came to an end after he beat incumbent Democrat Ron Klein in a bitterly fought Midterm election. He had a well-funded war chest in his bid for reelection. Even though he had endorsements from every extremist in the conservative movement, it didn't help him secure a victory. West was defeated by 29 year old Patrick Murphy, an accountant.

There are no Black Republicans in the House of Representatives. There are two Black members of the U.S. Senate. Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) and Senator Mo Cowan (D-Massachusetts) are the only Black members of the Senate.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CPAC Snubs Christie!

The bromance is too much for conservatives. The annual CPAC convention keeps Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie off their headliner list.

The Republican Party is in a civil war within itself. Many Republicans are fearing that they'll lose the House majority if they continue their infighting. The New Jersey governor Chris Christie is rising in his job approval. As the Republican governor of a deeply blue state, he handled a major crisis so effectively, his major opponents decided to not run against him. It's too risky for a Democratic candidate to take on a governor.

In late October, Hurricane Sandy roared through the Mid-Atlantic coast. It managed to hit the New Jersey shore and destroyed the lives of thousands (if not millions) of Americans. Christie throw aside his opposition with President Barack Obama and worked with him to get things done.

Christie embracing of President Barack Obama may have destroyed the perennial loser Mitt Romney. The Republicans were furious at Christie and blamed him for the loss.

Christie is being snubbed by the Conservative Political Action Conference. The headliner of previous years, the New Jersey governor was not invited to this year's event. Instead CPAC brings in the washed up politicians like perennial loser Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Allen West.

Headliners include Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida), Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin). Each of these individuals are potential candidates for the Republican presidential nomination.

While some praised the decision to not invite Christie, many Republicans fear that the snub could expose a deep rift between the Republicans.

What more can a Republican do?

Most Republicans held their ground during the Obamacare debate. They've stalled the Chuck Hagel nomination as much as they've could. The former Republican senator has become the new Secretary of Defense today.

Republicans had a huge problem with the voters. The voters figured that Republicans are too extreme and are out of touch with the direction of the country.

Christie basically ignored the snub. He responded with: "It's not like I'm lacking for invitations to speak around the country."
CPAC is the gathering of extremists and racists.
CPAC also has in attendance David Keene and Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association, Saratoga Springs, Utah mayor Mia Love, Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina), Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire), Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pennsylvania), Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky).

Some conservative groups were also snubbed. MSNBC/Blaze TV agitator S.E. Cupp opted out of the CPAC event because of her support of the GOProud.

The GOProud group are a bunch of gay Republicans that favors same sex marriage. That group is usually banned from CPAC because of its staunch stance to LGBT activism.

Law & Order: SVU Spins Chris Brown/Rihanna Incident!

What we do is nobody's business! 

It's been over four years since the incident in Los Angeles where Chris Brown and Rihanna got into it.

The domestic violence incident pretty much ruined Chris Brown's career as an entertainer. Everything he does now is subject to scrutiny. Chris Brown had got into heated feuds with Drake, Raz-B of B2K, Jenny Johnson, and Frank Ocean.

Even Rihanna suffered some form of scrunity. Many were figuring that she'll move on but I guess Rihanna still loves Chris Brown. They've ended up hooking back up!

Many in the music industry figured that Rihanna is sliding down the path that lead Whitney Houston to her untimely demise last year.
Law & Order: SVU takes a spin into the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident. The character is pop singer Caleb Brown played by Eugene Jones.
The NBC hit drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  is taking a spin on the controversy. The show is is an American police procedural crime drama television series set in New York City, where it is also primarily produced. In the style of the original Law & Order, episodes are often "ripped from the headlines" or loosely based on real crimes that have received media attention. Created and produced by Dick Wolf, the series premiered on NBC on September 20, 1999 as the first spin-off of Wolf's successful crime drama, Law & Order.

The program features Dann Florek, Danny Pino, Mariska Hargitay, Kelli Giddish, Richard Belzer, and Ice-T. "Special Victims Unit" of the 16th Precinct, New York City Police Department, a unit that focuses on crimes involving rape, sexual assault and child molestation, as well as any crime loosely connected with any of the three, such as domestic violence, kidnapping and child abandonment.

This incident of Chris Brown and Rihanna is going to be on Wednesday night's program.

The New York Daily News tells the tale of “Law & Order: SVU” stories as often do, however, it veers off to its own ending — which, in this case, is not happy for one of the characters.

The central players in “Funny Valentine” are Micha Charles-Green (aka Robyn Fenty/Rihanna), played by Tiffany Robinson, and Caleb Brown (aka Chris Brown), played by Eugene Jones.

He regularly beats her, which leads Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay) to wonder why she stays in the relationship.
The facial bruises of a singer. Tiffany Robinson plays Micha Charles, a character loosely based on Rihanna.
She also refuses to cooperate in prosecution despite the efforts of assistant district attorney Barba (Raul Esparza) to built a case.

Micha says it’s complicated, and the story plays out from there, focusing on domestic violence and the ways in which abusers manipulate victims.

In real life, Brown was arrested in 2009 after a picture surfaced of Rihanna with a swollen and battered face.

He pleaded guilty to felony assault and received five years probation plus community service and a restraining order. He made several public apologies and also blamed the media.

Last month Rihanna confirmed the pair are back together.

“He's not the monster everybody thinks,” she said. “He's a good person. He has a fantastic heart. He's giving and loving. And he's fun to be around.”

On “SVU,” Jeffrey Tambor plays Brown’s flamboyant media hound attorney. Talk show host Wendy Williams plays herself.

Chris Brown appears under RCA Records.
Rihanna appears under Def Jam.

Sequester Looms!

Break time ends for members of Congress! The unfortunate aftereffects of the sequester will hit each state and will drive the economy back into the crapper. The Republicans are saying that the president is overacting over this! However the Republicans want to prevent this sequester from happening. The Republicans are getting most of the blame for the sequester. Their stubborn views have finally caught up with them.

Congress has a terrible job approval. Too partisan and there's nothing getting done!  The 113th Congress been in office for over six weeks, and they've taken a 10 day vacation. They have a sequester coming up. The U.S. postal service warns of major delays and the end of Saturday service if nothing gets done. The Senate have the nomination of Chuck Hagel finally wrapped up. The Republicans held up the Hagel nomination up over comments about the Jewish state of Israel.

The sequester is likely to happen putting many Americans at risk of losing their jobs. The Democrats offer a plan that includes cuts to spending but tax increases. Republicans offer a plan that includes cuts to spending but no tax increases. The Republicans refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy.

Republicans are unpopular in this debate. It doesn't stop them from holding firm on their "principles".

The sequester was a part of the compromise by Congress to get them motivated to pass legislation that promised equal sacrifices. The combination of legislators in the "supercommittee" failed to reach a deal.

The Republicans stubborn views on taxes have pretty much stalled Washington and progress. And now the American people have to pay because of this.

The president is going to have to constantly campaign in order to make the public understand the severeness of this. Republicans are upset over this as well. They want the president to come back to Washington to lead.

The Republicans are in such disarray. They can't even vote on an alternative they've sponsored. The Democrats are willing to take their alternative. The Republicans are still fighting over that too.

The Republican House majority could be defeated based on how far they'll go to destroying the economy.
The U.S. Senate Race In 2014. The Democrats have more seats to defend this time. Hopefully, they continue to hold the majority of the U.S. Senate. The House of Representatives is a little harder to win.

Republican gerrymandering has given the Democrats a tougher fight in the claiming a representative seat.

States that are key to the 2016 Presidential Election are Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, and New Hampshire. These states are key to a presidential nominee.

When Republicans took back a majority of state legislatures and a strong hold of 30 governorships, the Republicans have opportunities to make it harder for Democrats to win.

So far it's likely the Democrats will keep control of the U.S. Senate. Although five Democrats have competitive seats to defend, only one seat is slated for Republican gain.

West Virginia is likely a Republican pick up. Alaska, Louisiana and North Carolina are going to be competitive races. Kentucky is going to be an interesting one. If actress Ashley Judd decides to enter into politics, it's going to be a news event. Maine is likely Republican if the senator Susan Collins decides to stay.

My personal take on the U.S. midterm elections for the senate.

Alaska - Mark Begich (Toss Up)
Hawaii - Brian Schatz
Oregon - Jeff Merkley
Idaho - Jim Risch
Montana - Max Baucus (Toss Up)
Wyoming - Mike Enzi
Colorado - Mark Udall
New Mexico - Tom Udall
Texas - John Cornyn
Oklahoma - Jim Inhofe
Kansas - Pat Roberts
Nebraska - Mike Johanns
South Dakota - Tim Johnson (Leans Democratic)
Minnesota - Al Franken
Iowa - Tom Harkin (Toss Up)
Arkansas - Mary Pryor (Leans Democratic)
Louisiana - Mary Landrieu (Leans Democratic)
Illinois - Richard Durbin
Michigan - Carl Levin (Leans Democratic)
Kentucky - Mitch McConnell (Leans Republican)
Tennessee - Lamar Alexander
Mississippi - Thad Cochran
Alabama - Jeff Session
Georgia - Saxby Chambliss (Leans Republican)
West Virginia - Jay Rockefeller (Toss Up)
Virginia - Mark Warner (Leans Democratic)
North Carolina - Kay Hagen (Leans Democratic)
South Carolina - Lindsay Graham | Tim Scott (Leans Republican)
New Jersey - Frank Lautenberg
Delaware - Tom Carper
Maine - Susan Collins
New Hampshire - Jeanne Shaheen
Massachusetts - Mo Cowan
Rhode Island - Jack Reed

Bold means retiring | Bold Red and Blue means Special Election.

Keith Ellison: [Hannity], The GOP Is Your Pimp!

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) gets into a heated debate with Sean Hannity.

That's not what the congressman said. However, this is what that annoying conservative agitator does on his nightly program and radio show. This conservative agitator practically tricking for the Republican Party.

The Minnesota congressman who was elected in 2006 as the first American Sunni Muslim and state's first African American took great offense to Fox News and the conservative agitator Sean Hannity.

Hannity listed the Democratic congressman as one of his headliners to his program.

They were going to debate the looming sequester deadline. The sequester is likely to happen putting many Americans at risk of losing their jobs. The Democrats offer a plan that includes cuts to spending but tax increases. Republicans offer a plan that includes cuts to spending but no tax increases. They're gridlocked at taxes on the wealthy.

Republicans are unpopular in this debate. It doesn't stop them from holding firm on their "principles".

Hannity goes into his selective editing of President Barack Obama's speech to a naval contractor in Newport News, Virginia and makes a word salad of insults and hyperbolic rhetoric. Hannity rants about how this sequester is not a big deal and the president is lying to the American people about this. And even claiming that it was his idea in the first place.

After playing his selective clip, the conservative agitator starts talking to Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) about how the president is "fearmongering" the public.

Congressman Ellison went right into Hannity.

“You're the worst excuse for a journalist I've ever seen,” said Ellison.

That right there got Sean Hannity livid. And for the rest of the interview they get into a screaming match over who's at fault and what didn't get done and the like.
Sean Hannity upset with Congressman Keith Ellison after he called the conservative agitator a Republican shill.
Hannity kept lobbing these accusations that it was the president's massive debt and spending the causes of a stalled economy.

Ellison countered that the sequester was a part of the compromise by Congress to get them motivated to pass legislation that promised equal sacrifices. The congressman told Hannity that the combination of legislators in the "supercommittee" failed to reach a deal. The Republicans stubborn views on taxes have pretty much stalled Washington and progress. And now the American people have to pay because of this.

Hannity didn't buy this. He also went on to say how it's immoral to have such a massive debt.

Ellison shot back and told the conservative agitator that he's immoral and liar. Ellison declared that Sean Hannity (and likely Fox News) are shilling for the Republican Party.

Now that's how the interview went. It's certainly going to have some play on the networks. But also fuels Hannity's argument that MSNBC (or what he calls NBC News) is the pro-Obama network.

MSNBC hired former Barack Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs and campaign adviser David Axelrod to its roster.

Fox News hired former George W. Bush press secretary Dana Perino, former chief of staff Karl Rove, and former UN secretary John Bolton. Fox News commentator Tony Snow served as a press secretary for George W. Bush. Snow died in 2008.

Ellison was notably upset about the guests featured on Hannity's program some time ago. Hannity allows anti-Islamic extremists Pam Geller, Frank Gaffney, Bridget Gabrielle, David Horowitz, Jesse Lee Peterson and Alveda King to openly bash Muslims.

Ellison and Congressman Andre Carson (D-Indiana) are African Americans who are Sunni Muslims. They won reelection easily in their respectable districts.

Not many Democratic lawmakers appear on this program. Not many Democratic lawmakers appear on Fox News in general. The only occasion you at least see a Democratic lawmaker is Fox News Sunday.

Democrats figured that Fox News advocates the talking points of the Republican Party. They don't want to waste their time trying to get a message across to an audience that is already hell bent on seeing their defeat in general elections.

Sean Hannity in particular is one of the reasons why Barack Obama won reelection.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Year We Remember Trayvon Martin!

One year ago, Trayvon Martin became the nation's poster child for gun control.

Trayvon Martin was killed in Sanford, Florida. He was an unarmed teenager who was in the gated community of his father. While there he got into a confrontation with George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who was patrolling the neighborhood. They got into a fight and Zimmerman shot him. The killing of Trayvon Martin sparked international outcry for gun control. And today marks one year since this tragedy happened.

The controversial shooting isn't forgotten by me and LaReyna. I will revisit the previous article I've written in September will bring you up to date on the tragedy.

George Zimmerman.
In February 2012, this incident occurred. The family of Trayvon Martin is demanding justice for the death of their son. The shooter, George Zimmerman is currently in hiding awaiting his second degree murder trial. He went to friendly media outlets (i.e. Sean Hannity's show) to tell his side of the story despite the potential of messing up his case.

Pressure to Governor Rick Scott (R-Florida) got the case was reopened. It also sparked a debate on these "stand your ground laws". The U.S. Justice Department is looking into the misconduct of Sanford Police after they took the side of the shooter.

Governor Scott assigned a special prosecutor for the case. The prosecutor found evidence that debunks the claim that George Zimmerman defended himself from a violent Trayvon Martin.

The young teenager spending time with his father, a young brother and the father's new girlfriend.

Trayvon went to the local 7-Eleven store to pick up an Arizona Ice Tea and pack of Skittles for his younger brother. It was a rainy night and Martin decided to wear his dark hoodie. As he left the convenience store he goes through the Twin Lakes Residential Gated Community. As he was approaching his home, he was followed by a young man who was a volunteer neighborhood watcher for the gated community.

The young man George Zimmerman was newly married and had focused on his goal of becoming a police officer.

George Zimmerman complained to law enforcement about suspicious activity previously. This night was one of them where he felt that the young teenager was acting in way that appeared to pose as a threat. As Martin was on his phone talking to his girlfriend, he informed her that he was being followed by someone. Zimmerman was on the phone with a 9-1-1 operator saying that he's following this individual.

As Martin tried to duck through homes, Zimmerman told the operator that he was closing in on him. The operator told him not to follow in words "We don't need you to do that!"

Somehow they confronted each other. Zimmerman claimed that Martin came up on him as he was going back to his vehicle. When words gotten heated, Zimmerman claimed that Martin sucker punched him and tried to choke him. As they scuffle, according to Zimmerman, the teenager saw his gun, and tried to reach for it. So in an attempt to reach for the gun, the young man shoots the teenager in the chest. The injuries killed him.
Conservatives and white supremacists went bonkers over the president's take on the matter.
The Sanford Police take Zimmerman in and wanted to know what his side of the story was. Zimmerman told the police that he was doing his job as a neighborhood watcher. He said the teenager was posing a danger to his safety, so he shot him. The police lets him go and hence the beginning of a massive boycott of the city of Sanford, Florida.

The Republican led legislature were trying to ease up the concerns of the National Rifle Association and Gun Owner's Association. They passed a controversial "Stand Your Ground" law in which a person can use deadly force if an individual poses a threat to the person carrying a firearm.

The boycott has gotten the attention of the national media. The mainstream media came down to Florida.

Liberals and conservatives equally took sides. Each of them had a reason of concern. Liberals thought that Martin's race was a factor to this shooting. Conservatives thought that Zimmerman's reaction to a threat was justified.

The 2012 Republican Candidates had an opinion of it. President Barack Obama had an opinion of it. And yes, what the president said matters. It matters so much, it pissed off the conservatives. They believe that anytime the president takes a side in a controversial issue, it's political expediency.
Hannity interviews Zimmerman.
President Barack Obama asked the U.S. Justice Department to look into the matter. Attorney General Eric Holder and the FBI are probing the handling of this case.

Conservatives and White Supremacists were angry. Conservatives were already blaming the president for playing the race card and call to question incidents that involved Blacks or Hispanics attacking White people.

The white supremacists were hacking into the email account of the family of Trayvon Martin. They took his pictures and sent them to conservative news agitators like Michelle Malkin, Matt Drudge and Sean Hannity.

They wanted to discredit the victim. They looking into the teenager's troubled background. They criticized the parents as being greedy money honey "NIGGERS!"

They called Trayvon Martin, "Traycoon", "wannabe gangsta", "one dead Nigger" and the like.
Supporters demand justice for Trayvon.
George Zimmerman on the other hand was getting death threats from individuals who feel that he got off with murder. The New Black Panthers, a radical Black separatist group posted flyers for the apprehension  of Zimmerman. The Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson traveled to Florida to give solidarity to Martin's family. The media has unearthed George Zimmerman's history. Some of his friends claim that he had issues with Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. His father came to his son's defense by going on friendlier news outlets like Fox News. Sean Hannity has offered Zimmerman legal advice and it was reported that he was interested in helping Zimmerman beat his court case. Sean Hannity managed to snag the first interview with Zimmerman.

When the prosecutors had the evidence to charge Zimmerman with second degree murder, he was arrest and booked into jail. The judge preceding over the case was relieved of his duties after two epic failures.

The judge ordered a low bond for Zimmerman in his first hearing. After he posted bail, he went to launch his official website asking for donations to help his legal case. The website pulled in over $250,000 in aid. This information made it to the prosecutors. The prosecutors went to the judge and asked to have his bond revoked.

When he was arrested he was in the Seminole County Jail talking to his wife, Shelley. He ended up incriminated himself once again!

He tried to maneuver funds to his secondary account. He asked his wife to lie while under oath.

They used coded language to seal up his secondary passport, extra accounts and owed debts. If he was to beat the case, he was going to walk out of jail wearing a hoodie as the audiotapes were rolling.

He didn't know he was recorded while in jail. So as he was talking to his wife, Seminole County Sheriff's were listening.

After finding out about this latest development, the judge revoked his bond and ordered him back to jail.

George Zimmerman and his wife Shelley were charged with perjury.

Now in June, Zimmerman managed to post a full $1 million dollar bond. And he's now out on electronic monitoring and ordered not to leave the state.
Trayvon Martin's family. His mother Sabrina Fulton and father Tracy Martin became advocates for gun control.

Information came out that the story Zimmerman told to the police a story that's not credible.

Prosecutors at the State Attorney’s office released findings of forensic results that could throw the defense of George Zimmerman out the window. The forensic results found no evidence that Trayvon had any interaction with the gun of George Zimmerman, charged with the killing of Trayvon.

Intervention from Al Sharpton and Sean Hannity fueled the "trial by media" theory. Since Al Sharpton wanted Zimmerman punished and Sean Hannity wants the media to know that Trayvon started this fight, it's going to taint a jury.

Now this coming month Zimmerman will face the trial of his life. If he is found guilty in second degree murder he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

As always, we will keep you posted on the latest developments in this here on Journal de la Reyna.

Michelle Malkin Still Turd Flipping On The First Lady!

We're coming to the one year anniversary of blogger/conservative agitator Andrew Breitbart untimely demise.

Considered one of the most nastiest bloggers in the country, Breitbart led the charge against those he perceived were a threat to conservatism. Since his passing, one member of the social blogging community has picked up the torch.

Still whining and still bitching, the most nastiest blogger since the death of Andrew Breitbart, is conservative agitator Michelle Malkin.

She is back on the internet whining about First Lady Michelle Obama.

The conservative agitator is a turd flipper. You may wonder what is a turd flipper is. A turd flipper is person who throws shit on the wall and seeks attention for it!

Malkin is right up there in that category. The conservative agitator goes on Fox News frequently with her good ole buddy Sean Hannity.

The conservative agitator went total batshit over the first lady appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and being one of the presenters of the Academy Awards.

Malkin being a person of color rejects her heritage. She speaks for the right wing bigots that devote themselves to the racist agenda masquerading as "patriotism".

She is a part of the violent culture. Malkin openly advocates violence against her opponents. She post their information online and death threats ensue.

Now First Lady Michelle Obama stands about 5'11" and Malkin stands about 4'0".

I bet Malkin would never say or talk that smack to the first lady's face!

If the first lady wasn't so beautiful and yet gracious, she should of have went "all ghetto" on this broad and beat the crap out of this little nut job!

Anyway, this wasn't the first time Malkin took to the social networks to vent off.

Malkin slipped into a cheerleader's outfit and called the Democratic Party a bunch of "defeatists" because of Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada, Majority Leader). Reid was saying the Iraqi war was a loss because of then President George W. Bush taking the ball off Osama bin Laden and the forgotten war in Afghanistan.

One thing is clear, First Lady Michelle Obama can dance.

50 Kisses!

50 Cent didn't know Erin Andrews was a victim...

Kiss and tell, Curtis!

50 Cent goes to the NASCAR Daytona 500 and gets a surprising reaction to an awkward kiss on ESPN commentator Erin Andrews.

Let's say that Andrews wasn't feeling that one!

As Erin Andrews was looking for NASCAR star Danica Patrick. Andrews spotted the 37-year old media mogul. She kind of waved him over and he went right up to her and planted one on her check. He was aiming for the mouth.

You look at the GIF and see the reaction in real time.

Andrews was a victim of a jackass stalker. This stalker took an opportunity to film her in the nude and publish videos and pictures online in an attempt to extort her for money.

The media mogul is preparing for his next album being produced by Dr. Dre and Eminem. The rapper claims that's he's going to hang up the microphone after this album release.

The Get Rich Or Die Tryin' album was a masterpiece and the beginning of commercial success for Curtis Jackson. The media mogul founded G-Unit with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. The group later added Young Buck and Game to the label.

Conflicts with other rappers and each other doomed the group. Game was first to be booted off G-Unit. He ended up causing a longstanding feud which hurt not only 50 Cent but the rapper himself. Young Buck would later leave after rumors of 50 Cent having conflict with the rapper. The rapper is serving time in federal prison for tax evasion. Lloyd Banks also is conflicting with 50 Cent. Although they're no rap dissing between the two, Lloyd Banks expressed frustration with the direction of the label.

Since then it's been hard for 50 Cent to match the magic of GRODT and The Massacre. Those were his two most successful albums.

50 Cent's fifth album Street King Immortal may be released later this year.

The rapper's antics are controversial. Anything he does is guaranteed to be controversy.

For 50 Cent it's all about staying relevant in an age where Lil' Wayne is the king of rap and music nowadays really sucks!

And by the way, Game will probably take to Twitter to taunt 50 Cent's romance decline.

50 Cent appears under Interscope Records. He signed to Aftermath Entertainment and Shady Records.

The Onion Peels Back Attack On Quvenzhané Wallis!

La Reyna mentioned this yesterday. It seems that the talk of the entertainment industry is a parody website having the nerve to label a young actress a dirty word. Of course the conservative media is upset that the First Lady of The United States was invited to present the nominees at the Academy Awards.

The Onion didn't think a simple tweet on Twitter would result in a major controversy.

Quvenzhané Wallis is a 9-year old actress. She made history as one of the youngest actresses to ever be nominated for an Academy Award. Wallis starred in the drama Beasts of the Southern Wild.

The award went to Jennifer Lawrence, a 22-year old actress who was featured in Silver Lining Playbook.

The young actress is gearing up for a role in the remake of hit musical Annie. She will play the star role.

Will Smith, his wife Jada Pickett-Smith and Jay-Z will be directing and producing the movie.

The Onion is an American news satire organization. It is an entertainment newspaper and a website featuring satirical articles reporting on international, national, and local news, in addition to a non-satirical entertainment section known as The A.V. Club. It claims a national print circulation of 200,000 and says 90 percent of its web site readers are between 18 and 44 years old.

Since 2007, the organization publishes satirical news audio and video online, as the "Onion News Network". Web traffic on amounts to average of 7.5 million unique visitors per month. 

Now The Onion has a social networking website through Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Twitter is growing and so is the idiocy online.

One of the posters for the Twitter feed had the nerve to call Quvenzhané Wallis.....a cunt.

A nine year old girl, who is African American a cunt.

Wonderful, how many other actresses were The Onion calling a cunt on Twitter?

None. Just Quvenzhané Wallis.

It lit up the internet and had people demand that The Onion made a public apology to the actress.

After three days, it came and it wasn't that cordial. The New York Times gets the transcript of a Facebook posting by The Onion's CEO Steve Hannah.

“On behalf of The Onion, I offer my personal apology to Quvenzhané Wallis and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the tweet that was circulated last night during the Oscars.

“It was crude and offensive [and] not to mention inconsistent with The Onion’s commitment to parody and satire, however biting.”

“No person should be subjected to such a senseless, humorless comment masquerading as satire. The tweet was taken down within an hour of publication. We have instituted new and tighter Twitter procedures to ensure that this kind of mistake does not occur again. In addition, we are taking immediate steps to discipline those individuals responsible. Miss Wallis, you are young and talented and deserve better. All of us at The Onion are deeply sorry.”

Conservatives and white supremacists were upset over Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson's movie Django Unchained. They could stomach a Black bounty hunter killing his slave master.

Conservatives and white supremacists were upset over Monique winning an Oscar for her role in Precious.

Conservatives and white supremacists couldn't stand First Lady Michelle Obama making an appearance at the Oscars.

Now a parody website makes an offensive tweet to an African American child. It was favored by hundreds of followers and supporters of this type of nonsense.

It's funny that these entertainers and the First Lady of The United States are treated with such disdain, whereas those who aren't Black are given proper respect.

In the age of Barack Obama, racism is rising!

The conservatives are more than just extreme. They're batshit crazy!

To The Onion, anyone who post online: Let this be a lesson to those who post offensive things online!

This will always come back to haunt you!

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Onion Calls Quvenzhane Wallis A C#nt

The Onion Calls Quvenzhane Wallis A C#nt

How disgusting!

Conservative Uproar At The Oscars!

And the Oscar goes to....

The Academy Awards was on last night.

I didn't watch it!

I don't care for award shows. I am not in the mood to watch entertainers present awards, pregnancies and new flings. I don't care about the latest "it" celebrity. I don't care about the actresses in the best or worst dress. I don't care about the "it" couple. I don't care about the veteran actors or actresses. I don't care about the time constraints that come with award shows. I must admit I have a short attention span with these type of programs.

But since this is being mentioned by the media, I'll go ahead and talk about it.

Since winning reelection, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are enjoying favorable ratings with the American public. Their appearances on television are always marred with controversy.

What has the conservatives being their usual whiny and bitchy selves was the surprise appearance of First Lady Michelle Obama. She read out the winner of the Oscar for best motion picture.

Today, the Oscar for best motion picture goes to Ben Affleck's Argo. It beat out Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty in the best political drama. 

The final award was a surprise to the audience and those watching. They felt that Affleck was being snubbed for best director. Argo is a documentary drama about the Iranian hostage crisis.

What drove the social networks was the First Lady making an appearance at the Academy Awards.

Of course here comes the vile, ignorant, racist and downright stupid comments from the conservatives.

Look at the crap that comes down the pipe hole.

Look at Michelle Malkin, the conservative turd flipper who goes online to bitch about everyone and anything.

She believes reality is "liberal bias".

And of course the Drudge Report puts its spin on the surprise.

Many conservatives took the internet to voice disgust about the appearance. Breitbart writers seem to have selective memory when it comes to appearance by politicos. Then first lady Laura Bush appeared at the Academy Awards in 2002, and was scorned by the liberal agitators in the media.

Conservatives seem to have a fixation on phony outrage. 

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama has favorable ratings among the American public.

It comes as no surprise that Republicans can't stand them.

They practically have no love for the president, the first lady and their allies in the progressive movement.

But that's okay! Let their freedom of speech doom them.

The Republican Party must disavow the racism and extremism within the conservative movement.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Perennial Loser Romney Won't Go Away!

Why won't this perennial loser and Paul Ryan disappear?

Geez, why won't he just go away!

Former Republican nominee Mitt Romney and his wife Ann return to the spotlight. They return back to friendly territory with Fox News. The Romneys will appear on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

After keeping a low profile, the perennial loser will return to reflect on his future plans.

There's rumors that his son Tagg or wife Ann will run for U.S. Senate, but nothing is confirmed.

Second, the former nominee will appear with washed-up politicians Rick Santorum, Artur Davis, Allen West, Newt Gingrich and former Tea Party queen Sarah Palin at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in the coming weeks.

CPAC guarantees an opportunity for washed up politicians, right wing extremists, and the potential failures for president to reign in on festivities.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida), Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) will be headliners at this event. These nitwits may run for president.

They'll follow the same formula that doomed Mitt Romney.

It's going to be the first time in awhile to see the failed Romney/Ryan presidential ticket appear at an event.

Is Ted Cruz The New Joe McCarthy?

Texas junior senator Republican Ted Cruz is in the news yet again for the wrong reasons.

He's fighting the 20th Century in the present day.

To be clear, this is why the Republicans are doomed for failure. The moderate senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson retired and the extreme candidate Ted Cruz sailed easily to victory.

Already, Senator Cruz is seeing red.

He's leading the way in filibustering Defense nominee Chuck Hagel. He's already hit the president over his Obamacare and proposals to gun control. Republicans smile with an eagerness to recapture the Senate.

In Texas, Republicans have a strong majority of the state legislature. They're likely the ones who run around screaming the Republic of Texas talk. Many Republicans want to separate from the United States for the very fact that President Barack Obama won reelection.

The New Yorker reports that Cruz and his prosecutorial style of questioning Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s nominee for Defense Secretary, came so close to innuendo that it raised eyebrows in Congress, even among his Republican colleagues.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, called Cruz’s inquiry into Hagel’s past associations “out of bounds, quite frankly.” The Times reported that Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, rebuked Cruz for insinuating, without evidence, that Hagel may have collected speaking fees from North Korea. Some Democrats went so far as to liken Cruz, who is a newcomer to the Senate, to a darkly divisive predecessor, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, whose anti-Communist crusades devolved into infamous witch hunts. Senator Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat, stopped short of invoking McCarthy’s name, but there was no mistaking her allusion when she talked about being reminded of “a different time and place, when you said, ‘I have here in my pocket a speech you made on such-and-such a date,’ and of course there was nothing in the pocket.”

Boxer’s analogy may have been more apt than she realized. Two and a half years ago, Cruz gave a stem-winder of a speech at a Fourth of July weekend political rally in Austin, Texas, in which he accused the Harvard Law School of harboring a dozen Communists on its faculty when he studied there. Cruz attended Harvard Law School from 1992 until 1995. His spokeswoman didn’t respond to a request to discuss the speech.

Cruz made the accusation while speaking to a rapt ballroom audience during a luncheon at a conference called “Defending the American Dream,” sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, a non-profit political organization founded and funded in part by the billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch. Cruz greeted the audience jovially, but soon launched an impassioned attack on President Obama, whom he described as “the most radical” President “ever to occupy the Oval Office.” (I was covering the conference and kept the notes.)

He then went on to assert that Obama, who attended Harvard Law School four years ahead of him, “would have made a perfect president of Harvard Law School.” The reason, said Cruz, was that, “There were fewer declared Republicans in the faculty when we were there than Communists! There was one Republican. But there were twelve who would say they were Marxists who believed in the Communists overthrowing the United States government.”

“We are puzzled by the Senator’s assertions, as we are unaware of any basis for them,” Robb London, a spokesman for Harvard Law School, told me. London noted that Cruz had contributed “warm reminiscences“ of the school by video for a reunion of Latino alumni. “We applaud the fact that he has pursued public service, as so many of our graduates have done. We are also proud of our longstanding tradition of freedom of speech and the robust range of views and debates on our campus.”

Harvard Law School Professor Charles Fried, a Republican who served as Ronald Reagan’s Solicitor General from 1985 to 1989, and who subsequently taught Cruz at the law school, suggests that his former student has his facts wrong. “I can right offhand count four “out” Republicans (including myself) and I don’t know how many closeted Republicans when Ted, who was my student and the editor on the Harvard Law Review who helped me with my Supreme Court foreword, was a student here.”

Fried went on to say that unlike Cruz, or McCarthy, who infamously kept tallies of alleged subversives, he had never tried to count Communists. “I have not taken a poll, but I would be surprised if there were any members of the faculty who ‘believed in the Communists overthrowing the U.S. government,’” he said. Under the Smith Act, it is a crime to actively engage in any organization pursuing the overthrow of the U.S. government.

Fried acknowledged that “there were a certain number (twelve seems to me too high) who were quite radical, but I doubt if any had allegiance or sympathy with anything called ‘the Communists,’ who at that time (unlike the thirties and forties) were in quite bad odor among radical intellectuals.” He pointed out that by the nineteen-nineties, Communist states were widely regarded as tyrannical. From Fried’s perspective, the radicals on the faculty were “a pain in the neck.” But he says that Cruz’s assertion that they were Communists “misunderstands what they were about.”

It may be that Cruz was referring to a group of left-leaning law professors who supported what they called Critical Legal Studies, a method of critiquing the political impact of the American legal system. Professor

Duncan Kennedy, for instance, a leader of the faction, who declined to comment on Cruz’s accusation, counts himself as influenced by the writings of Karl Marx. But he regards himself as a social democrat, not a Communist, and has never advocated the overthrow of the U.S. government by Communists. Rather, he advocated widening admissions at the law school to under-served populations, hiring more minorities and women on the faculty, and paying all law professors equally.

Sounding like a disappointed professor, Fried said that Cruz’s willingness to label the faculty Communist “lacks nuance.” He said he remembered Cruz well, as “very bright, very hard-working and very conservative, in a well-mannered, agreeable way.” So he said, “This surprises me. It suggests he’s changed.”

So too, perhaps, has the U.S. Senate.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Let's Annihilate The Republican Party!

Now that's pretty stupid!

Harry Truman, Bill Clinton and now Barack Obama has to deal with a Congress that continues this ridiculous gridlock and an extremist agenda from the opposition. They've managed to win reelection and the message war on how the far to the extreme the Republican Party will go.

You know it took 40 years to have a full Republican majority. In 1994 the Republicans won back Congress over issues such as taxes, guns, and religious extremism. They briefly loss the Senate when Jim Jeffords left the Republicans to become an independent. The Republicans lost the majority officially in 2006.

For a few years, Democrats maintained the majority. They managed to get things done during the final years of George W. Bush and the first years of Barack Obama. The Republicans won back the House of Representatives and state governorships. For a brief moment, the Republicans had the wind in their sails.

They thought they could defeat President Barack Obama with the narrative that he was overreaching and didn't do enough to save the economy.

As soon as the Republicans got back into power, they've thrown out the playbook of working to save the economy. They decided to focus on the great culture war.

The Republicans tired to repeal Obamacare over 35 times. They want to pass legislation that restrict a woman's right to choice. Republicans want deregulation of gun laws, tax cuts for the upper income, restrictions to voting rights, civil rights and gay rights.

All these ideas helped the Republicans nominate a sponge like perennial loser Mitt Romney.

He was clobbered by President Barack Obama in a wide margin. Republicans didn't take back the senate and Congress job approval is a record lows.

Now it's 2013, and their playing the same old dusty playbook!

They haven't put forth any decent ideas to help this nation.

With a changing demographic, Republicans are losing out on key voters. The key voters that Republicans are losing are Hispanics and women. They've already lost the Black vote and Jewish vote!

They've pissed off many and continue down this path to destruction.

When they can't get their way, they'll gridlock, bitch and whine about how it's President Barack Obama's fault for their behavior.

The Organization for Action is the president's grassroots organization. It's mission is to recruit volunteers to get the president's message out there.

The president is winning the battle over the sequester. That's probably why the Republicans are hoping they'll place the blame on the president if they fail to pass legislation that prevents major domestic and military cuts.

Yeah, the Republican Party is doing a fine job destroying itself. 

When Home is No Longer Home | American Renaissance

When Home is No Longer Home | American Renaissance

One White right-winger's perspective of his hometown of Brandon, Florida and its mall.  He sees it as getting too "diverse" and "third world" for this man of European descent. His views are shared by millions of white Republicans, White Liberals, racists, White supremacists, and SWPLs  all across the USA.  It's also the motivation behind conservative Republican opposition to RTA and affordable housing coming to Beavercreek.

What are your thoughts on this man's view of diversity?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Changing A Tunechi!

Lil' Wayne causes another controversy again!

Epic Records didn't expect a controversy! Today many civil rights activists are upset over a verse rapped by the nation's most popular rapper Lil' Wayne.

Lil' Wayne appears on Atlanta based rapper Future's single Karate Chop. The Atlanta based rapper is become a mainstream fixture and his sophomore album Future Hendrix is coming soon. The rapper debuted his album Pluto last year. I am guessing that Future didn't expect his single to be that controversial.

Atlanta based rapper Future is becoming a mainstream fixture.
Lil' Wayne said "beat that pussy up like Emmett Till" and that verse leaked online and mainstream radio.

In regards to slain teenager Emmett Till and comparisons to the female anatomy, many entertainers and civil rights leaders demanding an apology from the rapper.

Lil' Wayne embraces guns, sexism, and commercialism.

He along with other rappers, rocker Ted Nugent, the NRA and many other politicos in Washington are under fire for embracing the gun culture. Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook, every event that involves firearms or entertainers/agitators defending violence will be scrutinized by the mainstream media.

Lil' Wayne is the most sought after rapper in hip-hop. With that title comes the scrutiny!

According to Associated Press, Epic Records has responded to the backlash. After the Rev. Jesse Jackson reached out to Lil' Wayne's management The Blueprint Group on the family's behalf, the label has released a statement claiming that the remix was "unauthorized" and that it leaked online. The label promised to make efforts to erase the track from the web, stating that an official version of the song will be released at a later time that "will not include such references."

"We regret the unauthorized remix version of Future's 'Karate Chop,' which was leaked online and contained hurtful lyrics," the statement said. "Out of respect for the legacy of Emmett Till and his family and the support of the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. ... we are going through great efforts to take down the unauthorized version."

Additionally, a Facebook posting on the Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation last night said that Epic Records Chairman and CEO LA Reid personally reached out to apologize.

After learning of the reference on the song, Airickca Gordon-Taylor, the founding director of the Foundation and cousin of Emmett Till, spoke out on behalf of the family and branded the reference "disrespectful." "We found it dishonorable to his name and what his death has meant to us as a people and as a culture," said Gordon-Taylor. "It was offensive not only to us, but to our ancestors and to women and to themselves as young, black men. I just couldn’t understand how you could compare the gateway of life to the brutality and punishment of death. And I feel as though they have no pride and no dignity as black men.”

Till was killed in 1955 while visiting his family in Mississippi. He was beaten severely and shot in the head before his attackers tied a cotton gin to his body with barbed wire and threw him into the Tallahatchie River.

Two white men were acquitted of the killing by an all-white jury.

Stevie Wonder was even agitated by the verse.
Stevie Wonder was upset over Lil' Wayne and Future's single.
The R&B legend says the rapper's disturbing verse should not have made it beyond the recording studio for the world to hear.

"You can't equate that to Emmett Till," Wonder said. "You just cannot do that. ... I think you got to have someone around you that – even if they are the same age or older – is wiser to say, `Yo, that's not happening. Don't do that.'"

Wonder, who says he is a fan and friend of Lil Wayne, made the comments when asked what he thought of Lil Wayne's controversial lyrics in an interview Thursday.

Wonder, 62, hopes the 30-year-old Grammy winner understands the perspective of the Till family and chooses his words wisely in the future.

"Sometimes people have to put themselves in the place of people who they are talking about," Wonder said. "Imagine if that happened to your mother, brother, daughter or your son. How would you feel? Have some discernment before we say certain things. That goes for me or any other (song)writer."

Lil' Wayne appears on Cash Money Records.
Stevie Wonder appears on Motown Records/Island Def Jam Music Group.
Future appears on A1/Freebandz/Epic Records.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Limbaugh: [For The First Time] I'm Ashamed Of My Country....

How could he be ashamed of his country? He makes a nine figure salary for the next five years!

He's only ashamed that he has lost major advertising after the whole Sandra Fluke fiasco!

He and the conservative agitators in the media now have four more years of their sworn enemy President Barack Obama.

And to make matters worse, Republicans are fighting each other. Karl Rove want to purge the U.S. Senate of the most extreme members and stop extreme candidates from winning the primaries.

Fox News took a severe nosedive in the average demographic ratings. Although on the top of the cable news chain, the network is suffering from a lack of trust among the viewers.

Republicans are at an all time low among the public. The Republican Party has low approval among the public. They've managed to sink Congress to historical lows since retaking back the House of Representatives. If Congress fails to pass a bill to stop the sequester, Republicans will take the majority of the blame, endangering their slim majority in the House.

Republican governors Rick Scott (Florida), Scott Walker (Wisconsin), John Kasich (Ohio) and Nikki Haley (South Carolina) are giving up the fight on Obamacare. They're finally going to embrace the implications of the health care law.

President Barack Obama job approval is up and his policies on gun control, tax reform and spending are approved among the public. Although he has still lagging ratings in the handling of the economy, his popularity shot up on many social issues.

More Americans are tolerant of the LGBT community and are slowly supporting gay marriage.

S.E. Cupp, Joe Scarborough, David Brooks, and some members of Congress (who choose to stay anonymous) are urging the Republicans to stop taking orders from Rush Limbaugh, The Drudge Report and Fox News.

Republicans made fools of themselves over the "Friends of Hamas" endorsement of Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel. Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), Breitbart, and others took the bait! There was a rumor of this so-called imaginary Gaza Strip organization embracing the nomination of Hagel. The nominee is a former Nebraska senator who happens to be a Republican.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) made a fool of himself also over a parody website making a news report about detainees of GITMO getting access to the G.I. bill.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) couldn't get a person to endorse her repeal of Obamacare.

Newt Gingrich is saying that the Republicans are playing like that losing team going against the Harlem Globetrotters.

And to make it worse, many Republicans are slowly coming to terms that the president will get what he wants.

Yeah, Rush Limbaugh is ashamed of his country. People aren't listening to him. They can't stomach all that whining from the likes of him and those who want to be like him!

Eric Boehlert of Media Matters for America wrote recently about the conservative outrage model is running out of steam.

He wrote that being outraged, and especially being outraged about made-up claims, like Obama's imaginary "name-calling" on Monday, has become a signature of the far right movement over the last four years. It's also blossomed into Fox News' entire business model. Fox News makes a pile of profits each year overreacting to imagined Obama slights.

The question is, has the Fox/Rush Limbaugh/Drudge model of the phony Outrage Machine damaged the conservative movement? Is it standing in the way of Republican progress and electoral success?

Writing at his site RedState this week, conservative CNN commentator Erick Erickson beseeched fellow partisans to drop the outrage shtick and to move into more substantial areas of debate. "Conservatives, frankly, have become purveyors of outrage instead of preachers for a cause," he wrote. "Who the hell wants to listen to conservatives whining and moaning all the time about the outrage du jour?"

Erickson's point is dead on. The amount of time and energy conservatives devote to utterly trivial bouts of phony outrage now seem to consume the movement, or at least the media portion of it. But it's unlikely Fox News and its legion of copycat whiners in the press will heed Erickson's wise advice. They're too busy super-serving a radical niche and making money off the faux Outrage Machine.

Ohio Woman Fired After Voting For Obama!

The rust city of Dayton, Ohio is in the news again. I've talked about the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority and their fight against the nearby suburb of Beavercreek, Ohio. The suburb refuses bus access to the area businesses because of fears of urban violence. The conservative government constantly refuses access to the area. This will continue as an ongoing story.

Today this story is about a woman being fired for her political views. It's been picked up by the political blogs and today I will talk about it!

This lawsuit from a woman has generated buzz. She is suing her employer after she was terminated for supporting President Barack Obama.

Patricia Kunkle is suing her former employer Q-mark, a military defense contractor. The lawsuit alleges she was fired for voting for President Obama, a charge the company denies.

The Dayton Daily News and Associated Press reports that Kunkle’s lawsuit claims Gentile threatened employees with termination last year if President Obama was re-elected and that Obama supporters would be the first to be terminated if he were re-elected. Kunkle’s suit said her voting preferences came up in conversation the day after the election and that she was fired Nov. 9 for what the suit claims Gentile said was in the “best interest of the company.”

“Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, taking it to the extreme of impairing somebody’s career because they disagree with your political choices is just wrong,” said Kunkle’s attorney, Karen Dunlevey.

“We’re hoping that the court will recognize that and adopt a public policy exception for her.”
Gentile’s attorney, Brian Wildermuth, disputed the lawsuit’s premise.

“Ms. Kunkle was laid off for economic reasons – nothing more,” Wildermuth wrote as part of a prepared response to the Dayton Daily News. ” I am sure you and your readers are familiar with the ongoing uncertainties regarding defense spending, and thus the economic environment confronting defense contractors. The allegation that Q-Mark discharged Ms. Kunkle because of her vote is simply false.”

Wildermuth said Kunkle’s position was not filled.

The suit claims Kunkle started as a temporary worker with the small company in April 2012 and became full-time in May 2012. It also says she performed her duties “efficiently and effectively,” never received any disciplinary action or negative performance evaluations. The suit also said Kunkle was paid $12 per hour, was not paid overtime for hours she worked in excess of 40 hours and is not exempt from OT pay requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The suit also said Gentile engaged Q-Mark employees in conversations aimed at discovering employees’ political affiliations and repeatedly disparaged Obama supporters.

Dunlevey said she typically represents employers in employment litigation but made an exception for this case, which pits at-will employment against Ohio Revised Code 3599, which guards against employers’ intimidation, coercion and retaliation involving elections.

“This case, if they find in our favor, will be making new law,” Dunlevey said. “But there is what’s called wrongful termination/violation of public policy in employment law cases.”

University of Dayton School of Law professor Richard Saphire said that if the plaintiff can successfully argue that she wasn’t fired due to economic reasons that there is a question involving Ohio limiting the scope of the at-will employment doctrine.

“It’s just a question of if you have a statute that affects, or to some extent, modifies, an employment relationship and what does the statute say and does the statute apply in this situation and can she claim the protection of the statute,” Saphire said. “She either can or she can’t. The court’s going to interpret the statute in light of what it sees as the relevant facts in this case and decide one way or the other.”

Defense attorneys have until mid-March to respond to the case that was randomly assigned to Judge Dennis Langer.

Since it's picked up on The Drudge Report, Mediaite, The Huffington Post and Raw Story it's become viral.

Here's some of the most nastiest online comments from The Columbus Dispatch. It was a link from The Drudge Report.

This is the audience of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilly, Matt Drudge, Michael Savage and Fox News. This is the Republican Party today!

This is why Republicans are doomed for political failure!

Obamanomics in action, yet another violation of our rights. The gov't constantly violates our rights. They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like "America Deceived II". They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you. They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars. Impeach Obama. Last link of "America Deceived II" before it is completely banned:
2013-02-20 22:26:06.0
Any obama voter has a mental disorder. Incompetence, Insanity or Intoxication are common grounds for termination. Many Obamites are definitely insane, many are intoxicated with near messianic worship issues. AND incompetence, well people who think getting something for nothing is incompetence in my book..
2013-02-20 22:30:23.0
good, i wish i had , had the pleasure
2013-02-20 22:38:00.0
As an employer myself, I did the exact same thing this employer did, the single mom and latino (who both admitted they voted for him) was laid off. The tax increase forced the layoff but the persons first to be chopped were these two. We cant fight the government but its now our turn for payback. I hope every American employer does the exact same thing over the next 12 months. Send a signal to both politicians and the mindless idiots who vote for this scum
2013-02-20 22:41:45.0
Fuck on all the stinkynigs and liberals that voted for fucktard. Everyone who voted for that feral monkeyshine terd should be fired from their job since those same voters are voting this country and economy into ruin. Hows that dopey changey thing working for you? 85%+ of people who reside in the former USA are poorer than when this terd unseated the former White House. Chinas military is gaining on ours, We no longer can send astronauts to space,gays are marching,they are working on taking our guns from us,unemployment is 20%. My what a fine upstanding, noble, salt O the earth terd you are all mesmorized with.
2013-02-20 22:54:45.0
No, she was fired for being stupid.
2013-02-20 23:05:33.0
I just read some comments below about people getting fired for being an Obama supporter. Thank You for doing so. I need and want to work so with the Obama folks out of my office, it will allow me to earn a paycheck. Keep up the good work with getting those who don't support businesses out of the way for those who do want to earn what we get.
2013-02-20 23:16:13.0
We elect or vote out our officials based on party, but we can't fire someone for the same reason from a company?
2013-02-20 23:32:01.0
The business owner has no right firing obama voters because she didn't build it. At least that's what BroBama said. Bitch Pig POTUS!!!
2013-02-20 23:33:58.0
what does change do for you now,let this clown of a president hire you.
2013-02-20 23:48:27.0
Sorry but the gay  Nigger you voted for don't care so quit crying...
2013-02-20 23:52:24.0
She got what she voted for! After she loses her lawsuit I hope that her former employer goes after her for legal expenses so that she becomes an indentured servant to them for life.
2013-02-20 23:54:49.0
Now she can use that Obama phone "full time."
2013-02-21 00:46:47.0
She can community organize with her new Obama phone while on endless unemployment.
2013-02-21 00:48:00.0
I own my company which does a lot of work for the Navy and the defense industry. It is not a large business and only have a handful of people who work for me. But, I have openly stated that Obama voters need not apply. You see in MY business, I need people who are intelligent, can clearly think about the consequences of any actions they take under my watch and do the work of the Armed Services sworn to protect this great nation. Obama voters prove to ME that by their choice in him that they have chosen a destructive path, a path that does NOT support the defense of our nation and cannot foster growth, but in fact promotes weakness in the face of growing threats worldwide. Further, Obama voters to ME lack the ability to differentiate what is FACTUAL data and what is NOT FACTUAL but PROVIDED AS FACT by the news media. In my business, only the most discerning people will be selected to work for me because we work on many projects of a very specialized nature that REQUIRE people who quite frankly are intelligent and can see long term consequences of actions. By their very nature Obama people indicate they are taken MORE by a "cult of personality" and in fact do NOT choose to examine facts but to remain proudly impervious to them. These people are a tremendous risk because they pose the greatest threat of being 'bought' by those seeking to undermine the country or to steal corporate secrets. Why? Because these people were 'bought' by the Obama campaign. They chose him without QUESTIONING his background, or asking him for proof of his claims. I cant have someone like this working for me...
2013-02-21 01:02:03.0
And rightfully do. Personally anyone that voted for Obama should be hung, shot, or deported.
2013-02-21 01:08:07.0
Kudos to the business owner... I hope many more follow! Why supporter an an imbecile who decided to vote for another imbecile who has made it his mission to hit the already suffering business owners more and more!! ...That's like getting held up from a robber with an empty gun and you handing him the bullets!!
2013-02-21 01:18:39.0
That being the case, she got me fired because she voted for Obama. Sounds like a good lawsuit. See you in court lady.
2013-02-21 01:36:38.0
Wow. Look at all these Internet tough guys. I am a liberal, Obama supporter, business owner, job creator and patriot. The things that many of you people are saying because I disagree with you. Sad.
2013-02-21 01:37:44.0
@T H (TIMH), The "Burden of Proof" is going to be on Patricia Kunkle that she was fired because of her Vote on November 6, 2012. If Q-Mark Inc. can prove to a Jury that they "let go" other Employees that voted for Mitt Romney, that lawsuit will be over before it even gets started! Also, she waits till now to file a Lawsuit? Why wait 3 months. If it had been me, I would've found an Attorney & filed it the next day. Also, 800,000 employees at the U.S. Department of Defense are losing their Jobs because of the Sequester! "Welcome To Reality!"
2013-02-21 01:48:40.0
actions have consequences and an at will employment means I can fire any one for any reason. But no fear, obozo and his stash will take care of her, like so many on tape told us that they wouldn't have to worry about mortgage, or gas for their cars because obozo was going to pay for all that out of his stash. You vote for it you get the results of your vote. live with it.
2013-02-21 02:06:21.0
Entirely appropriate that she was fired for voting for Obama. (1) Obama's election leads directly to economic destruction and people losing employment (2) Anyone voting for Obama is voting for economic destruction and the loss of employment (3) Anyone who didn't vote for Obama attempted to save the economic future and save jobs for themselves and others At my firm, I see no reason to employ anyone who is actively attempting to destroy my firm and remove decent people's jobs. So I have undertaken sufficient research and fired a sizable number of people who support Obama. It's legal, and it only makes sense. I've advised many friends to do the same (quite a few of them have). I'll never knowingly hire anyone who voted for Obama, I'll continue to fire anyone I learn supports/supported Obama, and I'll continue to do my very best to avoid business contacts/contracts with any entity whose people support/supported Obama. It will be wonderful to see this spread.
2013-02-21 02:16:24.0
2013-02-21 02:17:27.0
Ho hum. If you vote for an America-hating skunk like OhBummer who is busily destroying this economy, you can expect to suffer the consequences of the OhBummer policies which you voted for. The man is a first-class liar --- and you asked for it.
2013-02-21 02:18:05.0
2013-02-21 02:18:17.0
2013-02-21 02:22:58.0
Great job by the employer. If I found out that one of my employees voted for Obama, I'd terminate them on the spot. Obama's policies are ruining the country and anybody who voted for the maggot has a sickening disregard for common sense. Liberalism is the one mental disorder I know of which deserves absolutely no sympathy or pity. Treason is a crime punishable by death, and as cowardly traitors, all liberals should be held accountable and face the ultimate punishment.
2013-02-21 02:35:00.0
There are several employers locally that walked around the Employee Parking Lot and found Obama bumper stickers, the owners were the first to be let go. We won't hire an obvious Obama supporter no - not by skin color but by the pious attitude that "I" as the Employer owe them something for their services and I do - a paycheck no more no less. With loyal length of service comes the Bennies.
2013-02-21 02:46:29.0
What business owner wouldn't fire self proclaimed idiots? I wouldn't want any working for me.
2013-02-21 02:49:28.0
TEACHER26 Completely agree with her getting fired, if for no other reason than her being too stupid to realize the ultimate consequence to this nation of her blind adoration of the Liar-in-Chief whose legacy is to destroy this great nation. Let her live unemployed in the nation of Ovomit, if for no other reason than to 'enjoy' the fruits of his promise as a welfare recipient. As a Black American patriot and 20 year veteran (who never voted for that half&half imposter - not even the first time), I and my friends could care less about his place in history as the 1st Black president. For any White person to vote for Ovomit, after the clear racial bias that he wrote(?) in his book about his White grandmother, would be like a Black man voting for a KKK candidate. People who use 'color' as a reason to vote for ANYONE is stupid (of any color)- especially for one who revealed (during his 1st campaign) his destructive plans for this country, should be denied employment for any job. Should that Nigger succeed, we are all in jeopardy of our freedom. Forget 'color'. We need to unite and resist as American patriots, or we will surely lose those freedoms to a clear and present enemy.
2013-02-21 05:31:00.0
My wife and son were hounded daily for not disclosing who they voted for until they were fired from Seimens corp. Her car was vandalized. She was surrounded by crowds shouting obama, obama! Could not get a lawyer to take the case because she was a republican and EEOC said it was just a case of their word against the management. The management was sympathetic with their claims but couldn't enforce any discipline among the immigrant work force.
2013-02-21 05:32:23.0
Bummer Ohio is an "at will" state, meaning an employer can fire you because they don't like the color of your tie, part in your hair, cologne, etc. Everyone also knows that at work, we don't talk about religion, or politics (you never know who you may offend).
2013-02-21 06:00:36.0
We fired every single lib who voted for obama by March of 2009. And you know what... Nobody really noticed until it happened but they were all the most useless workers we had in the company. Habitually tardy, lazy, insurance abusers... all of them had one problem or another. Now we screen employees well before hiring and rarely is anyone hired without a recommendation from a current employee. Not one lib works for our company, good riddance to all of them and we make sure that the people who voted for this Marxist take no money from our organization.
2013-02-21 06:38:58.0
Actions has consequences. My parents taught me to never... repeat, never discuss politics in, at, or with work. The burden of proof has to be presented by the jilted obama cult worshiper and she'll have to provide documentation that the had a policy of this action. The company can easily say that her actions contributed to a hostile work environment and that she was released to protect other workers.
2013-02-21 07:00:56.0
If she is an "at will" employee too bad so sad, her employer can fire her for her political affiliations as well as the way she does her nails.
2013-02-21 07:15:22.0
Economic retaliation is only the beginnings of what Obama voters deserve. Shockingly, some people that call themselves 'Christians' voted for him, even though he embraces baby murder and gay marriage .
2013-02-21 07:24:47.0
She was fired for being a zombie. Zombies do whatever their television tells them to do. Sooner or later that television is going to tell them to eat the rest of us. Zombies are very dangerous. They should be fired.
2013-02-21 07:40:18.0
Court room: Att for Co. Miss at any time did your employer ask you who you voted for? Lady filing law suit. We no not really. Att for co: Yes or No, I restate the question. At any time did your employer ask you who you voted for? Lady filing law suit. No they did not. Att for co: Your honor, I would like to have case dismissed. It's going to be simple to prove she is just looking for a pay out. It's going to be real simple.
2013-02-21 08:15:25.0
As this woman and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people are quickly learning, is that elections have consequences. If you voted for Obama and even if you didn't, your jobs are in jeopardy. Good luck on the bread lines you fools, you got taken in once again by the 'empty suit.'
2013-02-21 08:15:40.0
Fired? Maybe she should have been lobotomized to avoid such sociopathic behavior in the future.
2013-02-21 08:26:18.0
I am sure her vote did have something with her getting fired, it demonstrates bad judgement and tendency toward lying and stealing.
2013-02-21 08:33:31.0
Uh, I'm a uber right-winger, but I have to say...The Columbus Dispatch website is the first one I've seen that shows what I assume to be Republicans, to be so filled with vitriol towards the President. Leave that "needs to be shot" junk to the psycho left, people! Show some class, and some respect for the office, if not the man. I don't much like him myself, and believe the election was probably fixed, but there's not much we can do about that now except try to correct election laws to reduce fraud, and GET RID OF ALL OF THIS VOTE-BY-MAIL NONSENSE. Save your energy for fighting the amnesty bill that McCain and the rest of the RINOs are trying to sneak through in the next few months (they say, out loud, "long enough before the next election that it won't hurt us"). Save your energy for holding our elected Republicans accountable for DIALING BACK THE OUT OF CONTROL FEDERAL SPENDING. And save your energy for supporting our GREAT GOVERNOR JOHN KASICH.
2013-02-21 08:41:26.0
this company publicy ploclaimed their intentions, then did them, in doing so they broke our laws, and they should pay for that.
2013-02-21 08:47:38.0
Q-Mark isn't the only company that did this.
2013-02-21 08:56:56.0
One CAN be fired for political views--politics are not one of the "protected" civil rights for which one cannot be fired (disability, skin colour, religion, etc). Additionally, OH is a hire-at-will/fire-at-will state. This gal is going to lose big time.
2013-02-21 08:58:41.0
She worked for a Defense Contractor and she voted for Obama.... I cannot think of any better reason to get fired. When she placed her vote she essentially fired herself, her boss just made it happen faster for her.
2013-02-21 08:59:51.0
If my business was adversely affected by some political hack, and you are stupid enough to advertise your support on your bumper... let Darwin take his course. Try and prove it in court.
2013-02-21 09:02:30.0
Worse than working with a liberal is being married to one. This time around I married a conservative woman. OMG! What a difference! She is an intelligent partner not a ridiculous parasite.
2013-02-21 09:55:14.0
It's odd how so many posters on this forum are absolutely 100% certain that they are right and all Obama supporters are insane delusional fools. When I'm engaged in an argument in person and I'm outnumbered, I at least give pause and think for a moment about my conclusions and everyone else's. What kind of person goes on these kinds of vitriolic rampages when they know that their own candidate lost? It defies comprehension. It's almost like, frankly, you folks are stubborn children.
2013-02-21 09:56:07.0
Good. Fire them all. But don't end it there. Counter this twit with the nastiest, most lethal ambulance chaser you can find. Sue her for libel and harassment. Take all of her possessions too. She deserves to be on the street.
2013-02-21 10:11:41.0


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