Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teacher Post Anti-Obama Rant Dissing Her Students!

Teacher in hot water over her Facebook post about President Obama.

The post election hangover is like the Pandora's box of ignorance. Once it's opened it can't be closed!

Republicans are venting off frustration by clogging the White House's official website with petitions to secede from the United States.

President Barack Obama is going to have a showdown with the Republicans in Congress over the fiscal crisis plaguing the United States and global markets. The Republicans put their feet back into the manure over taxing the rich. The president apparently isn't bowing down to their threats. The Democrats are looking forward to putting the hammer on the Tea Party in 2014 when the U.S. Midterm Election come forth.

Potential gridlock may loom in the final weeks. The Congress will spend the next two weeks to hammer out a long-terms strategy to end the fiscal crisis. Then they'll take another two weeks off to have Thanksgiving.

The Congress returns for two more weeks to stop the decline in the post office, farm aid to victims of the summer drought, disaster relief after Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy and the electoral nomination of President Barack Obama for his second term. Then they're off again for the Winter break and will return a few days after New Year's Day to begin the next session of Congress.

Now as all of this is going on, many Americans are venting online and in the public forum.

Some are taking their freedom of speech too far!

Now it's going to be likely this teacher will have some scorn among her fellow educators. She may end up getting laid off (not fired) when voters reject the school levies. She will likely get death threats and the scorn from her students and some their parents.
Sharon Aceta teaches math but not ethics!
Sharon Aceta, from Rock Hill, South Carolina will be the teacher, students will likely abuse in the coming years. Her politics should have never reached the internet and it's a shame that an educator may lose her job not only for attacking the president, but the students she devoted her whole life to helping. She is suppose to motivate students to become leaders such as the president.  

This type of reckless behavior are the reasons why principals and school board members warn teachers and school workers not to engage in online activity outside of education.

The Huffington Post reports Sharon Aceta was placed on leave Friday after she posted a sarcastic and offensive statement about President Barack Obama on Facebook.

Aceta, who eighth grade math at Rawlinson Road Middle School, was evidently frustrated with Obama's reelection last Tuesday. She got her ass pulled from school by the end of the week.

According to WSOC-TV, following Tuesday’s presidential election, Aceta posted on her personal Facebook page: “Congrats Obama.  As one of my students sang down the hallway, 'We get to keep our food stamps' ...which I pay for because they can't budget their money... and really, neither can you."

School spokeswoman Elaine Baker said several people had called to complain about the post.

"We’ve heard from a number of people who said they were offended by the message," Baker said. "The teacher has admitted that poor judgment was used in this case, and she is very apologetic."

Aceta quickly removed the Facebook post after complaints started reaching the school.

Teachers in the Rock Hill school district are often reminded about being careful when the use social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It is discussed during teacher orientation, staff meetings, and throughout the school year.

"Sometimes you just can't speak out publicly about what you'd personally like to say, about anything," Baker said. "Teachers are held to higher standards because of what they do."

Baker added that though Aceta violated the district's social media policy, she will likely not face further disciplinary action, and should return to the classroom on Monday.

Channel 9 went by Aceta's apartment in Matthews on Friday afternoon.  She could not be reached for comment.

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