Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Should I Laugh Or Cry?

Perennial loser Mitt Romney in La Jolla, California pumping his gas. No Secret Service, no crowds of people, no campaign staff, no more Paul Ryan, and of course no more coverage of him.

He'll spend his time wondering how many coupons he'll clip out! He doesn't have to worry about the daily briefings. He can make all the peanut butter and honey sandwiches in own his kitchen (of one of the four homes he owns). 

The only way he'll be in the White House is if President Barack Obama invites him. As far its goes, he's going to be a "regular guy"!  

The very bitter man who called the people support President Barack Obama, "victims" or "dependents of government". The people Mitt Romney claimed are receiving "gifts" support the president and not him!

Where the mighty have fallen!

It's just not the same when the cameras aren't rolling.

A hot mess be the perennial loser Willard Mitt Romney age 65.

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