Monday, November 19, 2012

It's On!

Julian and Joaquin Castro are the power players in the Democratic Party. Julian is the mayor of San Antonio and thought to be a rumored 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidate. His brother Joaquin was elected to be a member of Congress.
Joaquin Castro, Tammy Baldwin, Ted Cruz, Kyrsten Sinema, Angus King and many others will join the United States Congress.

Castro, a Texas state representative won easily a U.S. House race and he'll take the seat of retiring Congressman Charlie Gonzalez (D-Texas). His twin brother Julian, is the mayor San Antonio, Texas and is floated by some as a potential front runner for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Castro is one of the political voices the nation will be hearing from in the coming years. Joaquin being a resident of his brother's city will be a representative of his constituents.

Baldwin is a Democratic U.S. Congresswoman from Wisconsin. After a resurgence of embattled Governor Scott Walker, and former presidential nominee Mitt Romney picking Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), Republicans saw Wisconsin in play for the 2012 U.S. presidential elections. The state was expected to be a pick up for the Republicans. They've thought wrong! President Barack Obama carried the state easily and it helped Baldwin squeeze out a victory in the U.S. Senate race against the former Republican state governor and perennial candidate for president Tommy Thompson. Baldwin is the first openly gay person to be elected to office. Her victory rides the coattails of Elizabeth Warren, a consumer advocate who trounced Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts) in a hotly contest race.

King is the former governor of Maine. Best known for his independence from the political parties, his victory came as no surprise. The Republican senator Olympia Snowe was a sure shot for victory. Her frustration with her Republican leaders led to her departure. She is one of the few pro-choice members of the Republican Party. She and Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) are looked upon by President Barack Obama when it comes to tie breaking votes in a filibuster. The Republicans were hoping that they could win back the Senate on the basis of frustration with the president. The president hasn't put much influence in the senate races because of him being slightly toxic in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Montana. Maine was different. Some residents were not fond of the direction of Tea Party endorsed Republican governor Paul LePage and Maine doesn't tolerate partisanship. The Democrats weren't fond of their candidate so they've decided put their efforts into a spoiler. King easily beat out the Republican and Democrat in the Senate race. And while it's likely he'll have committee with the Democratic majority, he'll push forth his brand of independence from the political fray. He and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) will be the only elected members who aren't politically affiliated with national party.

Arizona welcomes its first openly bisexual woman Kyrsten Sinema to the House of Representatives. The Democratic nominee beat out a tight race against a Republican Vernon Parker. Arizona and Florida are the hub of controversy in the wake of long waits for voting. The president in his victory acceptance speech promised he'll deal with voter intimidation.

Congressman Ron Barber (D-Arizona) may be able to squeak out a victory if the recount goes his way! He is a tough fight for a full term. Barber was also a victim of a tragedy. His boss Gabrielle Giffords resigned from Congress this year after a traumatic injury resulting from a shooting from Jarrod Lee Loughner. Loughner opened fire on her and others killing six and injuring 30. The shooter was sentenced to life in prison for the tragedy. He may face the death penalty for the killing of a federal judge. Barber was picked to succeed her.

Ted Cruz, the Tea Party endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate won easily in the race in Texas. The state of Texas is a Republican stronghold. But to senate-elect Cruz, he's stated: "Not so fast!" Texas is a minority-majority state. Over 55% of the state's population is minorities. So that means approximately 35% of the state's residents are non-White Hispanics (or purely Latino) citizens. Blacks are 10% of the state's population and 15% are of other races (Native American, Asian American or mixed). Whites make up only 45% of the state's population. It leaves it open for a Democratic takeover if the Republicans stop the war on minorities. The Republicans are still two feet in the manure over immigration reform. The Cuban-American was born in Canada, ran against Texas lieutenant governor David Dewhurst in the Republican senatorial primary.
Tammy Duckworth was elected to serve as a congressowman in the state of Illinois. She beat controversial politician congressman Joe Walsh (R-Illinois)
Tammy Duckworth beats incumbent Republican congressman Joe Walsh in a hotly contest race. Her victory comes after many years of delay from the obstructionist Republicans. The president wanted to appoint her as a member of  The perennial candidate for higher office achieved her goal of being a voice of the disabled veterans. Duckworth is the first Asian American elected in the state of Illinois. She served in the Iraq War in 2003 and was severely injured in an attack. Duckworth lost her right leg near the hip and her left leg below the knee from injuries sustained on November 12, 2004, when the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter she was co-piloting was hit by a rocket propelled grenade fired by Iraqi insurgents. She is the first female double amputee from the Iraq war. The explosion "almost completely destroyed her right arm, breaking it in three places and tearing tissue from the back side of it." Duckworth received a Purple Heart on December 3 and was promoted to Major on December 21 at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where she was presented with an Air Medal and Army Commendation Medal.

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