Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh, Would You Shut Up Mitt!

Susana Martinez, the Republican New Mexico governor is tired of Mitt Romney opening his condescending mouth!
The Republicans are putting some distance from the perennial loser Mitt Romney. After the sore loser made statements about his devastating loss to President Barack Obama a few weeks ago. In a phone conference with donors, Mitt Romney tried to explain to his angry supporters that the president outmaneuvered him with "gifts" to the young voters, Black and Hispanic voters.

That didn't sit well with many Republican governors. First Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, then Chris Christie of New Jersey and now Susana Martinez of New Mexico comes into the fold of Republicans trying to distance themselves from Mitt Romney's comments.
The Republicans are soul searching. The conservative wing is still livid over the president's landslide victory.

They thought that the nation would vote the president out on the merits of a bad economy.

It didn't happen.

They want succession from the United States. Why?

Because the perennial loser got his clocked clean by the president's effective campaign!

Now as the Republicans regroup, many legislators are playing chicken with the economy once again over the president's endorsement of raising taxes on the rich.

The Republicans aren't going to get their noses out of the manure. These individuals aren't like much by the general public!

Despite some modest gains in the 2012 general election, Republicans are not pleased with Mitt Romney, Reince Priebus and Karl Rove.
Mitt Romney's campaign staff blamed Chris Christie for his loss. 
The Washington Post reporter Ezra Klein got the dirt on the perennial loser. He writes, Romney blaming his loss on “the gifts” that Obama reportedly handed out to “the African-American community, the Hispanic community and young people.” Romney was free with the gifts, too, and his promises to seniors and to the rich carried a far higher price tag than any policies Obama promised minorities or the young.

But to Romney, and perhaps to the donors he was speaking to, those policies didn't count as “gifts.” They were…something else. Good ideas, maybe. Or the fulfillment of past promises. Or perhaps it wasn't the policies that were different, but the people they were being promised to.

The last time Romney’s comments to his donors leaked, he was telling them about the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay taxes, refuse to take responsibility for their lives, and will support Obama come hell or high water. These new comments are continuous with those: Romney really does appear to believe that there’s a significant portion of the electorate that’s basically comprised of moochers.

That’s Romney’s political cosmology: The Democrats bribe the moochers with health care and green cards.

The Republicans try to free the makers through tax cuts and deregulation. Politics isn't a conflict between two reasonable perspectives on how to best encourage growth and high-living standards. It’s a kind of reverse-Marxist clash between those who produce and those who take, and the easiest way to tell one from the other is to see who they vote for.

Susana Martinez, the New Mexico governor who is the first Latina elected to office slams Romney for being insensitive to the Hispanic community. President Barack Obama over 75% of the Hispanic vote.

The Republicans are practically telling Mitt Romney to shut up and go away!

Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, Jon Stossel, Matt Drudge, and Bill O'Reilly aren't making the Republicans look any better these days!

Nowadays, most minorities think of Republicans as crazy ass racists!

Today continues the trend!

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