Saturday, November 03, 2012

They're Desperate!

Drudge is a gay conservative who panders to extremists.
Matt Drudge, Alex Jones, and Michelle Malkin really want the "scary Blacks" to riot if President Barack Obama doesn't seal the deal in this 2012 U.S. Presidential Election!

We only three days away from the election and these assholes in the conservative media prove to the world once again why they're considered the reasons why this country is so fucked up!

When President Barack Obama stomped in Springfield, Ohio, he was at the local high school. When the crowed booed the president's statements about Republican obstruction, he urged them to vote! He said that "voting is the best revenge"!

Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) went to West Chester, Ohio to respond back.

The Republican's latest attempt to get the vote is "I ask you the American people to vote for the love of your country!" Another theme to the NIGGERIZATION of Barack Obama.

These guys in the right wing media are trying desperately to keep the agitating going.

Here's an example of what the right wing is fussing about on these final days of this election.

Note all that's in highlighted in Black is representative of a racially based article that attracts conservatives/White supremacists.

Notice that if you think about how this election is going to turn out, look at how these guys in the conservative movement think about the Black voter.

Here's an answer to all the nonsense.




Help send Barack Obama back into the White House.

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