Friday, October 26, 2012

Yes, It's Still About Race (You See It Hanging)!

The latest NIGGERIZATION of Barack Obama comes from  the state of North Carolina. A state that is leaning towards Mitt Romney. After the president and the Democratic Party hosted their convention in the city of Charlotte, the state is trending Republican.

The state has unemployment at 9.6%

This state went to Barack Obama in 2008. Now it's likely going to be a hold for the perennial candidate who is now the Republican Party's nominee.

This is a growing problem with those who support Mitt Romney. And to make this worse, this stuff hurts the argument by conservatives trying to distance themselves from this type of nonsense. This being noticed by the conservative media is like a banana trying to split itself.

Now I am honest about how this political party is playing this stuff from the bottom of the deck!

They've discounted the Black vote. They're trying to get a woman's legs with intrusion laws that could restrict a woman's right to choice. The Republicans want to meddle in the affairs of a same sex couple. It only works when they're not caught in the bedroom! They have mistresses and rent boys willing to keep their tongues out of the tabloids (for a heavy price). We already have Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R-Tennessee) having trouble in his home district after he swore on his principles of being a pro-life Republican. It turns out he's not a family values conservative and he's not a pro-life candidate. That has his Democratic challenger within striking distance of him.

The Republicans hanging effigies or derogatory themes of the first African American president will energize the Black vote.

It's proven that when a White conservative male disrespect a Black man in power, it makes African American voters likely to react at the voting booth.

So far, early voting is high and Black turnout will be stronger than it is in 2008.

So in other words, let the conservatives have their freedom of speech to be disrespectful. Our goal as American voters is to bypass this nonsense by going to the ballot box. We can help Barack Obama win reelection if you are tired of the crap that comes from the likes of conservatives in the media or in the public forum.

Don't let them undermine the power of voting.

They can hang their shame on the night of November 6, 2012 when the media declares Barack Obama is reelected as President Of The United States.

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