Friday, October 19, 2012


Did Ann Romney give the president a flip off?
Mitt Romney's NIGGERIZATION of President Barack Obama is getting worse!

Many Republicans are trying to attempt to find flaws in the president's strategy.

Right now, Republicans are cheering the amazing improvements of Mitt Romney's once failing campaign. We all but written off the perennial candidate for president, but after a disastrous performance at the first national debate by President Barack Obama, the Republicans are looking to knock him out of the White House.

Here's another gem of the Republican nominee's family. See the video of Tagg Romney saying that he wished he could take a swing at President Barack Obama. The president dismissed the Republican nominee's criticisms of him. And this second debate gave a spark to his worried Democratic base. Tagg Romney of course was joking, but you know the Romney's have a bland sense of humor. The only thing funny about this guy is the fact he's says things like $10,000 bet, Big Bird, binders of women, two Cadillacs, and his staff saying he'll Etch-A-Sketch his policies. The president labeled Romnesia!

Mitt Romney does flip flop alot, but Republicans are desperate and they'll take an inconsistent politician like him over the president anyday.

And another gem from the good friends of Addicting Info, Ann Romney. The former state first lady wasn't really happy with the president apparently. A person caught Mrs. Romney giving the finger to the president.

Now I don't think that it's really that important, but since the Republicans were crowing about then candidate Barack Obama scratching his face and it landed on The Drudge Report, it's only fair right?

Republican Mitt Romney also got a few laughs with the president at a charity event in New York. Still as condescending as ever. But this is what people like him are. He's so cocky, it's unbelievable. This is the Al Smith Dinner in which the candidates have a few roast at one another.

Part I - Mitt Romney

Part II - President Barack Obama

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