Monday, October 22, 2012

Mitt Romney: Commander-And-Chief You're Not!

The final debate and it looks like Barack Obama won this one!
The final debate. The last stop before the national election. Two candidates come out to test their foreign policy experience. They're competing against greater odds, Monday Night Football and the National League playoffs.

The last debate that covers the only thing that Mitt Romney failed at studying: Reality!

The perennial candidate is now the Republican nominee for president. He's in a dead heat with President Barack Obama. The former Massachusetts governor wanted to test his foreign skills overseas and yet proven to be a failure at that!

So instead of improving his image abroad, he continues on this "blinders" tour with this notion that every time President Barack Obama acknowledges an issue of our history, it's an "apology" tour!

Mitt Romney took all his Frank Luntz, Fox News, Drudge Report talking points to the debate. And yet it was the embattled president who cleaned his clock. Giving it's Monday, it gives liberal agitators a week to maneuver the message that Mitt Romney isn't ready for primetime.

What seems to be the worst thing in the debate is how Mitt Romney had an opportunity to knock out the president over his tepid response to the Libyan attack, but he didn't! It's like a repeat of the president's disastrous night of not mention the 47% gaffe.  It's like Mitt Romney didn't want to be there! Is this bounce that Mitt Romney's getting going to end?

Mitt Romney managed to stay focused on the economy only to have it beaten back by the president.

While moderator Bob Schieffer didn't bring up drug cartels in Mexico, space exploration, border security, Operation Fast & Furious, climate change, United States trade with Canada, NATO, the United Kingdom, the European debt crisis and its affects here, it's was mostly stuck on issues that were mainly related to helping Mitt Romney score an edge.

Already liberals are saying it was a hands down victory for the president. Conservatives are decrying it was a sign of desperation to blaming the moderator for allowing this debate get out of control.

And Mitt Romney did get disrespectful to the president and Schieffer.

But anyways, my take on it is simple!

He's not a proven leader.

Anything else I forgot to mention?


That's all!


Vote early, vote now!

Help put Barack Obama back into the White House!

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