Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Soledad O'Brien Bouts With Semi-Racist Right Wing Agitator!

The Republican former governor Mitt Romney has sent his staffers out on the media circuit dismissing the president's strong showing at their second debate. CNN anchor Candy Crowley got most of the flack from conservative agitators in the media.

The Republicans are scolding the media handling of how Crowley injected facts deflating his argument. The Republicans are hasty over this controversy involving the timeline in the Libyan attacks.

The political agitators in the media have been debating over how this incident occurred. They can't get over how President Barack Obama's claimed an anti-Islamic movie caused the tragedy. The media can't understand why Mitt Romney licked his chops when the U.S. embassy in Egypt sent a cable seeking calm in the potential of a threat!

Soledad O'Brien comes back to CNN as the lead anchor of Starting Point. It's been over five years since her days hosting American Morning. CNN is going through some major overhauls since the longtime cable network is suffering in the ratings against hyperpartisan competitors Fox News and MSNBC.

CNN is trying to come off as independent. They don't want to be perceived as too liberal or too conservative. But to much of those who agitate political sides, it wouldn't matter anyway, CNN is hammered for its coverage of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

O'Brien talks to the controversial former Republican governor of New Hampshire John Sununu. The former governor came under fire when he made a comment about the president being on drugs and lazy. As a representative to Republican nominee, Sununu has been a lightening rod. His comments come off as borderline racist. And once again, Soledad O'Brien interviews him.

Former governor John Sununu says some of the most nastiest comments about the president and many in the media never call him out on them. He comes off as a borderline racist.
For Sununu to disrespect a woman of color is another reason why many Blacks and likely women avoid Mitt Romney when they vote.

Before we go into the video, I want to say this about the Ohio issue.

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a request from Jon Husted, the secretary of state of Ohio. The Republicans wanted to make the case to prevent voter fraud. But for them to end early voting the last three days before the election, the Democrats and the Obama Presidential Campaign took it court.

Well after a federal appeal for a fast-track to the Supreme Court, the Republicans were handed a major defeat. Early voting hurts Mitt Romney. The president knows the advantages of early voting and he's used it in the 2008 Presidential Election. So far over 250,000 Ohio voters cast their ballots early. The Republicans fear that Mitt Romney may lose momentum in the state of Ohio.

No Republican won a presidential election without carrying the state of Ohio.

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