Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barack Obama Returns Fire!

The second debate was feisty at best.

President Barack Obama trailing in some polls needed to regain his ground. This debate being moderated by Candy Crowley of CNN has went off with hitches and a whole lot of overtalking one another.

Former Massachusetts governor, perennial candidate for president Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee. He was looking for the strength to continue. He did get in a few hits but it was the president who came with a stronger delivery.

As the debate concludes, liberals are spirited, conservatives are expressing anger. Some conservatives lay the blame on Candy Crowley for giving the president a few extra minutes of debate time and slapping Romney down for interrupting and agitating her. Crowley visibly got annoyed with the candidates when she asked them to conclude their statements so other questions could be asked. Also another exchange was the Libyan attacks in which Romney repeated the criticism of how the president addressed the attacks. The president on September 12, 2012 acknowledge this was an act of terror. Romney put more pressure on him, and Crowley told him that the president did acknowledge it.

The most talked about thing was Mitt Romney saying as governor he couldn't find qualified women so he goes to women groups and was given binders full of qualified women. That comment is another Big Bird gaffe. That's going to be another play at the most crucial swing voter: WOMEN.

President Barack Obama is tied with Mitt Romney with women. The president dismisses this assessment.

The president laid his best attacks on Mitt Romney over his 47% comments.

Both candidates forgot infrastructure, global warming, tone of rhetoric, Europe, and future of space exploration.

Here's the video of the two debating.

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