Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Republicans Fear Early Voting May Hurt Romney's Chances!

Today in the all-important swing state of Ohio, here we go the early voting!

Many Americans are not waiting til November 6, 2012, they're doing it right now and getting it over with!

Many Republicans fear that Mitt Romney may have blown his chances on this election! They're urging that he and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) step up on their attacks on the president.

Early voting is a tactic that gives President Barack Obama an advantage. The advantage is hopefully in the favor of the president. The Obama campaign sends mailers and text messages to supporters let them know about the opportunities to vote.

In Pennsylvania, the state's Supreme Court struck down the controversial voter identification law that was passed by the Republican legislators. The governor Tom Corbett vows to appeal the decision in federal court.

The United States Justice Department is also looking into the Republican firm accused of voter registration fraud. The Republican Party dismissed this firm after Florida legislators found out that members were using fake names in their registration drive.

Yet, there's no sign of the New Black Panthers or ACORN in sight!

Anyways, if you're upset over conservatives trying to discredit you as an American voter in support of President Barack Obama! Don't get mad!


Early voting is going on in some states and you have an opportunity to avoid the massive turnout by those on November 6th.

And here another kicker for the American people, Congressman Paul Ryan, the vice presidential nominee calls 30% of the American public stuck in the "WELFARE STATE" mentality.

Oh yeah!

We got another condescending politician dismissing the poor and middle class.

Republicans have no sympathy for the poor and middle class. Their mentality of thinking the poor being freeloading degenerates.

No, Paul Ryan. They're human beings who need a safety net so they don't come into your neighborhood robbing you and your family. They're Americans who fallen on hard times with the rising costs of food and fuel prices.

They're people who need the benefits they've earned. If you don't like the veterans, the single parent or the unemployed worker, that's your prerogative! Some of those people vote for Mitt Romney too!

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