Wednesday, October 10, 2012

No Longer Leading From Behind!

The media is looking forward for this rat race to last  for the last four weeks. Now Republicans and their conservative allies are saying the media is shunning President Barack Obama.  They think that the president's campaign to mock Mitt Romney on his gaffe about Sesame Street will backfire. Many Republicans are feeling their nominee is going to be stronger during this last weeks before this election.

In Virginia, Mitt Romney went to the Military Academy to give his foreign policy speech about the president's careful strategy of "leading from behind". The Republican gave his details to how to handle the international affairs at best. He complains about the president's cold relations with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He agrees with the president's draw down strategy in Afghanistan. He complains about the president's response to the Egyptian and Libyan anti-Islamic movie outbursts in which al-Qaeda took advantage of the Libyan embassy. He also tweaked the thoughts of war against Syria and Iran.

His policy speech is preparing him for the second debate. He's feeling the strength of the polls in his favor.

Alas, he's not that strong and he's been more weaker. The Republican nominee has switched from his populist rhetoric to now softening his image. After the disastrous month of gaffes and heartless rhetoric, Mitt Romney has now talked personal stories to give people the implication that he's a caring individual.

Last ditch effort to win the narratives. Could it be too late?

The president and his Democratic allies are encouraging early voting to weaken Mitt Romney in the all important state of Ohio. The national polls shows that Mitt Romney leads among likely voters and the president leads among registered voters. So in other words, Romney has to have a strong turnout of first time voters who registered.

There's hundreds of critics of President Barack Obama in the state of Ohio. But do they that their criticisms will actually turn to votes for the Republican nominee Mitt Romney?

October 9, 2010 was the last day for Ohio residents to register to vote.

The federal courts dismissed a state law that Republicans passed last year. The federal courts called the canceling of three days before an election law unconstitutional because it discriminates against the residents of Ohio who want to avoid the possible long lines on Election Day. The Republicans claim that this law would have prevented voter fraud and save money! The Democrats and President Barack Obama argue that Republicans were trying to push forth laws based on their pathetic culture wars.

Again, Republicans have no doubt that the president is likely to win. They hope that they can create enough controversy for the president to weaken him before the election.

In order to become the President Of The United States, you have to have 270 electoral votes! If Mitt Romney manages to secure Ohio and Florida he can win! Although Romney has no other paths to victory, the president is going to try his hardest to recapture states he's struggling to win.

Unemployment in the state of Ohio is way below the national average. Controversial governor John Kasich is bragging about his state bring back jobs. That's something that Mitt Romney wants him not to talk about!

Ohio went to the president then when he was a candidate running for president in 2008. Now that he's going to campaign harder in this state to win back the narrative that things are improving.

I've written earlier that many people are leaving Ohio for other states. But those who are leaving the state are finding it harder to find work in states they've felt were an escape. Those unfilled positions in Ohio are going to those who lost their jobs in the state. So it's balancing itself. Ohio has also lost two districts. Congressman Steve Austria (R-Ohio) and Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) were shuffled out. That means Ohio has only 18 electoral votes and the swing is there.

Ohio maintains one of the lowest job averages post Recession with Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota leading the way in lowest unemployment.

Mitt Romney is catching up to the president in this state. It's actually a tie between them. Now once again, the media is still hammering President Barack Obama over his horrible performance during their first debate.

The president and his allies are trying to regroup for the final two. They are hoping that Vice President Joe Biden will have a better night against Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) for their debate.

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