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It's Just A Piece Of Paper!

Zina Houghton was the shooting suspect's target. She was killed after the shooter, husband Radcliffe Houghton was told not to be near her. The restraining order that was filed against him was supposed to protected her! It triggered the shooter to snap. This leads to a controversial issue with the mentally disturbed and firearms.
Part I - The Restraining Order

The Wisconsin spa shooting tragedy has caught the attention of many Americans. Of course its driven by so many culture war issues. First let's take a moment to send our condolences to the victims of this horrible tragedy. Second, this should give pause to why even a restraining order isn't going to stop a deranged individual.

A restraining order is granted to the individual by the court. It's meant to be a protection from a harasser. 

In the mind of a person served a restraining order, SNAP!

Radcliffe Houghton is the perfect example of the mentally disturbed. According to family members of both him and his wife Zina, they were having a difficult marriage. Zina tried to protect herself from an individual who was known to have tendencies of violence. 

This didn't stop him. After he was told by a judge to forfeit his firearms, he went on to purchase another firearm. Instead of getting help for himself, he decides that since he's gotten a restraining order! His life was crumbling and he wanted revenge!

He accused his wife of cheating on him! He threw acid on her. He slashed her tires and threaten to burn her with gasoline. He had thrown her clothes outside and poured tomato juice on them and her vehicle.

He was deranged. For all the things that were described by most in the media, one thing is clear! He had a motive! He wanted to show the world that: "if [I] could not have her, no one could!"

Radcliffe Houghton, age 45 went into the Azana Spa near Brookfield Mall in Wisconsin. He managed to take three lives before taking his own life! 

Part II - Taboo Of Interracial Love
Mass shooter Radcliffe Houghton.

Now onto the issue of interracial couple! Once a taboo, many interracial couples are getting married. Marriage by White women and Black men are on the rise! That has those in the conservative/White supremacist bubble angry!

A product of an interracial marriage is Barack Obama, the first Black president. Born to an African father and American white mother, the Democratic Party's standard bearer is the first elected leader of color.

What gives the notion of a browner nation is the Non-Hispanic White population is declining! White people make up 74% of the nation's population. White men men are declining in population. That has White supremacists highly upset. They are distraught over the fact that 2012 is the beginning of a browner nation. In approximately 40 years, Hispanics/Latinos will become the second largest birth population. They already make up 15% of the nation's population. 

As of May 2012, the first signs of a decline race started when it was calculated that interracial babies are growing faster than non-Hispanic Whites. 

Alright Radcliffe Houghton was married to his wife Zina. She was white and he was Black. 

Already, you probably got White supremacist and conservative websites already trying to spin this into the infamous stereotype of "BLACK ON WHITE" crime. 

The theme of most extremists is their perceived threat of the Black man who rapes White women or the thought of killing the White man! They think the Black man is stealing from the White man by looting and rioting. They think the Black community is pillaging from the White man by taking handouts like food stamps and welfare.

The interracial factor is a taboo still in some households in America. It's still a controversial issue with family members who have conservative views. Although equally, liberals, moderates and conservatives all warming up to interracial marriage, it's still a catch up for conservatives. Liberals and moderates are more willing to accept interracial marriage

What if your son brought home a White woman?

What about your daughter bringing home a Black man?

Would your parents approve of this relationship?

Would your family member (i.e. sister, brother, grandparents) would approve of it?

Whether it's a straight or gay couple, interracial love is rising!

Part III - Bullets With No Name!

Just this year alone, we seen multiple mass shootings in 2012. The Republican Party and even the Democratic Party have became very cautious when it comes to guns.

I mean I know I am an owner of a firearm. I don't have to be a card-carrying member of the National Rifle Association. I am familiar with the tactics by the gun lobbyist group and their attempts to scare up fundraising.

The reason why Republicans are trying to push this narrative the president is coming for your guns is pretty much the same old strategy of fear-mongering.

No one is coming the guns!

The likelihood of a Barack Obama victory is possible (once from very strongly). The candidacy of Mitt Romney doesn't bring ease to those gun owners as well. What brings gun owners out in droves is the liberal with a record of trying to stop firearm. Has the president signed legislation that restricts firearms?


The Republicans inserted legislation to allow firearms in national parks. Firearm sales are on the rise and many irrational Americans are stockpiling bullets for the "GREAT RACE WAR".

Pop singer Chris Brown has a restraining order against him after a violent confrontation with Rihanna. The pop singers are reportedly back together.
Part IV - Conclusion

Radcliffe Houghton is a monster. I know he's was an emotional train wreck. I can understand having dealing with heartbreak. But for him and many others, letting go of the ones you've love is harder than a piece of paper.

That restraining order doesn't mean much to a deranged individual. It's a trigger!

I wish things could have turned out well! But unfortunately, Houghton didn't want to abide to a court order!

How can a piece of paper protect a victim when it's not reliant on stopping the perpetrator (from causing harm)?

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