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Ex-Cash Money Rapper Freed From Prison!

The golden age of hip-hop music, Cash Money Records. Juvenile (top left), Turk (top right), The B.G. (bottom left), and Lil' Wayne (bottom right) were known as the Hot Boys. They released solo albums under the label. 
Kiss the sky, rapper Turk. You're free!

Tab Virgil, Jr. is a New Orleans based rapper who was part of the golden era of Cash Money Records. The rapper assisted Lil' Wayne, veteran rappers B.G. and Juvenile as a member of the hip-hop group The Hot Boys.

Turk (age 30) released his debut album under the Cash Money label in 2001. His album Young & Thuggin' featured rappers Bryan "Baby/Birdman" Williams, Lil' Wayne, west coast rappers Mack 10 and T.Q. and featured production from then in-house producer Mannie Fresh.

It went on to become a gold album. At the age of catchy southern beats and hip-hop wordsmiths, Turk was one of the veterans of New Orleans hip-hop.

After a fallout with Cash Money, Turk went independent.

During his streak of independence, the rapper was caught up in a federal crime. The rapper was arrest in an attempted murder charge. According to MTV News, in 2004, Hot Boys rapper Turk was charged Wednesday (January 28) with first-degree attempted murder for allegedly shooting two Memphis, Tennessee, police officers in a Monday raid.

[He was then a 22-year-old rapper] when he was arrested and being held on $1 million bail at the Shelby County, Tennessee Jail.

One of the wounded deputies, 29-year-old Chris Harris, was shot in the jaw, hip and leg and remains in critical condition at the MED medical center following extensive surgery. The other, 31-year-old Jason Pagenkopf, was shot in the neck and has since been released.

The incident began around 2 p.m. on Monday, when a dozen Shelby County narcotics and SWAT officers served a search warrant for drugs believed to be inside an apartment in the Hickory Pointe community in southeast Memphis, according to public information officer Steve Shular.
Turk spent nearly a decade in prison for a gun crime.
After no answer from knocking on the door and identifying themselves, the officers entered and began searching the apartment. Turk then allegedly shot at them with a 9 mm handgun. A small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, including spoons and syringes used to inject heroin, were found.

Two other people who were in the apartment at the time were questioned Wednesday, but they will not be charged, according to Shular, who said there is evidence the bullets came from Turk's gun.

"Until the facts come out, he is innocent until proven guilty," Turk's manager, Leroy Hollins II, said in a statement. "As his manager, I know he does not have violent tendencies to commit such an act. This is another case of a good person being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Turk, who hails from Metairie, Louisiana, near New Orleans, has an arrest history involving narcotics, Shular said, and Monday's incident was a violation of a parole mandate on the rapper.

Lil' Wayne surpassed Elvis in mainstream hits. 
The district attorney ruled Turk a possible flight risk and will not allow him to return to Louisiana unless he posts bail. Turk's case is also being reviewed by the United States attorney's office for additional firearms charges.

Turk was in Memphis recording tracks for his upcoming album and working on remixes for his latest disc, August's Raw & Uncut, according to his manager.

After being discovered by the Cash Money Millionaires in the late '90s, Turk joined the Hot Boys, whose last album, Let 'Em Burn, was also released last year. The rapper released his first solo album in June 2001.

The rapper was sentenced to ten years on a firearm charge and violating his parole for a drug conviction.

In 2006, he entered an Alford plea in Tennessee state court to second-degree attempted murder, based on the same incident, and was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment.

The B.G. is spending 14 years in prison for a federal gun charge.
According to Wikipedia the term Alford plea is basically, "I'm guilty but I didn't do it" plea.

Now as a free rapper, many in the hip-hop community are getting first dibs on the exclusive interview with the rapper.

SOHH reports, the rapper was excited to leave prison and he was planning on returning back to the music. He also thought of writing an autobiography about his time in prison. The usual word salads of a ex-convict.

I can't say much for his former labelmate, B.G. these days! The former Cash Money star is in prison for a federal crime as well. A few years ago, B.G. was arrested in New Orleans after police pulled over his Chevrolet Tahoe for a routine traffic stop. It is rumored that he was leaving the home of his girlfriend in Uptown New Orleans when he was stopped by the police in New Orleans.

During a search of the vehicle police found three guns, two of which were reported stolen. Police also found loaded magazines and two extended clips. B.G. was booked into the Orleans Parish Prison on an illegal carrying of weapons charge. B.G. appeared in court on November 5 and his incarceration and bond information are unknown to the press at the time. On February 11, 2010, he appeared in court and entered a not guilty plea. On July 18, 2012, B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in a federal prison for gun possession and witness tampering.

Lil' Wayne served a year in prison for gun and drug possession charge.

Juvenile is awaiting trial for disorderly conduct after a fight in a nightclub in Miami. He also is a delinquent parent. He owes a lot of money for child support.
Juvenile was Cash Money's first successful artist. He help pushed the rap label into the mainstream. Juvenile has venture on as an independent artist. Lil' Wayne hopes to reunited the Hot Boys once again. 
Cash Money started as a Southern based hip-hop label with the main acts of Juvenile, The B.G., Lil' Wayne, Turk. When they collaborated together on albums, they've called themselves The Hot Boys. They also were aided by The Big Tymers. The Big Tymers were created by co-founder Bryan Williams who goes by the rap name Birdman and producer Mannie Fresh. They emerged in the late 1990s with hit singles like "I Need A Hot Girl", "Back That Azz Up", "Go DJ" and "Bling Bling".
The label has became more pop friendly by adding the late legendary singer Teena Marie, producer Jazze Pha,  Canadian rapper Drake, radio host DJ Khaled, Trinidadian/New York rapper Nicki Minaj, Los Angeles rapper Tyga, veteran rapper Busta Rhymes, rock group Limp Bizkit, newcomers Jay Sean and  Kevin Rudolf.

Other members of then and now who signed to Cash Money included west coast rapper Mack 10, Bow Wow, Mystikal, Young Buck, Omarion, 2 Pistols, Boo & Gotti, and Curren$y.

It was founded in 1991 by Ronald "Slim" Williams and Bryan "Baby/Birdman" Williams. The label is a part of Universal Republic Motown Entertainment Group.

I am guessing that the system is more harsher to Blacks and Latinos. The crime rate for men is high especially in the Black community. It's told that if you have a family member in prison, your child is likely going to be in prison for a crime as well. 

For those who aren't aware of the prison system. State charges carry automatic sentences that could be appealed. A federal sentence must be served without merit. There's no appeals to a federal crime. A violent gun crime is automatic 15 years to life. Murder carries either life or death. Homicide can carry 5 to 20 or life in prison.

Drug charges are based on potential. Marijuana, mushrooms, synthetic drugs and crack are the lowest charges. Depending on circumstances you can get six months to a year for possession. Manufacturing or selling could carry from a year to ten. Cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin are the most serious charges for drugs. If you're in possession or charged with these type of drugs, they count as a violent offender crime and could carry from 5 years to 20 years or life.

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